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After Tearing Into Fans, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Screenwriter Roberto Orci Deletes Twitter Account

After Tearing Into Fans, 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Screenwriter Roberto Orci Deletes Twitter Account

A few days ago, Roberto Orci, the writer/producer, who along with partner Alex Kurtzman, is responsible for “Transformers,” “Cowboys & Aliens,” and “Star Trek,” took to fan site to lambast fans who were overtly critical of this summer’s sequel “Star Trek Into Darkness” (this was shortly after the world’s largest “Star Trek” convention voted ‘Into Darkness’ the worst film in the franchise). He was, shall we say, in an agitated state. Now, after the Romulan dust has settled, Orci, whose new television show “Sleepy Hollow” debuts on Fox later this month, has deleted his Twitter account, a move usually reserved for celebrities who have made homophobic rants or politicians responsible for blasting photos of their genitals.

First: the rant. After an editorial called “Star Trek is broken – here are some ideas on how to fix it,” Orci fired back in the comments section. “I think the article above is akin to a child acting out against his parents. Makes it tough for some to listen, but since I am a loving parent, I read these comments without anger or resentment, no matter how misguided. Having said that, two biggest Star Treks in a row with best reviews is hardly a description of ‘broken.’ And frankly, your tone and attidude [sic] make it hard for me to listen to what might otherwise be decent notions to pursue in the future. As I love to say, there is a reason why I get to write the movies, and you don’t.”

After another fan compared “Star Trek Into Darkness” to “Raiders of the Los Ark” (in terms of the ratio between scientific exploration and action), Orci again spoke up. This time, his tone was decidedly more aggressive. “STID has infinetly more social commentary than ‘Raiders’ in every Universe, and I say that with Harrison Ford being a friend. You lose credibility big time when you don’t honestly engage with the FUCKING WRITER OF THE MOVIE ASKING YOU AN HONEST QUESTION. You prove the cliche of shitty fans. And rude in the process. So, as Simon Pegg would say: FUCK OFF!” Uh. Wuh-oh.

While it would have been illuminating to have one of the co-writers of the franchise engage with fans in a positive, open way, this isn’t how things turned out. Fans would have loved to have heard an honest explanation for why Khan was in the movie at all, or why the Enterprise was so much whiter and more male than it’s ever been before (although there were some weird aliens so maybe that helps?) Instead, the writer chose to be defensive and, worse than that, angry and belittling to the people who not only made the movie such a success but deeply love the product it’s based on.

Later, Orci kind of apologized. Kind of. “Don’t take me too seriously… You know that twice a year I explode at the morons. Today there seemed to be a congregation, so it seemed like a good idea. You’re the most listened to fans ever. That doesn’t mean you will get to do what you want. Just means what I said: I listened.” Again: sort of condescending and dickish, but still, he’s trying (we think). Then comes the kicker, which negates any positivity this sort-of apology might have meant. “To paraphrase one of my great and beloved heroes, George W. Bush, ‘we’re the deciders…'”

And we’ve lost him. Apparently, someone else had a chat with Orci and everyone decided that it was probably best if he take down his Twitter account, at least for a little while (or until the next ‘Star Trek’ is about to come out). Better safe than sorry. 

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So the movie was too male and white. What a nauseating racist sexist statement. Can’t you see you’ve been programmed to hate yourself? The villain was a white militarist, was that Leftist creepy Bolshevik enough?


Wow, what a terrible person. Didn’t know a thing about him until a few minutes ago, but glad to hear he lost his chance to direct ST 3.


Wow, people were actually dumb enough to say it was a bad movie? So either Trekkies, Trekkers, whatever the hell they want to be called or extremely clueless or they're just whiny. Whichever their major malfunction is, I'm glad they're not writing the movies.

Also this blog whining about demographics in Star Trek is just more asinine, whiny liberal stupidity. Go drink your latte while sniffing down your nose at everyone and whining about how everyone is so homophobic, dude. I think Shatner said it best, "get a life."


It's been said before, but I'll say it again:

-Khan's big plan to save his crew involved hiding them in TORPEDOES. That's right, he planned to save his friends by inserting them into DEADLY WEAPONS.

