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Watch: Trailer For Season 3 Of ‘Homeland’ Reveals Bald Brody & Much More

Watch: Trailer For Season 3 Of 'Homeland' Reveals Bald Brody & Much More

After a particularly strong first season, “Homeland” took a little bit of a downswing in its second. The first few episodes were cracking, but they were so daring in the amount of plot it tore through that it didn’t leave much for the back half of the season, which disconnected increasingly with reality.

Still, there’s smart people involved, and still great performers in the show, so we’re hopeful that it might well bounce back for season three, particularly after upending the status quo at the end of the second season by exposing Brody’s terrorist affiliations to the world. And a new trailer for the next season has certainly reminded us that it’s time to get excited.

The three-minute clip, virtually wordless, doesn’t give too much away, but the glimpses we do see—bald Brody! (#DamienLewisForLexLuthor,yo) Carrie in a mental ward! Rupert Friend being awesome again!—are promising. Given that her hit-and-run-fueled antics were a low point of last go around, we’re a little concerned at some of the plotlines being given to Brody’s daughter Dana (sexting! Islam!), but Morgan Saylor is certainly a good enough actress to carry it off. Judge for yourself below, and the series will return to Showtime on Sunday September 29th.

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alan b

My personality and attitude are total dogshit. :D

Ray H

I thought the producers and cast were able to hold Season 1 together pretty well. Unfortunately, the show really went off the rails in its second season. I'm interested to see what happens to Brody, but I don't need to spend more time with his idiotic family and have seen enough "24" to know the showrunners care more about shock value than crafting a coherent storyline for their seasons.

Alan B

"Rupert Friend being awesome again!" If by "awesome", you mean the actor with a suspect accent and awkward delivery fumbling to give an increasingly convoluted character some coherency, then sure, Friend was "awesome"!


Bring it on! I'm so excited for this!


Lewis for Luthor = not bad, Playlist, not bad at all.

Looking forward to the season. Patinkin as Saul is one of my favorite characters on TV.

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