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Cynthia Addai-Robinson Will Play Amanda Waller In CW’s ‘Arrow’ + A Little History…

Cynthia Addai-Robinson Will Play Amanda Waller In CW's 'Arrow' + A Little History...

Cynthia Addai-Robinson has been cast to play Amanda Waller, the A.R.G.U.S. agent in charge of the Suicide Squad in the CW drama Arrow’s second season. 

Arrow is based on the chronicles of the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow.
Waller will first appear in the 6th episode of the series’ upcoming second season.
She will apparently be a younger and slimmer version of the Waller character from the comics. You might remember that, Angela Bassett played Waller in the,Green Lantern movie that starred Ryan Reynolds.

For those unfamiliar with the DC comics universe, here’s what I dug up… Nicknamed “The Wall,” she is a former congressional aide and government agent often placed in charge of the aforementioned Suicide Squad, a semi-secret government-run group of former super-villains working in return for amnesty. She also was the former leader (code rank: White Queen) of the covert-ops organization, Checkmate. She later served as Secretary of Metahuman Affairs under President Lex Luthor.

Some of her abilities include being highly trained in logistics, strategic management, military tactics, game theory, and espionage.

On the small screen, Pam Grier played her in Smallville – the once-popular super hero TV series based on Superman, on the CW network.

Also worth noting, in the straight-to-dvd animated adaptation of the comic book,Superman/Batman: Public EnemiesCCH Pounder voiced the role of Amanda Waller. In this version, Waller is depicted as a more sympathetic character, though visually more obese than previously seen.

In 2009, Amanda Waller was ranked as IGN’s 60th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time, for whatever that’s worth!

I believe it was years ago when DC Comics relaunched/revamped a series of titles, including the Suicide Squad, which fanboys/girls protested because of one very significant change from before the series was revamped/relaunched – and that change was in the Amanda Waller character.

Words like “Fail” and “Radical” were been used to described Waller’s makeover from, shall we say full-bodied, rotund, and not particularly *hot,* to a younger, rather svelte, although curvy and busty version. The argument there was that, in the past, fans felt it was great that a *normal* looking character appeared in a superhero Comic book; but, post-relaunch of the series, DC Comics caved into youthful expectations and, and made the character blend in with the rest of the hard-bodied, slim-waisted, voluptuous, if unrealistic-looking hotties that rule comic book pages… in a nutshell.

So, with Addai-Robinson (who also appeared in Spartacus, the TV series) being close to the latter than the former, what are fans saying now?

Addai-Robinson’s credits also include roles on the big and small screen: Colombiana, The Vampire Diaries and FlashForward

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While it is true CW does have a preference for casting lighter and/or biracial actresses, the reason Cynthia Addai-Robinson was cast as Amanda Waller has more to do with her credentials in Spartacus (new52 Amanda Waller is now a field agent and Addai-Robinson is Navy Seals/New Zealand Special Forces trained) more than anything.


Despite my previous comment, I have nothing against Cynthia Addai-Robinson. I like her and wish her all the best.


By the way, both of these ladies are also too thin for the part, but based on talent either Alfre Woodard or Aisha Hinds would have been an amazing Waller.


Wow. They REALLY changed the character. Tambay, you typed several of the things I was about to type regarding the history of the character.

I LOVED the version of Waller from "Justice League Unlimited". Waller is polarizing, but she is VERY, VERY smart. I absolutely loved when she and Batman went toe to toe matching wits, and then at the end of the second to the last season of "JLU" she revealed to Terry why Bruce Wayne was so hard on him and who his father really was. That episode came out of nowhere, but it was later revealed that was to have been the series finale, but then "JLU" was renewed for another season in the 13th hour.

Congrats to this young actress, but she is far cry (visually at least) from Waller. I adore Angela Bassett, but she is also a far cry visually from Waller. Angela is an amazing actress though. Hopefully Cynthia Addai-Robinson is a good actress too.


No. This is not Amanda Waller. Amanda Waller was originally an incredibly powerful, middle-aged, dark skinned black woman. She was thin revamped to be a younger, thinner sexy dark skinned black woman.

Sorry. I'm a bit tired of TV shows only going for lighter-skinned black women. This does a disservice to all women of color who have to deal with a color hierarchy imposed by white casting directors.

Take a step back and look at how most TV shows are cast. It's hard to find a dark skinned black woman with strong African features. Other than Danai Guirara of the Walking Dead and Tika Sumpter of The Haves and Have Nots, I can't think of any younger darker skinned actresses on primetime.


No disrespect to this actress, but outside of Aisha Hinds on the cancelled Cult*, Ellen Wong and Freema Agyeman on The Carrie Diaries, EVERY ethnic woman on the CW is or looks biracial. Even the Asian dude in the jungle on Arrow somehow managed to to have a half-white daughter. This to me is far deeper than the whole (dare I even mention it) Zoe Saldana of it all because these people aren't being cast for their names, past successes, or even talent for the most part; it's just about looking a certain way and being able to spit out lines. Arrow already has a can-hardly-tell-she's-black love interest for Diggle, and a biracial best friend for Laurel. Are they afraid to switch it up or is this a network mandate? Can y'all reach out to Traci Blackwell and see what's up? I mean, she's light-skinned, but the woman went to Spelman so she should know better.

*Cult starred the talent-light, adorable, and also biracial Jessica Lucas.

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