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Watch Video: Russell Simmons Says He’s Sorry About that Video And That Black Women Pushed Him Around

Watch Video: Russell Simmons Says He’s Sorry About that Video And That Black Women Pushed Him Around

I figured that headline would get your attention, but
that’s what Russell Simmons actually says
in this just released video interview over that infamous Harriet Tubman sex tape comedy bit.

Still on serious damage control, Simmons talks about
the video, what he thought the message of the video was trying to convey and
his reaction to the controversy it caused practically 30 seconds after it came

As you will see, Simmons in his own unique, convoluted way, tries
to explain how he was shocked and had no idea the kind of anger it would
create, and gets in a dis at Spike Lee too.


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Sorry Rusty but your Rush Card is maxed out.


He's 55, officially a senior citizen by anyone's standards, and he is pulling stunts like this?

I don't care how many charities that he has that he lists, this is ridiculous.

He was alive during the civil rights movement. No one should have to explain anything about this situation to him.

This "spiritual" persona that he has is a front for profit. He should be careful about playing with spirituality.


He's a clown. A big ass clown!


Russell Simmons = fool. Always been a fool, always will be a fool. That he makes millions of dollars subtracts nothing from his foolishness; I, too, would certainly smile in his face as he signed my check.

scriptTease I'd like to dedicate this to all the Russell Simmons of the world, and boy we have plenty.


So sick and tired of hearing how certain types of black men don't favor black women because of something in their past. Grow the frak up and stop acting like a punk. Black women have been through the same crap, but yet WE are ALL judged based on the spineless attitudes of certain black men who just can't cut it.


I have really tried to avoid this Russell Simmons mess but I am going to succumb to it today. Just one question. Does he not have any black women in his family, a mother, sister, aunt, etc? Or does he not respect them either? Just because one or a few black women allegedly upset him does not justify him attacking black women as a whole. What a pathetic coward and immature man-boy.


So now it's the ABW Posse who hurt Wussell's widdle feewings, because he never considered how awful rape is. And he plans to release even more degrading imagery.

Here's the link to my Kickstarter campaign to put a hit out on this dumb nigga.

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