-Kirk is given 72 torpedoes to kill ONE MAN. One man on a planet's surface, no less. Khan wasn't even in a starship. He's ordered to fire them all. Sure, we find out that these torpedoes have supermen in them, and that admiral Marcus wants them dead, but Kirk doesn't even QUESTION the order.

-Why was the Enterprise underwater at the film's start, and how did it get there initially without being seen by the planet's natives?

-Kirk, again and again, displays a disregard for authority and an affinity for bad decisions. Furthermore, he NEVER EVEN GRADUATED FROM STARFLEET ACADEMY! Why does he get to command the Federation's flagship?

-Khan beamed from Earth to Kronos. If such transporter technology exists, why bother with starships at all?

-An injection of Khan's blood will CURE DEATH. Essentially, humanity no longer needs doctors. How are we going to fear for our favorite characters' lives in the next movie? Also, Kirk was dead for all of 15 minutes. His death had almost no emotional impact.

-Where were the rest of Earth's forces during the final confrontation in Earth's atmosphere? Nobody even thought to HAIL the ships and see what was up? Did nobody in Starfleet notice the big space battle?

And I've only scratched the surface here.

It wasn't the action. It wasn't the acting. It wasn't the references to previous films. It certainly wasn't a reaction against the film's popularity. It was the plot holes. The film was riddled with them. I walked out of the theater thoroughly unsatisfied. I'm surprised that so many people reacted so positively to this film, and am glad to see that at least the diehard fans have some sense, even if the rest of the moviegoing public was content to swallow such a flimsy plot.

Andrew F Moncrieff

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Trek fan no. 4

Star Trek into darkness wasn't the worst trek film. That was nemesis. However, stid is comparable to batman forever in terms of look and approach. Now I like batman forever- but when you stay in that style you end up with batman & robin. Stid is also feels like its the film version of the old 70s cartoon series if no other Star Trek existed. They did so well with trek 09 but it wasnt without its problems and quite frankly if they don't get some new writers I am leaving the next trek for a 'one day when it's on TV' viewing

Restore the timeline

Both of the new Star Trek's are the biggest injustice to the franchise ever. The name Star Trek should not ever have been associated with these movies, and they really should not been passed off as ST. I consider those involved with the reboot and anything that propagates this ridiculous alternate timeline to be toxic and will not support them or any other projects (related or unrelated) that they are a part of.

Those who carried on after Roddenberry passed away made mistakes, yes, but they never pulled such an immature dick move like this guy. Furthermore they also never went around with backhanded insults to the canon or fan base like the directory did.

Do the right thing guys. Go back to Paramount, convice them to end this disasterous run, and put everything back they way it was before you got your filthy hands on it.

Trek fan

I agree with many people's view that this isn't trek, galaxy quest, Star Trek and Star Trek into darkness should be on a list on there own. Heck it's not even sci fi, the science from the original cannon has been stripped away, but as a blockbuster it was good. Just see it of the send up of TOS that it is and keep its cannon in its own universe leave it off the memory alpha website and other trek sites, Star Trek online is there for Star Trek fans and Star Trek renegades might be the tv show everyone is waiting for. Just enjoy the films but leave your brain switched off, and don't think of them as Star Trek 11 and 12 because they really aren't.



Okay, 1st – yes, he was rude. You should NEVER tell the people who pay your bills to F*** off…

But 2nd…people, it's a movie. And it's not even part of the original canon, it's what is known as a REBOOT!!!! In fact it 's so far removed from canon, you might as well consider it AU. Which means they make changes to fit the culture, the times, and yes, even their own personal whims. I am an avid Bioware fan and love Mass Effect. Was I pissed when the game ended the way it did? Yes. Was it the end of my life? NO!!!! Don't like the movie? Don't watch it. Done.

Seriously people…KCCO.


I saw the movie today. The alliens make up is horrible! Looks like a cheap Holloween costume! Not enough budget?


The last Cars movie was a better Trek movie than the last two he was involved in. Really, with a resume like his, what did you expect?


So because he referred to George W. Bush as "a great and beloved hero", which he was probably being entirely sarcastic about as it is, that's 'where he lost you'? Are you kidding? Perhaps you were joking yourself, but as Freud said, there is truth in jest, and that's where you lost me.

