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Inspirational Woman of the Day: Diana Nyad

Inspirational Woman of the Day: Diana Nyad

There is no better way to start the fall off than with a dose of some serious inspiration.  Diana Nyad, on her fifth attempt (the first one was in 1978), accomplished a lifelong dream — to swim from Cuba to Key West.  She is 64 years old.  She swam 110 miles. She was stung by jellyfish.  She evaded sharks.  She went 55 hours in the water.

She did it.  I am in awe.

If she wanted to sell more DVDs for the terrific film about her last attempts The Other Shore she accomplished her task.  The movie is beyond inspirational.  Here are our thoughts on it which we watched after its premiere at SXSW.  But now they clearly need to change the ending.

Here’s what Nyad had to say when she touched the beach in Key West:

1- You should never ever give up;

2- You are never too old to chase your dream;

3- It looks like a solitary sport but it is a team.

This is my new mantra.

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Betty Rules

What a bizarre comment. I feel great pity for the "Shocker" commentor. Having carried multiple babies, I agree that it was miraculous, but "inspirational" means achieving something that brings breathtaking hope to others. Knowing that my own fat entitled ass isn't going anywhere near a 55-hour swim, I can still take the fact that Ms. Nyad – after traditional retirement age – never gave up trying to achieve a goal that was important to her and apply that to my own struggles. That is the definition of inspirational. Your comment is just plain mean.


Seriously???(Inspirational). A woman caring multiple babies is inspirational, a woman surviving the Holocuast and Slavery is inspirational. That entitled woman is just plain selfish and stupid.

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