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BitTorrent Takes On Freedom of Expression with New Madonna Film

BitTorrent Takes On Freedom of Expression with New Madonna Film

A short film co-directed by Madonna with Steven Klein will be
distributed by BitTorrent via a new format, BitTorrent Bundle.

It seems only fitting that BitTorrent, the company which has
long been associated with digital piracy, would support a project about freedom
of expression.

The 17 minute-film, “secretprojectrevolution,” will
launch “Art For Freedom,” an online global initiative to support
freedom of expression.

Created by Madonna, the initiative will be curated by VICE and
distributed by BitTorrent. It will encourage users to submit video, music,
poetry and photography that examines the issue of freedom and revolution around
the world.

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“My goal is to show by the example of
secretprojectrevolution my creative commitment to inspire change in the world
through artistic expression,” Madonna said in a statement. “I hope my
film and other submission to Art For Freedom will be a call-to-action and give
people a place to voice their own creative expression to help fight oppression,
intolerance and complacency.”

The film, which will be distributed as a BitTorrent Bundle, will
be available for free download beginning September 24 at 2 pm EST.

Yesterday, Madonna participated in an AMA session on Reddit and
mentioned an “ambitious” project she was working on.

BitTorrent Bundle is a new format designed to give “artists
and publishers an entirely new, people-driven distribution tool that is
limitless in quality and versatility – enabling them to connect with fans
however and wherever they want,” said 
Shahi Ghanem, Chief Strategy Officer for BitTorrent, Inc. in a

BitTorrentBundle is designed to hold any file type, and any file
size. Users will be able to download and “unlock” the
secretprojectrevolution” Bundle to
receive the film, plus bonus content, for free.

Fans who download the “secretprojectrevolution” Bundle
will also receive stills from the film and three HD film trailers. Users who submit
their email will unlock access to the Revolution film in both HD and 2K Digital
Cinema resolution, an exclusive HD and 2K Digital Cinema interview with Madonna
conducted by Eddy Moretti, VICE’s Chief Creative Officer, as well as a special
handwritten message from Madonna. 

“This film operates on many levels. It examines our private
prisons. It questions what we do, how we do it, and how we treat others. It
questions our governments, and our collective thought patterns. Think about it
– the power of art can lead to peace,” said Steven Klein in a statement.

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Madonna has always been about change, about pushing people's buttons and making them think! She has used music, dance and theatre to empower, just as Steven Klein has used his photography and art as a platform for thought provocation. We have to acknowledge the violence and oppression that is out there, and take responsibility. Freedom of expression is the necessary tool and it certainly seems like this project should deliver. Why be a reactive bystander when you can be a proactive participant? This is a brave project, but Madonna IS brave. There are thousands of brave people like her out there who do not have her platform to express their views. Madonna highlighted just some of the brave during her recent World Tour; Malala, almost killed for her efforts to demand the right for all girls to be educated. Members of the punk band Pussy Riot, imprisoned for their criticism of their government – to name just two. Now she and Steven have created that platform and going some way to opening the gate to freedom , love and peace. I applaud this project and am excited to see where it will lead. This will indeed be revolutionary. Let Art speak for the oppressed.


I love that Madonna is stepping up like this!

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