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New Pics From Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ & ‘Out Of The Furnace’ As They Head To Rome Film Festival

New Pics From Spike Jonze's 'Her' & 'Out Of The Furnace' As They Head To Rome Film Festival

With Venice, Telluride and Toronto out of the way, you might think the fall festival season is over and done with but there is still plenty more to come. The New York Film Festival is now underway, London is around the corner and shortly after is Rome. Today they’ve added a few more movies to their lineup.

Spike Jonze‘s “Her” and Scott Cooper‘s “Out Of The Furnace” are among the titles slated to go Italy with organizers also adding “Dallas Buyers Club” and Isabel Coixet‘s “Another Me.” And with the announcement comes new photos as well, with some fresh snaps from the Joaquin Phoenix-starring romance between the actor and an operating system and the gritty drama with Christian Bale and Casey Affleck as rust belt brothers in trouble.

No need to worry if you’re not in Rome, though. “Her” opens on December 18th and ‘Furnace’ heats up on December 6th.

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Amir al-Mufrad

Casey’s Arabic tattoo actually says Surat al-Fajr (سورة الفجر). Surah (سورة), meaning a chapter in the Qur’an, and al-Fajr (الفجر), meaning "dawn" or "daybreak".

I do not believe this to be a mistake, the surah itself is about condemnation of the disbelievers (of the time prior to the emergence of Islam). It can be interpreted in many ways in the sense that it is a tattoo on the body of an American soldier.


In an intervieuw casey says that the arabic tattoo is the name of a city in Irak. And that most of the soldiers tattoo the name of the city they use to kill (fight) in. Well i am sorry but that is not the meaning of the tattoo. It is the name of a chapter in the holy koran (surat alfajr). The makers of the film should do their homework before making such mistakes.


They put it to indicate that he converted to Islam while he was in Iraq. I believe that is the case with most of the American soldiers.


Picking up a name of one of the Quran chapters and put it this way is just terrible. I mean these words doesn't represent this movie in any way. The translation of the word is "the dawn", why would you put it beside "US Army"?! I can't tell if it was intended, but if they put a little bit effort, they could have come with something relevant and less "blood boiling".


Is it just me, or is Casey Affleck's Arabic "tattoo" smudging off?

Mostafa Kpoda

Guys I’m Arab from Egypt and I am Muslim, the tattoo is a chapter in the Qur’an and in this movie I think they meant that he “the character” converted to Islam because the Chapter at the end of it speaks of leaving sin and going back to God

however there is a small city in Iraq called al-Fajr but that’s irrelevant because they clearly meant the chapter in the Qur’an

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