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WATCH: Spike Lee Gets Heated About Crowdfunding Criticism, Says “I Was Kick-Starting Before There Was Kickstarter”

WATCH: Spike Lee Gets Heated About Crowdfunding Criticism, Says "I Was Kick-Starting Before There Was Kickstarter"

In a recent interview with Bloomberg’s “Street Smart” host Trish Regan, director Spike Lee loses his cool about the inevitable controversy that arises when a well-known filmmaker turns to Kickstarter for funding — as Lee has for his upcoming project on blood addiction. “I was kick-starting before there was Kickstarter,” Lee says. Also: “You don’t know how much money I have. For you to assume what my financial state is, that’s wrong.” Watch below.

Meanwhile, check out Lee’s Essential Film list here. The director’s next film, a remake of Korean thriller “Oldboy,” hits theaters October 25; check out the red band trailer and poster here.

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Bravo Spike… This interview looked like a Spike Lee's Live-TV "Joint". The Interviewer was a "miserable Biaaatch", and good of him to stand for him self in that way… I would have fired that "lama", first thing after the interview… It's not cool to try and say little if you don't know a lot… And that's what the interviewer did. It's just like she came straight from a Pub and tried her best shot… (Pardon my french) .

Stephen Lourdes

I can see why people are debating whether relatively reasonably well-to-do people should engage Kickstarter. Then again, I don't think Jim Cameron dipped into his own pocket for the $300M+ Avatar, so another angle may be what's the difference? Going to Kickstarter or 20th Century Fox to fund your project if you're in such a position to do so? Maybe none when it comes to the bottom line. Lee makes a good point on this saying he was asking people for money for projects way before Kickstarter or the internet. Same with every other filmmaker out there including Robert Rodriguez who sold his blood to make El mariachi but let's not go there.

At the end of the day Spike can't be criticized for this as people are willing to give and be involved in a good project so why put a 'means' test on project starters? It's certainly a good way to find out initially if there's enough public interest and support for it. That is, if you can get word out it exists in the first place en masse. This is of course problematic for those lesser-known, relatively anonymous in the public eye, i.e. the 'average' Mary or Terrell indie filmmaker compared to the well known and celebrities who should be able to bank on a percentage of followers and fans for cash and to spread the word for them. Not to mention being touted in the media being a celeb' so even more free advertising for their project, unlike Mary and Terrell sitting out there waving their arms at a distance who media/journos more than likely may not give mention due to their status on the totem pole.

Spike Lee is not taking 'funds away' from other lesser-known projects as people are giving it to Spike specifically and his project, and if his project was not on Kickstarter then it does not follow that the same people would give five bucks or more to someone else. Such is a fallacious argument. Thank you Philosophy of Argument 101 affirming the consequent.

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