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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Opens Strong For FOX – Its Highest-Rated Fall Drama Premiere In 6 Years

'Sleepy Hollow' Opens Strong For FOX - Its Highest-Rated Fall Drama Premiere In 6 Years

I’m still waiting for the official press release from FOX, but, courtesy of Nielsen ratings, I can tell you that the network took home the adults 18-49 crown last night (Monday) with the return of Bones (7.526 million viewers), followed by the much-anticipated debut of Sleepy Hollow, the Nicole Beharie/Orlando Jones suspense-drama, which drew an astounding 10.046 million viewers, and a 3.4 rating, making it the #1 primetime drama last night in the adults 18-49 demo, as well as FOX’s highest rated fall drama premiere in 6 years, and on any broadcast network in one year, knocking off NBC’s Revolution from that slot.

I’d caution however that, while these are certainly numbers to be excited about, premieres of TV shows tend to rate fairly highly, if only because that’s often when most tune in for the first time, and then decide if they like what they see, and whether they’ll return. So, the 10 million viewers figure, and 3.4 rating could certainly drop in coming weeks; or, they could go even higher, if the series retains much of its debut audience, and is able to attract new viewers, based on strong word of mouth.

So let’s see how the series rides in the next few weeks. 

Read my thoughts on episode 1, and share yours HERE.

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So a lot of people did what I did and turned off Dancing with the stars at 9. I'm kidding. Seriously it was a fantastic show.


I had to suspend disbelief at one point (insert automatic weapons usage by said villain recently resurrected) but overall I'm into the show and look forward to more.


Great fun!

Phred G

LOVE IT! ALL of the acting was great imho. Those between-scene musical riffs had me going on a "where-have-I-heard-that-BEFORE???" tangent until…wfi…wfi…FRINGE! I even found the stereotypical roles (The OldMasterFullOfWisdomPerson, The YoungWideEyedEnthusiasticButOftenMisunderstoodPerson, The NoNonsenseTolerateNOBull****Person-In-Charge, etc) because the ACTING was so good. This'll be wunna my dvr-and-watch-15mins-later-to-FFWD-past-the-ads shows. Nicoles can say more with a LOOK than a page of scripting (a la Dame Maggie Smith).


I enjoyed it. It was a little over the top, but the acting was spot on and the leads were great.

When he said that slavery offended him and she responded 'Oh, *you* were offended' in a pitch perfect ironic, semi-snarky way — I was on board.


I thought the show was great! I'm always a little skeptical when movies/tv try to do stories with characters from the past entering the present time. The explanation for how they entered the present time is always a little bumpy. But I think they did fairly well with that, playing Ichabod off as "insane" for now. I liked both Nicole and Orlando's characters. I was a little disappointed with John Cho's character (don't want to spoil it for anyone), but I like it when shows take risks like that, if you know what I mean. Overall, thumbs up. It does remind me a little of Grimm (which I love), but I'm ok with that, as I think NBC needs all the help it can get with programming lol. Oh, finally, I didn't realize that Len Wiseman was involved with this. So perhaps that's why I liked this so much!

D.C. Kirkwood

I enjoyed the premiere from start to finish. The acting was great on everybodies part. Nicole Beharie is a short woman but has a very large screen presence. The line where Inchabod asked her "So you've been emancipated"? The look and response she gave him was wonderful. Ill definitely continue to watch.


I really enjoyed the show!


The show was GREAT!!!! Great backstory. Great acting! Great cast!!! Ichabod is believable and funny in the midst of murder. Grow it and keep consistent. Pay attention to detail though that's was the quickest sunrise I've ever seen in a movie or out of one?

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