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Dear Artists, Jenifer Lewis Has A Few Words Of Advice For You…

Dear Artists, Jenifer Lewis Has A Few Words Of Advice For You...

I was hoping someone in the theater recorded and uploaded this to the web, so that it could be shared; and thankfully, someone did just that! 

I thought it was a perfect post for the weekend – something that the many artists (actors, writers, directors, etc) who read this blog would appreciate watching and hearing. 

We all need a swift kick in the ass from time to time to shake us up, and get us moving, and this just might do it for you today, or maybe tomorrow, or next week, next month, year, etc…

Ms Jenifer Lewis preaching during the Q&A that followed the Urbanworld Film Festival opening night screening of Baggage Claim, when she was asked what advice she would give to aspiring actors, who are working to get into the business. It’s actually one of those broad, general questions that I don’t particularly like; but Ms Lewis, in a moment of severity (I’m used to seeing her be comedic) handles it:

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Could you get another copy of this video up? I just see a blank space where a video would go.

Donna Bailey-Taylor

I needed to hear that — I'm not in the entertainment businesses, but that doesn't matter. Great message no matter what your goals in life, "The elevator to success is broken, take the stairs". Love it!!!!


Love you for keeping it so real, young folks need to hear it . Love the natural hair you are truly rocking it!!


She's brilliant!


Damn I needed that this morning, while I struggle with trying to have a Recommend or Considered script to bring into the New Year. Trying to hold on to some scenes I love, but can do without. This screenwriting is kicking my ass, but I'm in it to win it. Thanks Ms. Lewis.


Loving her w/ the natural look




The elevator line is classic. I'm inspired!

Tracey Michelle

Especially the last sentence! Words to live by Diva! Words to live by! LOL

Tracey Michelle

I love her for keeping it real and unfiltered! That's exactly how it needed to be said!


Mrs. Bullock with some words of wisdom!!! Better recognize!!! Rocking the natural and looking good too!!!


I started to love Jenifer since her speech. It is really great. She told us that we can have anything we want. We are the leaders of our own lives. It is true that we always meet difficulties in our daily life, but we should never lose our faith. In my humble opinion, we should know what we really want to do exactly. Keep going on everybody, you are sure to fulfill your dreams one day, sooner or later.


Oh my goodness! I was the one who asked the question at the screening. I'm so happy someone captured her response. I wish you had captured the part where she said "I'm about to lay you out honey!" Love her!


I LOVE Jenifer Lewis! She blessed us all with her incredible wisdom.


Right. On. Time.


I need this woman in my life, right this minute!!


Great Speech! Truly Inspiring! Hopefully, it'll inspire artists to produce more lasting and substantial works than disposable, bronze fluff pieces like "Baggage Claim."


I met Ms. Lewis at UCLA a few years ago…She is the genuine article. Thank you for posting this clip. I wonder if Urban World has uploaded the whole Q & A to You Tube…


"The elevator is broken. Take the stairs." – PREACH!!


That was awesome! Love her.


Love love love J. Lewis. I will never forget her line in Girlfriends, "If that ain't the big and loud calling the big and loud, big and loud." Her deliverance of that line was priceless. She should have received an Emmy for her portrayal as Toni Childs' mother. She is definitely one of those great actresses who hasn't and doesn't get the recognition she deserves. It is great to see she doesn't let that bull… hold her back. I think this little clip did more to make me want to see this movie (not really) than any of the trailers. Unfortunately this is not my type of movie.


Preach sista preach



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