Maybe you should take a good look around at how the country has really been doing for the last four and a half to five years. Then maybe we can really talk about a president unworthy of being admired.

Thomas A. Brenner

The biggest problem is that JJ and crew didn't make two Sci fi movies they made Star Trek into an action movies.

Action are easy to make just build the movie around FX. There is nothing thought provoking about either movie… just lens flair, boom, boom, bang.,

John Miller

Orci is making lots of money writing goofy scripts for goofy movies. He should take a break! He knew there would be a very vocal fan base to contend with when he took on "Trek." Since those fans saw lots of problems with STID, he shouldn't be surprised.

When I saw the first "Trek" I thought that he and Kurtzman might actually like "Trek" or be fans. After seeing STID, I wonder if they knew just enough to get by the first time. On the second movie, it made me think that instead they're just playing with the characters, only investing them with their surface characteristics, instead of knowing them as well-developed characters.

I agree with the opinion that there is little "Trek" in STID. It's more the kind of convoluted action deal they've done with "Transformers," etc. Lots of mindless action in service of little to nothing. Now, we find that the "dynamic duo" is going to write the third "Trek." Oh joy!


Oh wow Orci, what were you thinking? Hardcore Trekkers feel almost a religious love for Star Trek. Fan bases as devoted Trekkers never forgive insults of that magnitude. Firstly, it makes fans feel like he really could care less about their loyalty or about the property that they love. Most importantly though, he was being incredibly unprofessional. You don't see Steven Spielberg telling fans to go F themselves who didn't like Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

The author of this article is right, Orci should have taken the opportunity to try and make a connection with the fans and make them feel like he cares. He described himself as feeling like a parent and if that's true then he's acting like a pretty abusive one. A parent is supposed to be someone that you can look up to. In the film industry you should be prepared for criticism. You need to have thick skin because undoubtedly you're not going to impress everyone. I'm sure that Orci just simply had a big lapse in judgement but this is one mistake that Trekkers aren't going to let him forget.

Daron Woodward

His final comment says it all, even when talking to one of the biggest (actual biggest? Could be!) and most loyal and active fan bases on the planet, his response is…

I could not give a shit that the fans are the ones that can make or break movie, the ones that are the captive audience, the ones that make me rich and famous beyond my level of achievement, the ones that spend billions…BILLIONS of $,£, etc…take your pick regarding the correct symbol for your country…on conventions, mugs, T-shirts, action figures, soundtrack CDs, costumes, prop replicas, paperbacks, jigsaws, model kits, bed linen, art prints, audio books and all the rest…

You can all take a long walk off a short pier, with weights in your pockets to boot!

A truly hideous, arrogant and, hopefully, soon to be sacked fool with massively grandiose ideas of his own self importance.


I'm reminded of the late career of one Joe Eszterhas. Who at one time, seemed to be King Of The World. And was quite the runner up in the asshole category.
When Orci has his big flop, not guaranteed but somewhat likely to be Ender's Game and not just because of it's author's descent into madness, I wonder if Mr. Orci's star will shine as bright afterwards?

This, from someone would LOVE to engage on a mature, writer to writer, fan to fan level, the author of STID, a.k.a. STINO and find out just what possessed them to do this and not that. And…and….

Justin Beach

Orci is a spoiled child. He gets to make Star Trek movies and then has a freak out if people don't like what he makes. He doesn't seem to understand, in any way, the position of privilege he's making these statements from. (He also doesn't seem to understand Star Trek or why people like it, but that's a different matter.) All I can say now is that if Sleepy Hollow is as bad as the previews would indicate, it will make Into Darkness look like a cinematic masterpiece by comparison.


