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Watch: This ‘Superman Vs. Batman’ Fan Trailer Is Better Than Your Ben Affleck Jokes

Watch: This 'Superman Vs. Batman' Fan Trailer Is Better Than Your Ben Affleck Jokes

While the internet heart attack over the the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman in “Superman Vs. Batman” has subsided (at least until the first image of him in costume arrives), attention in recent hours/days has turned to do who will play the presumed villain Lex Luthor. Rumors circulated that it would be “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston, with Mark Strong also suggested to be reprising his role as Sinestro from “Green Lantern.” The former has been debunked and the latter seems like a lot of hooey, so while nerds continue to worry about an Affleck-led DC Comics movie future, some others are being a bit more enterprising.

Some fans have put together a pretty clever “Superman Vs. Batman” trailer, obviously made before it emerged the Cranston news probably wasn’t true. Anyway, it’s pretty accomplished for this sort of thing and also kind of funny, but mostly well done. We’ll let you play “guess which movie” but you can also spoil the fun by clicking here. Either way, it’s more enjoyable than the internet’s Ben Affleck jokes were last week or any other pithy comments that emerged in the wake of the news. Watch below.

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Glad to see someone who agree that Snyder isn't as a great director as lot of fans say. I agree that he has a really decent visual style, and the ability to oversee the production of the last decade's most overwhelming trailers, but honestly: none of his movies are "great" or simply "good enough". Maybe – agreeing with CB – he is a sort-of "Michael Bay of nerds" nothing more, really.

I give Affleck a chance. Of course it will be hard to forget the three of Bale, Caine and Freeman, but it's like a lot of things in life: get over it. Though it could be strange that within 10-15 years the Nolan-trilogy would be only "one interpretation" of the Batman-universe, not the ONE.

That Kid

I think that Affleck will be an okay Batman but I agree with Jamie, Snyder doesn't give me much confidence, and Frank Miller consulting doesn't change my opinion. That said Jeremy Irons as Alfred would be really awesome.


Snyder is Michael Bay-level bad. Hell, they even went to school together and were classmates.


I'm more worried about Zack Snyder directing in it than Affleck co-starring in it. Snyder sucks. The only even halfway decent film he's ever made is the Dawn of the Dead remake, and even that wasn't anything great.

Mike Viola

Still doesn't excite me. Ben Affleck is not right for the role. And why reboot Batman in the first place? The Nolan trilogy was the definitive cinematic version. People complain about Hollywood being unimaginative, but really, people wanna watch the same shïte over and over again. Say hello to The Amazing Spider-Man equivalent of The Dark Knight trilogy, or wait, Snyder's directing… it'll suck harder. Henry Cavill is the most bland actor since Hayden Christensen.

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