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Chris Brown, Laz Alonso Try To Reboot A Dance Dream Team In ‘Battle Of The Year’ (Opens Today)

Chris Brown, Laz Alonso Try To Reboot A Dance Dream Team In 'Battle Of The Year' (Opens Today)

It’s not really being talked about – at least, in the circles (both online and offline) that I travel in, but fans of both actors might want to know that a film they star in opens wide in theaters today – a dance drama called Battle of the Year, which stars Chris Brown and Laz Alonso co-star in, alongside Josh Holloway and Josh Peck.

The Screen Gems’ film was previously titled Planet B-Boy, and is directed by Benson Lee.

It’s based on director Lee’s 2007 documentary, also titled Planet B-Boy, which was set in the international world of “B-boying.”

The $20 million film inspired by Lee’s award-winning documentary follows an all-star American b-boy crew training to compete at the Battle of the Year International Championships in France. The crew and their coach must go up against the best b-boys in the world — the South Koreans, the Russians and the French, who have dominated the original American dance form for the past decade.

Alonso plays a former b-boy who wants to put the USA back on top of the sport; Chris Brown plays one of the members of the assembled Dream Team.

This is actually a film that’s long been completed. We first profiled it over a year ago, and it’s now finally opening in theaters courtesy of Sony/Screen Gems, although the film was previously set to open last year, and apparently got pushed back.

There’ve been enough of these “dance flicks” that there was even a parody movie of them all, wasn’t there?

I suppose Sony/Screen Gems saw that the only other wide release this weekend is the very adult drama, Prisoners (which has been on the receiving end of lots of acclaim and awards talk), and figured this would be a good weekend to release the film for those younger folks looking for something more age-appropriate and their speed.

Watch the trailer below:

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I agree with WORDBLAZE.

But at the same time, was the director trying to be as NON-STEREOTYPICAL as possible? With having two black men on a b-boy squad and a retired white coach and a young white female to train them? It's tricky. Seems like he was trying to be relevant to how B-Boy groups are today… Only in the underground scene is where I see more minorities breaking and popping and locking.

It's also nice to see Chris Brown last in a dance movie… Not like Stomp The Yard where he died 5 minutes in. Which I was quite upset about.


An almost all-white hip hop dance crew, with a white coach and white dance instructor to represent America in an international hip hop dance competition? Ummmm. Between this movie, Justin Timberlakes all white hip hop back up dancers and the Step Up film franchise are we just not dancing hip hop ANYMORE…like EVER AGAIN!?!? lolol. #canyousaywhitewashing


The movie is actually pretty good!! I would recommend people to see it!


no thanks chris brown

but go drake bell

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