With boxing coming up this weekend there is a magical opportunity to use it here. Many boxing ass hats will argue until they're blue in the face about which boxing champion would have won, pitting different boxings greats both old and new against one another, under the oh-so-overused "Pound for Pound" banner. It's bullshit. Just like Floyd Mayweather saying he is the best because he makes the most money – erm, does that dipshit understand that inside the next decade, everyone in the world will have access to pay per view fights on their mobiles, rendering his earnings to be embarrassingly minuscule in comparison. Or does he take into consideration that if you factor inflation into fight earnings, he still doesn't top the money Tyson and Holyfield made for their fights.
Thing is, you can't claim the new star-treks are better than the old because they made more money. That's a redundant statement because the older films were handicapped by the state of technology at the time. Yes, the new films were highly polished and I quite enjoyed them on the basis that I never really liked the slow pace of the old show and the fact that the consoles on the enterprise looked like something I could have hacked together at five years of age. But I got why people enjoyed it and knew why it worked as a show.
The statements made by this screenwriter do little more than render him a categorical bonehead. You don't bite the hand that feeds you and there is no industry where that is more prevalent than film. From a little research before feeling the need to chuck my opinion in, I would say that this guy sounds a little insecure, and that's just disappointing. You can never please everyone all of the time and if you're going into film or television in any capacity, be prepared for some differing opinions – in fact, more adversity than most people have to face in their day to day jobs. But that's what they pay you the big bucks for. To be a big boy and take it on the chin. If you don't like criticism and cannot handle it, don't write Star Trek. If you want a better experience, open yourself up to fans and speak to them and find out what story they want to hand their money over to see and do the best version of that movie you can.
There is no rhyme or reason for throwing your toys out of the pram when the first rule of being a decent writer is not buying into your god delusion (and I don't capitalize god because it's my right to use him merely as a measure for delusion and not to see him as an all-seeing omnipotent deity), and actually enjoy that criticism. Your mother is the one to give you the constant praise, but any writer or artist worth their salt longs for the criticism – it's how you get better.
To summarize: you can't compare Star Trek movies for reasons such as budget, scope, reach, technology, style, acting and film-making formalities of the time-period, along with a host of other reasons that would transpire to make this a hell of a lot longer. And you can't be a screenwriter and have such a temperamental approach to people who don't agree with you.
And don't quote George Bush. Like Never. Ever. That is all.

Sean Jon

I think that Orci and Damon Lindelhoff are both total no talent ass clowns.

J.J. Abrahams can suck a large dong too. He's like the Michael Bay of film makers.

Wade D.

Awe, i liked STID…


Can't wait to see what this guy is going to do with Star Wars.


wow… Transformers, Star Trek, and Cowboys and Aliens,….you sure told them…..

Kevin A.

There is a reason he gets to write films and we don't; he swallows.


These guys from the Lost brat-pack are getting really annoying. Can't they be limited to tv?


Boys Boys, Size does NOT Matter, when talking about Pure Joy, of getting to Live in a Country where Going to the Movies is, nearly Every Weekend, if one can afford it or just waiting for the DVD to rent for a buck!
Now all I want to know is…Will there be at Least one more Star Trek? If So I think us Fans, that ALLOW YOU the Movie Makers to make a better living than Teachers or Firepeople,,,etc.
STOP Fighting & PRAY to Whatever God you Choose, because there may be NO Time left to see any movie!
Lastly, I am Disabled & can get better so NOT to Live off you Tax Payers, come find me, 7 minutes & I'll "Pitch" enough to Earn a Living to Get Better & OFF Disability!
7minutes is way WAY less time than all this Fighting!
"Always Leave them thurston4more" Jen Thurston, Tulsa, OK
Super Natural Blessings to ALL!


I loved ST:ID. I'm not a Trekkie so I don't know history and canon enough but the reboot has been very entertaining to me. This latest caught me off guard emotionally too. I didn't expect to be all torn up in a sci-fi/action film I knew the main characters weren't dying. That support being shared, it would have been better for Orci to not get as defensive, arrogant and rude as he got. Although, I understand his emotions here since I come from a fandom and know how fans can get when expressing themselves online. Sucky situation that he could have controlled better but I'm really just looking forward to the third film in this series.

Jasmine K

The movie guy usually gets the flak for being a pr*ck. But fans can be the arrogant di*ks as well. They have egos the size of a football stadium without ever having taken a shot at trying the hard stuff. They don't struggle to cut it in the business, they don't risk the pain of rejection, they don't plough through dead-end walls to hit upon a new idea, they just have nothing at stake. Internet fans are often the equivalent of paper tigers. Roaring from a safe distance.

