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Arsenio Hall’s Return To Late Night Gets Solid Ratings (So Far…)

Arsenio Hall’s Return To Late Night Gets Solid Ratings (So Far…)

Arsenio Hall’s much-vaunted return to late night looks
like it’s paying off… But with a caveat.

The Monday night debut of his new late night syndicated talk show beat every other
competing broadcast talk show, with a 1.0
and a 4 share in the key
adults ages 18 to 49 demographic, according to Nielsen.

And in Los Angeles,
where the show is broadcast on the KTLA TV station, the show was No. 1 in
its time period, with an excellent 3.2
household rating.

However, of course, this is only the beginning. Starting out with good
ratings is fine, but how will he fare during the on-going weeks? It’s not like
the old days when it was just him and Johnny
. There’s a lot of late night competition out there among talk shows (and
don’t forget The Daily Show). The “nostalgia” thing he’s banking on can only take him so far, and might turn against him in the long run.

Furthermore, another serious problem he faces will be getting
good guests. Usually it’s easier to get big names as long as you’re doing well,
but if the ratings start slipping, it’s going to get much harder.

The next few weeks will determine if Arsenio’s show has a
future or not.

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Okay, I think it's Old School Wisdom Time, the name of the game is cope and hold, not cope and blow. Listen, cat dookie stands out in a room of look-alike hamheads, but who's sticking around to smell that mess? I am suggesting that on some occassions, and in some environments, being "different" could be just what the doctor ordered. However, booking Steve McQueen on Arsenio's show is as wise as betting on a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

Remember, the name of the game is cope and hold, and it's obvious some folks are showing up out of curiosity or whatever, but who the hell is Steve McQueen and how will he entertain the audience? Yeah, that's right, quick… go outside, ask the next 20 people you see who the hell is Steve McQueen and watch the look on their face.

Then, if by happenstance one in a million in Arsenio's crowd has seen his films "Hunger" and that sex flick (what was it's name?) could someone please tell me what Steve would do or talk about that would be soooooo entertaining? I mean, as Sergio said, Arsenio could do what he does best "lick his ass until holes wore through his tongue", that's edgy and exciting in JEFTCG's world, but who else finds that entertaining?

Seriously, folks watch the Lettermans, the Fallons, the Craig Fergusons the Wendy Williams and the Monique shows for entertainment, period. On the other hand, again as Sergio has suggested, the guests may have some information, projects, agenda, etc, they'd like to pass forward, but they will be very cautious in determining in whether or not Arsenio's couch is the best place to drop their news.


Get Kanye and Kardashian.
They are attention whores.


Can a MuhFuhKa just enjoy a show and STFU with all the troll criticism?? Lames…(article writer too).


If Arsenio can entice guests to come on who currently have a lot of buzz like Steve McQueen (who's got a big film coming out soon), Kerry Washington (who's got the season premiere of a hit show coming out soon) and Dave Chappelle (who's in the midst of his first major tour in years), his show will do fine.


He just needs to book those odd and underrated BLACK GUEST that the other shows won't touch, if he does a service to Black Cinema he will come out okay, yeah he can book Bruno Mars but big deal mainstream has already Anointed him. But those acts that are cutting edge and underground and controversial. There is a lot of material for him -Black Writers -there are more , Black filmmakers there are more since he left, The New Black Panther Party is back, book them! I'd book both Serena and Venus followed by another controversial guest after them He can do it but he's got to throw away the talk show play book right now and do a Black version of Carson Daily who hardly ever book Black guest!

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