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‘Blue Is The Warmest Color’ Director Says The Film Shouldn’t Be Released & He Thought Of Replacing Léa Seydoux

'Blue Is The Warmest Color' Director Says The Film Shouldn't Be Released & He Thought Of Replacing Léa Seydoux

Blue Is The Warmest Color” goes the title of the film, but it seems it’s also the bitterest. While the epic lesbian relationship drama has been earning rave reviews (here’s ours) ever since it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, winning the Palme d’Or in the process, it has also earned its share of harsh words from nearly everyone involved. There have been allegations from the crew over reportedly tough working conditions, graphic novel author Julie Maroh has shared her concerns on the adaptation of her work, while the lead actresses Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos have publicly stated they’ll never work with director Abdellatif Kechiche again. The director didn’t waste time firing back, and he continues not to mince any words about everything that has happened since Cannes.

French magazine Telerama has shared a small portion of a full interview with Kechiche they’ll be running later this week, and needless to say, it’s provocative stuff. “According to me, the film shouldn’t be released, it has been soiled too much,” he stated. “The Palme d’Or had been a brief moment of happiness; then I’ve felt humiliated, dishonored, I felt rejected, I live it like I’m cursed.”

But it’s Seydoux (who has also been the most outspoken about her difficulties on the film) that he singles out. Claiming that her interviews have taken away both from the film itself and the performance of her co-star Exarchopoulos, Kechiche claims that Seydoux came to him because she had trouble being natural in films. The director then goes on say he had trouble “unblocking” her, and even suggested to Seydoux as early as twenty days into the production that she leave the film. Kechiche says he was eyeing either Sara Forestier (“Gainsbourg,” “Wild Grass“) or Melanie Thierry (“The Zero Theorem,” “The Princess Of Montpensier“) as potential replacements, but ultimately he stuck with Seydoux.

Either way, the movie is being released, despite the war of words happening between the director and the actresses. “Blue Is The Warmest Color” arrives on October 25th.

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An actor is hired and paid handsomely to do whatever it takes to get into the skin of a character, Kechiche is a brilliant director who has delivered the goods and got exactly the kind of performances the film needed to be realised. As far as I'm concerned there's no more to be said least of all by the actors involved; short of physical assault and imprisonment, nothing is off limits for the director, there's a reason there's all those zeros in an actors pay check. When you think of the legions of talented young actresses who will never get a break Lea Seydoux's subsequent actions are spoiled, and coming from a paid artist frankly mediocre. She needs to go talk to Monica Bellucci (irreversible), and Nicole Kidman (dogville, paperboy) about what it actually means to be a serious actror, failing that maybe she should steer away from intense cinema, there's always a need somewhere for an actress to just stand there and look pretty.


Kechiche should know that this shit kid from this shit site really appreciates what he's doing, and that his film means a lot to the kid and not only him but many others on this earth who are against the tyranny of artistic integrity and personal viewpoints that are not only positive. If you don't relate to this film then what do you relate to artistically? What's more forceful than those who show sex as a powerful act…other than those who view it as a sadistic act like todays world? That's why he's detracted. He thought he was doing something positive, but everyone else decided it was disgusting. How disgusting our world, then?


Congrats on overshadowing your own film, Kechiche and Seydoux. Saying that, though, I can't imagine how bad the vibes must have been behind the scenes if they couldn't even keep it bottled up for just a few months longer. Lea's tears might just be the tip of the drama-fuelled iceberg. yeesh.


lea seydoux is not that talented, sara forestier & melanie thierry are way better


This is such a huge mess. Kechiche and Seydoux just need to shut up already. The only one that seems mature enough is Exarchopoulos and she's 19 years old…lol


This director should just stop already. Lea is an amazing actress. I saw her in Farewell, My Queen, and she was outstanding! All actors have something to say about their film experience, its their right do to so, if it sucks, it sucks. Alfred Hitchcock wasn't well liked by his actors but he made a lot of careers and excellent films. He needs to get over himself. The movie has been praised along with the actors performance. Finish your press, and move on to the next film, and take notes, stand by your work no matter what.


I've only seen Lea in 'Midnight in Paris' and 'Les Adieux a la Reine' and I thought she's a really talented actress!


Hey France: ever heard of publicists?


His ego is bruised. Maybe he was already upset that the Cannes jury awarded the three of them and not just him for the film. And I don't buy the whole victim thing he's trying to play. Also, he sounds extremely controlling, so if he had wanted a different actress, he would have cast someone else.

Hope Inion

No one cares what Abdellatif Kechiche says. It's all about Lea because she is from another world.


Everyone involved with this movie needs to learn the value of a well-placed "no comment."


They really should just all shut the hell up at this point.


He didn't have trouble finding an actress who wanted to be a star, he said he thought it was interesting to direct Seydoux : an actress who wanted to be a star.


Even if you win a girl a Palme, she'll still bitch

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