TC Kirkham

As a longtime Trekker, I have to say that ST:ID was a great film. But….it could have been even better had Orci, Abrams, and company found a way to do the same story with original characters instead of falling back on more of the old ST universe. That having been said, though, I did like what they did with the sly nods to the original ST:TWOK – a bit of clever slight-of-hand…and Zachary Quinto doing the "KHANNNNNNN!" bit was priceless….

And for the record, how any self respecting group of true Trekkies/Trekkers/Trekists could take a "worst" poll and NOT have it be topped by either "Star Trek: The Voyage Home" or "Star Trek:Nemesis" is beyond me…both of those are just AWFUL all the way from beginning to end…


This guy's got issues. I saw him speak in conjuction with a few others during a series of seminars (business of the business, how you made it, what's next, etc etc, waste of time). He had this tightly wound nerd energy (not in a good way) and was very dismissive of his colleagues. At one point I though he and Glen Mazzara were going to go at one another but they kept it civil. Warped perspective and delusions of grandeur for sure. A network hack elevated to the realm of feature writing and now he thinks he's somebody. In fact he is somebody but now he's masterminding a character assasinstion…on himself? Such is the nature of things, I suppose.


I REALLY loved that movie – both of them. The cast is excellent, the story lines are great, the action is riveting, and the effects are mind blowing. There is NOTHING that would suggest that the StarTrek franchise is broken; quite the opposite. I am looking forward to the next movie AND the next series. In the words of Captain Picard, "Make it so!"


A coward and a talenless hack… You're a winner, Roberto!


Orci is right. The 2 New Star Trek movies were both the best of the franchise, the most lucrative and the best reviewed. People love to crap on whats popular and unfortunately the internet has given trolls the voice to speak their meaningless drivel.


just watched Star Trek Into Darkness last night on DVD. Amazing movie. It captures the spirit of the original show. Anyone who says otherwise it an idiot and doesn't know movies. Into Darkness was visually amazing as well. I liked how they flipped the script on the original Wrath of Khan


The guys should have just made the Godard case: The best critique of a movie is to make a better movie.


Fuck this guy seriously but come on, what the internet was at when Star Trek Nemesis came out? You didn't give a shit anymore, and now you clearly do! So that's something right?


Sad that a guy who is ostensibly be living the dream is still essentially a desperate nerd in search of approval, and when he doesn't get it, he lashes out. I do think that many of the trek fans are being as bad as he is, but it's really no excuse either way.

But I have to say, voting it the 'worst in the franchise' — what criteria are these folks judging this movie on? Sure the script is not page to page incredible, but it actually has a real statement it's trying to make, sticks to it's themes, and is very, very well made. So to a point, I see his frustration — I really don't know what would make these guys happy, and they are unbelievably petty and viscious — i'm pretty sure if they found themselves in Orci's position, many of them would be as much of a sad, desperate jerk.


Yeahh… pretty sure he's kidding about G.W. being one of his heroes.


Wait, he's a 9/11 truther and George W. Bush is one of his heroes? How does that even work?


The fact that Dubya is Orci's hero says it all really. What a moron.


Anyone who describes their audience as petulant children really needs to have a good think about what they're doing in this business. Then signing off declaring GWB as his great and beloved hero? How on Earth this guy ever got hired is beyond belief but then nothing surprises me in this game any more.


Fucking trekkies i hate them


Between firing off on Trek fans and his whacky conspiracy theories (911 truther, believing the government is hiding evidence of aliens), I think deleting his account is a pretty good thing for his career.


Star Trek Into Darkness blew. Orci is one of the most overrated writers in the history of Hollywood. Transformers blew, Watchmen blew, and the first Star Trek was good because it was Star Trek modernized and glossed over in action. It would've been successful no matter who wrote it. Star Trek Into Darkness might as well have been written by the corpses of the writers that wrote the original series and The Wrath of Khan. "As I love to say, there is a reason why I get to write the movies, and you don’t.” Answer to that is because you are owned by a corporation, don't question anything, don't think originally, and used your so-called writing-skills to rape my childhood. Fuck him and his Twitter account.

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