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Interracial Couple In Their 70s Look To Spice Up Marriage In Angela Tucker’s Next (Fundraising)

Interracial Couple In Their 70s Look To Spice Up Marriage In Angela Tucker's Next (Fundraising)

Angela Tucker (creator of the awesome Black Folk Don’t web series previously featured on this blog, as well as producer of Yoruba Richen’s award-winning new documentary The New Black) is putting on her director hat this time around to helm a short film titled Just The Three Of Us, which center on a couple in their 70s who decide to spice up their marriage by putting an ad in Casual Encounters for a threesome. 

But it’s not all jokes, as you might immediately think based on that description, because, as Angela says, the film is both funny and sad. 

She’s already shored-up her starring trio, which should impress: Tony and Emmy Award winner Leslie Uggams, Bill Raymond and Tony Award winner, Roger Robinson.

To help fund the project, Tucker launched a Kickstarter campaign just under a month ago, to raise $8,000, and with just 4 days to go in the campaign, she needs an additional $1500 to reach her goal (she’s raised $6500 thus far). 

I fully expect that there are enough of us who appreciate the work Angela has done in the past and continues to do, that coming up with an additional $1500 in the next 4 days shouldn’t be a problem. These are the kinds of crowdfunding campaigns that really could use our help folks, not those *other* ones. Ahem! 

So chip in, if you can. I will!

Angela says that the film is part of the larger IFP Emerging Storytellers feature project, and she plans to submit the short to festivals in 2014.

If you’d like to contribute to the project, follow this link:

Watch her video pitch below for more background:

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In my not so humble opinion this was an excellent fundraising pitch… and let me tell you why.

First, Ms. Tucker has the essential elements that I believe the vast majority can wrap their arms around. Like, aside from her proven track record, she's well-spoken, assured and has a demeanor and appearance I believe most can relate to. In reference to her "appearance", she has that girl next door look. You know, she wasn't trying to dress to impress (we generally don't do that while we're sitting outside on our stoops) and she wasn't wearing, as Sergio calls it, 3000 dollar yak hair. Nope, she just let natural locks blow in the wind as she sipped her coffee (not the finest wine nor cognac) while suggesting she had ashy knees. Now that's the girl next door that I've grown accustom to seeing. So she had me through the door… and I can safely assume other's felt the same way.

In reference to her "pitch", again, she was articulate, unassuming, humble and modest. She wasn't asking for a lot of money (that's a turnoff for many) but she said some folks, sometimes, not all the time, gotta be paid. Now who can disagree with that?

re: The Story. Sex sells, so the door is open, even if the protagonists are in their 70's who are looking for love in all the wrong places. Check that, is love and sex ever wrong? Well, heck, that's the lure of this story isn't it, is sex ever a bad thang? Everyone does it and we're all (god willing) gonna grow old. But sex aside, Ms. Tucker, with her bad self, threw another tasty morsel into the mix that's sure to raise a few eyebrows… the threesome seeking geriatric couple are of different colors, and one is "taking care" of the other.

For sure, as Angela says, the film has all the makings to be both funny and sad. So go ahead Angela, with yo bad self, you presented a great package; your pitch, you film and you.

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