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CNN Co-Producing 10-Part Doc Series ‘The Sixties’ With Tom Hanks

CNN Co-Producing 10-Part Doc Series 'The Sixties' With Tom Hanks

CNN has boarded “The Sixties.” The news network is joining executive producers Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman of Playtone and Mark Herzog of Herzog & Company (HCO) to co-produce a 10-part documentary series taking a look at the turbulent, transformative era.  

“From protests to war, to human rights, the Beatles, innovative technologies, and politics, the 1960s were an extraordinary era of consequential cultural and global change,” CNN president Jeff Zucker said in the announcement. “We are so pleased to partner with Tom, Gary, and HCO to bring this very special series to our audience. Projects like this are emblematic of exactly the type of programming that we need more of, signifying a new direction and expanded sensibility at CNN.”

That expanded sensibility has included a move from strict news coverage to weekend series like “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” and “Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man” and a doc department that’s so far programmed fare like “Our Nixon” and that has “Blackfish” coming up. This project sounds more in the realm of something PBS might air — and PBS actually had a 2005 doc called “The Sixties – The Years That Shaped a Generation,” though CNN’s is more expansive.

“The Sixties” will launch with a 90-minute special episode, “The Assassination of JFK (1963),” timed to the 50th anniversary of the assassination in November 2013, explore the key conclusions of the controversial Warren Commission and the impact the assassination had on the nation and American politics. The series will resume in April 2014 with episodes about the era’s technology, drugs, free love and rock and roll, comprised of archival footage, home movies and interviews with historians and people like Dan Rather, Robert MacNeil and others.

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David J. Thomas

Where can I view/access/download/buy/rent the CNN series "The Sixties"?

Ben Adams

Will the 10 part series be available as a dvd box set anytime soon?

Greg Perry

To be a bit more articulate and to actually expect an answer or solution, I have every feature offered by Comcast not asserting since my monthly bills exceed $300.00 I feel a sense of entitlement. I just spent a half hour of an enjoyable conversation with a Comcast representative and he explained the reason which I would have bet I could have delivered the answer to my question and it is very simple. I get On Demand and the understandable logic of why I can't My DVR the particular show which was sensational as it's almost as if they lived my life during the sixties and emphasized what should have been included left alone what didn't belong. Now, how can I get a copy of or a way to tape the particular segment Invasion of the British referring to the success and impact the era ( most interesting decade of American History) provided to the US in particular.

Greg Perry

How can I acquire a certain single documentary the one being Invasion of the British Bands

charles weidner

John Kennedy revisionists with butterflies and unicorns in their eyes tell us that John Kennedy would have ended US involvement in South Vietnam. One interviewee said that Kennedy told one of his advisors that "after the 1964 election he would end the US Military support of South Vietnam." What bunk! Read the President's Inauguration Speech from January 1961. For example: We will go anyplace, bear any burden, oppose any foe in the defense of freedom. This dimwit would rather believe that an honorable man like John Kennedy would delay the withdrawal of military forces based on political timing. The truth is that Kennedy was a natural, inspirational leader who would have taken this country to war with the full support of the citizens. Johnson was old and dour and spoke in a sad monotone. He was not someone who could inspire a country to follow him into war at the birth of the Political/TV age.

charles weidner

If this was intended to be a truthful work, why is that liar Dan Rather a moderator? Dan Rather was buried along with the credibility of CBS News. What now? Is he resurrected like a vampire?

Jaan Lutter

no mention of Sid Bernstein on the program!

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