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Watch: Trailers For 9 Of The 16 Werner Herzog Films Being Remastered & Reissued By Shout! Factory

Watch: Trailers For 9 Of The 16 Werner Herzog Films Being Remastered & Reissued By Shout! Factory

The heroes over at Shout! Factory have recently announced that they’ll be remastering and releasing 16—count ’em, 16—films by Werner Herzog in several formats both physical and digital. Shout! will be releasing titles chiefly from Herzog’s 70s and ’80s back catalog, when the Bavaria-born director was still largely working in German (if not necessarily in Germany, jungles feature pretty heavily in some of these pictures), and their list includes both documentaries, shorts and feature films.

Per the official announcement, these “include FITZCARRALDO, AGUIRRE: THE WRATH OF GOD, NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE, THE ENIGMA OF KASPAR HAUSER, WOYZECK, HEART OF GLASS, COBRA VERDE, STROSZEK, FATA MORGANA, LITTLE DIETER NEEDS TO FLY, LESSONS OF DARKNESS, BALLAD OF THE LITTLE SOLDIER, LAND OF SILENCE AND DARKNESS as well as several other acclaimed titles.” Anyone with a grasp of counting will conclude that “several” here equals three, and they are: “Where The Green Ants Dream,” “My Best Friend,” and “Even Dwarfs Start Small.”

In the meantime, should you need getting in the mood for these re-releases (and really, you already should be, but we’ll let it go this one time), we have some trailers right here. And by some, we mean nine of them. Right here, right now, from the “up insanity creek without an El Dorado” brilliance of “Aguirre: The Wrath Of God” and “Fitzcarraldo,” through the dark and bitter strangeness of 19th century Germany in “Heart of Glass” and “The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser,” to the enigmatic beauty of the documentary “Lessons Of Darkness”. 

We couldn’t find trailers for all of them, but these nine are a good teaser of what’s to come. We dare you to watch all these trailers at once, but we offer no guarantees about your sanity afterwards…

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Hail the King !!! Hail Master Herzog !!! ;-) – This is a great news… 4 of the titles that you have listed above are documentaries and not feature movies… He's make 18 feature movies and his early work is available in a poor (sh!tty) quality. Movies like Scream of Stone (1991), Heart of Glass,Signs of Life and Even the Dward started Small were on poor quality, so the idea to remaster 'em is a brilliant one, even thou only one of what i listed above made the cut (Signs of Life). Hope they put some effort on the rest, cuz not manyy people have seen his brilliant vision & work. Looking forward to his next project, that Gertrude Bell bio-pic.


This made my day. Incrediable news!! Way to go Shout!
The Anchor Bay release of "Heart Of Glass" was so shitty. Im mean, being aware Herzog did things like front project on to canvas to give things a dreamy quality, I simply cannot wait for remastered blu ray copy of that film and the others above. Hopefully, we get them all in a neat lil box set!!!!


ho lee fuk

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