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Codeblack Films Acquires North American Rights To Halle Berry’s ‘Frankie & Alice’ For 2014 Run

Codeblack Films Acquires North American Rights To Halle Berry's 'Frankie & Alice' For 2014 Run

Wow! I’d pretty much written this film off for *dead*. But Codeblack Films (a Lionsgate company) has resuscitated it, acquiring North American distribution rights, for a spring 2014 release.

It’s been a long while since Halle Berry’s Sybil-like tale, Frankie & Alice, has been mentioned on this blog. I’d say 2 years at least.

Codeblack has announced that it will release the film on April 4, 2014, which is a Friday, meaning a theatrical run. It was originally set for a February 2011 release, after what was said to be a 1-screen Oscar-qualifying run in Los Angeles in December 2010. It didn’t garner Halle an Oscar nomination, but she was recognized by the Golden Globes for her performance (nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama)

After it didn’t open as announced, in February 2011, I figured it would head straight to DVD, but it never did. And now this piece of news which answers the obvious question.

The rest of the story via press release below:

Inspired by a true story, the moving drama centers around a young woman (Berry) with multiple personality disorder who struggles to cope with her disease.  Stellan Skarsgard (Thor: The Dark World, The Avengers), Emmy® nominee Phylicia Rashad (For Colored Girls), and Emmy nominee Chandra Wilson also star in the film. Berry also served as producer on the film along with Vincent Cirrincione (Lackawanna Blues, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge).  Berry won an Academy Award for her riveting performance in Lionsgate’s Monster’s Ball and has starred in such films as X MenX Men: The Last StandDie Another DayBulworthSwordfish and the upcoming X Men: Days of Future Past.

“Halle Berry delivers a spellbinding performance in Frankie & Alice,” said Codeblack Films President Jeff Clanagan.  “Codeblack is thrilled to bring this important film to theaters nationwide delivering on our commitment to bring more quality films to the marketplace.”

“We are very pleased to be working with Halle Berry and Codeblack Films/Lionsgate on the release of Frankie and Alice,” said 37 Star Media Fund Chairman Robert Watts. “This is a career landmark for Halle as this is her first role as Producer. She has done a brilliant job and we anticipate that it will be very well received by diverse audiences both in North America and abroad.”

Codeblack Films’ General Manager Quincy Newell negotiated the film acquisition with David B. Strapko of 37 Star Media Fund Corp. and Stephanie Denton of New Cadence Entertainment.

Most recently Summit Entertainment in conjunction with Hartbeat Productions and Codeblack Films released “Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain,” featuring one of America’s hottest young comedic talents, nationwide on July 3rd.  The film opened to an impressive $17.4 million and grossing more than $32 million at the domestic box office to date.  Codeblack Films has also recently unveiled an upcoming slate that includes the suspenseful thriller “Repentance,” starring Forest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie and Sanaa Lathan, the romantic drama “Things Never Said,” starring Omari Hardwick and Shanola Hampton, and George Tillman, Jr.’s “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete,” starring Academy Award® winner Jennifer Hudson and executive produced by multiplatinum recording artist and Grammy® Award winner Alicia Keys, and the film adaptation  of Omar Tyree’s “Flyy Girl” trilogy.

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I saw the film online. Can't believe Codeblack will release for a theatrical run….It was an okay movie. I would definitely recommend anyone to save your money!!!


DAMNIT! Lord forgive me but I have to agree with Sergio.

Well, I didn't read his whole review from 2 years ago because I didn't want it to spoil my experience (I haven't seen the film), but I did read the part about Halle's lack of nudity in this film and his opinion of Things We Lost In The Fire. See, although I don't drool over Halle's body as he does, I wouldn't kick her out of my bed and I agree that "TWLITF" is one of her greatest performances… I loved it.

Hey, on a side note, since we've been agreeing as of late, I wonder if Sergio will sit with me at next months viewing (at the Chicago International Film Festival) of 12 Years A Slave? :)


I saw this when it came out, it is one of Halle's BEST performances' and is a really good movie. I advise ALL to see it.


Yes, but was she WHORING in the movie as a result of her "illness?" Maybe she had that same illness in Monster's Ball, too.

Eat a fat one re: the 'moron' comment…


Another black woman in an abused whore role? No thanks. Go away Halle.


I thought the film was heartbreaking, terrifying and extraordinary.


JEEZ talk about coming back from the dead. I wrote a review of the film over two years ago for the "old" S & A. This new site won't let me post the link so here's the review:

"I must be getting senile in my old age. For example, just today, I remembered that back in January (2011) I saw Frankie and Alice with Halle Berry. You know, the film that supposedly would make her a shoo-in for an Oscar nod for Best Actress, and we all know how well that turned out.

The fact that I just now remembered that I saw it should give you a pretty good idea just how good the film is. And along with the fact that the film was barely released, and is going straight-to-DVD, should give you an even better idea about the film.

So I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible, but here’s a clue: when you see SIX screenwriters listed in the opening credits for a film, that can’t be good sign. I don’t think there’s ever been a film made with six credited screenwriters.

It means: 1) that a hell of a lot more screenwriters worked on the film uncredited, trying to salvage a bad script, 2) when the final shooting script went into arbitration with the Writers Guild (which is what automatically happens when more than one writer works separately on a script), there were so many versions to read, and in trying to make head or tails over who did what, the Guild just gave up, and credited the six writers, and 3) it’s going to be a mess.

And it is.

Basically, Frankie and Alice is your routine Jennifer Love Hewitt-starring Lifetime movie about a stripper with multiple personalities; except that it’s Halle instead of Jennifer. And even if it was on Lifetime with Jennifer, it STILL wouldn’t be any good.

Halle gamely tries, but clearly is not given any help at all by the script, which is pedestrian, superficial and totally cliche-ridden (Though when she sometimes awkwardly goes into her “little 8 year old girl” voice, as one of her personalities, it becomes rather laughingly ludicrous). Nor do any of the other major players in the film (Stellen Skarsgard as Halle’s therapist trying to break through her mental barriers, and Phylicia Rashad as her mother) come off well either. They are left floundering, stuck with poorly defined, one dimensional caricatures, instead of real people, with Skarsgard practically sleepwalking though his part. The only thing we’re given about him in terms of depth and characterization, is that he likes jazz music.

But let’s not get too hard on poor Halle, even though I’m sure many of our readers are so tempted to. Not even Meryl Streep with all her acting prowess, would have been able to get through this part, looking good either.

Frankie and Alice is just simply a badly written, ploddingly directed, instantly forgettable film, as evident by the fact I mentioned earlier. If you want to see a really good performance by her, then take a look at Things We Lost in the Fire; you can skip this one.

I mean there’s not even one good, or even halfway passable, nude scene with her in the film for crying out loud!"

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