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Matt Bomer To Play Silver Screen Legend Montgomery Clift In Upcoming Biopic

Matt Bomer To Play Silver Screen Legend Montgomery Clift In Upcoming Biopic

There have been few faces in cinematic history as expressive and moving as that of Montgomery Clift. His filmography might be all too brief, but he didn’t waste a moment, delivering iconic turns in movies like “From Here To Eternity,” “Judgment At Nuremberg,” “The Search,” “Terminal Station” and more. And now his own life is getting the big screen treatment.

White Collar” star Matt Bomer has been tapped to play Clift in an upcoming biopic. Christopher Lovick has penned the script, that will be directed by Larry Moss, and will tell the story of the actor, who quickly rose to become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. But he never recovered after a serious car accident during the filming of “Raintree County,” one that left him with scars on his matinee idol face, and chronic pain, which he chased with alcohol and pills. And his growing dependency on drugs is believed to have led to the heart attack that killed him at the all too early age of 45. But even in his short time, making just 18 features, he earned 4 Academy Award nominations.

There are no exact details on the breadth of the story though IMDB notes, the film will focus on the making of “A Place In The Sun,” and in particular on his relationship with Elizabeth Taylor whom he grew close. They would make two more movies together — “Raintree County” and “Suddenly, Last Summer” — and she is said to have dislodged a tooth from Clift’s tongue, coming up on the wreck following his accident, to prevent him from choking on it.

The project is being shopped around, but if all goes well, it’ll roll in front of cameras next year. [Deadline]

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Montgomery Clift was one of the greatest screen actors the world has ever seen. You'll never catch him making a single effort to act!


I hope the film does NOT ignore Montgomery Cliff's homosexuality, this was a central part of his pain his secret. Elizabeth Taylor said Cliff struggled with his sexuality. The biopic MUST explore Cliff being gay it is a central part of his story. I am happy for Matt Bomer this could be his breakthrough role. It is also nice a gay man being the lead in a biopic about another gay man.


Clift had an absolutely fascinating (ly awful) life. Patricia Bosworth wrote a terrific biography which I highly recommend.

Agree Bomer looks the part but if only this had been done in the 80s with Mark Harmon. He was the spit of Clift when he was younger.


Clift was great–my favorite actor from that era. It will be interesting to see who plays Elizabeth Taylor. And yes, I've admired Bomer's openness about being gay and I'm glad he is getting the chance for this.


finally gay man gets to play gay man in a movie. also, I haven's seen much from Bomer but I'm glad he's getting a role in a movie. he has the look of a leading man. and he's especially well cast for this. and Clift deserves biopic treatment. I just hope it's good, because it can be, considering Clift's life.


Elizabeth Taylor was not in the car with him when he had the accident. It happened as he was leaving her house. She found him after the wreck, crawled in the wreck, got the teeth out of his throat, saving his life, and then told the photographers who had by now assembled that if they took a single photo of Monty's disfigured face, she'd see to it that they never worked again. And not a single photo was taken. Quite a dame:)


This is the second use of the word icon or iconic in two IW readings. Why are people constantly throwing this word around. I like Clift but how was he "iconic"? The same with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss being called an "icon." I like how as an actress but as her performances really been iconic?

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