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‘Blue Caprice’ Is Now Available On iTunes As A Rental. Watch 2 Haunting New Clips From The Film

'Blue Caprice' Is Now Available On iTunes As A Rental. Watch 2 Haunting New Clips From The Film

It opened on just 1 screen over the weekend (here in NYC), and will expand to others over the next month; although not every city unfortunately, meaning a lot of you likely won’t get the opportunity to see this on the big screen, in a theatrical setting (see upcoming playdates at the bottom of this post).

But, thankfully, if you fall into that group (or if it will come to your city eventually, but you just can’t wait to see it), you should know that the film is now available on iTunes for you to rent. It’ll cost you $6.99, which isn’t bad at all! And if you’re like me and you have one of those large, flat HD TV screens, you can watch it that way, instead of on your laptop, for example.

Your choice. Just know that the film is available on iTunes starting today! 

And in light of that news, 2 new clips from the film have surfaced and are embedded below to further entice you, if you aren’t already.

Isaiah Washington stars in Blue Caprice, the acclaimed psychological drama from director Alexandre Moors (his debut feature) which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and was picked up by Sundance Selects.

Penned by R.F.I. Porto, and co-produced by Ron Simons (SimonSays Entertainment), Blue Caprice is based on the story of the real-life Beltway sniper attacks of 2002, perpetrated by John Allen Muhammad, and Lee Boyd Malvoplayed by Tequan Richmond.

Watch the haunting 2 new clips below, and then head over to iTunes to rent the film and watch in the comfort of your own home. Underneath the clips you’ll find upcoming theatrical play-dates through October.

Here are theatrical playdates on the horizon:

9/20 Roxie Theater San Francisco CA

9/20 Sundance Sunset Cinema Los Angeles CA

9/27 OSIO Cinemas Monterey CA

9/27 West End Cinema Washington D.C. DC

9/27 Camera 3 San Jose CA

9/27 SIFF Cinema Uptown Seattle WA

9/27 Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park Houston TX

9/27 Hollywood Theatre Portland OR

9/27 Capitol Theatre Cleveland OH

9/27 Cass City Cinema at Burton Detroit MI

9/27 Montgomery Cinema Rocky Hill NJ

9/27 Shea 14 Scottsdale AZ

9/27 AFI Silver Culture Center Silver Springs MD

9/27 Cinemas Palme D’Or Palm Desert CA

9/27 Circle Theatre Tulsa OK

9/27 Music Box Chicago IL

9/27 SIE Film Center Denver CO

10/4 Loft Cinema Twin Tucson AZ

10/4 Gateway Film Center Columbus OH

10/4 Cinema Paradiso Fort Lauderdale FL

10/4 Digital Gym Cinema San Diego CA

10/4 Lake Worth Playhouse Lake Worth FL

10/4 The Screen Santa Fe NM

10/4 Carousel Greensboro NC

10/4 Grand Tacoma Tacoma WA

10/11 Glenwood Arts Overland Park KS

10/11 Zinema 2 Duluth MN

10/21 Bear Tooth Anchorage AK

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I watched it last night. Isaiah Washington and Tequan Richmond gave really great nuanced performances that were very haunting. Isaiah Washington especially delivers. The movie does suffer from some issues, the screenplay could have been more tighter but it is a solid film and I recommend seeing it. Unfortunately the release is so close to the recent tragedy that happened in Washington, D.C.


I am definitely going to check this movie out. I'm not exactly sure whether or not I want to see it in the privacy of my own home, or on the big screen at the music box. Isiah Washington looks like he's going to do an excellent job on this one, and I'm curious to see how the kid from, "Everybody Hates Chris" fairs in this one too. Also curious to see if there will be any hoopla or issues as the date for the premier here in Chicago nears.

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