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Isaiah Washington Plays Father Sympathetic To Son’s Identity Struggle In Patrick-Ian Polk Drama

Isaiah Washington Plays Father Sympathetic To Son's Identity Struggle In Patrick-Ian Polk Drama

In February, we highlighted the casting call for the 5th feature film from Patrik-Ian Polk, the acclaimed filmmaker (nominated for 2 Independent Spirit Awards & 3 Image Awards, winner of a GLAAD Award for Best Film) of LGBT-themed indie films like Noah’s ArcPunks, and most recently, The Skinny, and creator of the Noah’s Arc series for the Logo network.

Titled Blackbird (the second feature film by a black filmmaker, with that titled, announced this year; Gina Prince-Bythewood is directing the other), centers on a talented teenage singer who’s struggling with religion, sexuality, a troubled home life and other high school woes in a small Southern Baptist town – a journey that ultimately leads to him learning to accept and love who he is.

The film was shot earlier this year, with Isaiah Washington playing the teen’s estranged father, who’s sympathetic to his son’s plight, and assists in his coming of age.

While not ETA on when the film will make its debut, I’d expect a 2014 film festival premiere.

It’s been a turnaround year for Mr Washington, which started with a boom at the Sundance Film Festival premiere of the lauded Blue Caprice. His dynamic performance in The Undershepherd followed in the spring. Coming up, catch him in John Sayles’ drama/thriller, Go For Sisters, the CW’s post-apocalyptic series The 100, behind the camera as producer for the documentary African vs African American: Silent Sibling Rivalry, executive producing the web series REDEMPTION, For Colored Boys, and more.

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Bernie Jbaines

Loving Isaiah Washington back on ABC’s “The View” today to promote Blue Caprice Film. Washington spoke candidly about how his POV could have benefitted from having an irony of all irony's an Olivia Pope style PR assist to handle the 2007 scandalous style Grey's Anatomy backlash. He is one of America's best Male African American lead actors and hopefully ABC has had truth in retrospect and he will be welcomed back to the network. Sandra Oh will be departing her role as one of the original, beloved Grey’s Anatomy cast members, Dr. Cristina Yang after this 2013-14 Season 10. A serious audience commanding Shonda Rhimes script event would harken an exit ala ER's ratings whopper where Juliana Margulies-Nurse Carol Hathaway Character received the most loyal audience approved, history making, beloved character exit. NBC sealed the ER franchise audience investment deal. The Nurse Hathaway character’s romance leapt right off the tv screen and into the viewer’s hearts. NBC ratings and TV history coo was simple and sweet with her original cast mate George Clooney’s cameo reprisal of his Dr. Doug Ross’s role. It was a television waltz of that saluted their fan base. They waltzed right off of the ER Franchise storyline and right smack into their loyal ER viewer’s emotional sunsets. ABC could secure unprecedented Season 10 DVD and Grey’s syndication fan base gold. How you ask? Let ABC and “Shondaland” consider the most unexpected singular re-casting of Isaiah Washington, in the groundbreaking role, of Dr. Preston Burke.
As the characters were introduced to us on Grey’s Anatomy and imprinted into audience psyche none of her romantic counterparts have been the Character Yang’s equal. It would also show that this actor Washington’s human journey, his professed human frailty, his professed contrition about his participation has had far reaching impact, personal and professional consequences more complex than headlines that glared at us back in 2007. What the 2007 incident ignited was a national dialogue about personal- professional accountability, respect, and regard for all. It was by report an unfortunate workplace event that catapulted Grey’s Anatomy cast and storylines into a crisis mitigation reality. At the same time of all this he said she said, Disney/ABC was thrust into beginning a much needed dialogue of tolerance. By today’s interview Washington concedes to a situational machismo response that was life altering. As for Washington today he was humble, he was measured, he was sincere. He was clear about his participation in the public outcry. What the Entertainment Industry painfully learned from the 2007 incident was compassion. The Grey’s Anatomy incident prompted a level of unprecedented human awareness about the terminology and the weight associated with words that might be bandied about and the consequences for some for those words. Our Nation is evolving, our Audiences are evolving. And hopefully the artists will not continue to be defined by events. Hopefully today’s appearance on ABC “The View” is a sign of compassion, of real human forgiveness. As for The film he was promoting today Blue Caprice we in the Midwest cannot wait to see the anatomy of this tale. As for Grey’s we all know that there is a story, then there is the story.


I'm super excited to hear this. I'm definitely a fan. Isaiah is extremely talented!


Isaiah is very talented…

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