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While We Ponder The ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ Release Date, Darth Vader Reminds Us The Prequels Were “Really Bad”

While We Ponder The 'Star Wars: Episode 7' Release Date, Darth Vader Reminds Us The Prequels Were "Really Bad"

So it appears rumors of the release date for “Star Wars: Episode 7” are now floating and it may possibly maybe hit theaters in December 2015. This has caused no small amount of consternation among some fans insisting that “Star Wars” movies must be released in the summer (you can’t camp out in the snow!) with thinkpieces already in place about what it could all mean. We’ll just wait for Disney to unveil the actual date whenever they feel like it, but until then, here’s a bracing reminder that J.J. Abrams and company have a lot to make up for.

Darth Vader actor Dave Prowse recently let loose on his feelings about George Lucas‘ prequels and like many of us, he was kinda bummed out when he saw them. “I didn’t like ‘Star Wars’ I, II and III at all. I think the common opinion now is they were really bad movies,” he told Hull Daily Mail, adding: “There’s no comparison with the original movies. They had a much more believable story.”

Huh, we’ve heard a lot of complaints about those episodes over the years, but “believability” was not the top factor for why they didn’t work. Nonetheless, the past is the past and Prowse would love to return to the franchise, and yes, he realizes Vader is dead. “Unfortunately, Darth Vader was killed off,” he laments. “But it would be nice to come back and do another character, because no one’s ever seen my face. I was never unmasked.”

Maybe as a Force Ghost perhaps, but this time with his own voice instead of Sebastian Shaw who did that duty in ‘Return Of The Jedi‘? Anyway, there’s still two more years to go until “Star Wars: Episode VII — Force Ghost Protocol Into Darkness” arrives, so plenty of opportunity for Prowse and whoever else to campaign for roles in the seventh chapter of the franchise. [The Guardian]

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Jar Jar Abrams

If anyone still has any doubt whether the prequels suck or not, head over to redlettermedia dot com and look for the epic reviews. I believe that no one, not even Lucas himself, has put that much effort in analyzing the plot and characters of the prequels. The evidence is overwhelming, the prequels fail as movies in every way possible. Only people who could possibly like those films are fanboys who like the never-ending lightsaber battles.

Crizz Dubbz

Yo, I thought that homie was unmasked at the end of JEDI??? Was that not PROWSE when master Luke takes Vader's hoodie off???

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