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‘Bachelorette’ Duo Director Leslye Headland & Star Kirsten Dunst Talk Jason Sudeikis Into ‘Sleeping With Other People’

'Bachelorette' Duo Director Leslye Headland & Star Kirsten Dunst Talk Jason Sudeikis Into 'Sleeping With Other People'

One of last year’s surprise success stories was “Bachelorette,” the micro-budgeted theatrical adaptation that ended up being a smash thanks largely to On Demand services and iTunes (exact numbers for which, of course, are never released). Well it looks like “Bachelorette” writer/director Leslye Headland had a great time with star Kirsten Dunst, because they’ve agreed to reteam for “Sleeping With Other People,” once again produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay‘s Gary Sanchez Productions. What’s more they’ve roped Jason Sudeikis in for the silly, sexy romantic comedy.

Sudeikis, who recently starred in the sleeper hit “We’re the Millers,” will play a womanizer who befriends a serial cheater (played by Dunst). Can you see where this is going? According to the report, “Their platonic relationship reforms their chronic infidelity but sparks an inconvenient romantic attraction to each other.”

While we would normally roll our eyes at this kind of premise, Headland has shown to be a fearless director and a really sharp screenwriter and playwright, so no matter how cliché-ridden it might seem now, chances are that the finished product will be genuinely edgy and insightful. And at the very least it will remind us how much we love Sudeikis, at least until “Horrible Bosses 2” comes out.

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Benign inquiry: how do we know it's a smash if numbers aren't released? a Radius press release?


as my gf Valiere always says, Bachelorrtte was the tits!

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