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Sony Pictures Classics Move ‘Foxcatcher’ To 2014; Watch The Chilling Teaser Trailer

Sony Pictures Classics Move 'Foxcatcher' To 2014; Watch The Chilling Teaser Trailer

To all the prognosticators who have already sat back and considered the awards season over, time to wake up. Bennett Miller, who has gone two-for-two with Best Pictures nominations for “Capote” and “Moneyball,” returns with “Foxcatcher” and goddamn if he doesn’t look like he’s back in top form.

Perhaps the most remarkable achievement is transforming Michael Scott aka Steve Carell, into the truly chilling lead character John du Pont, a multimillionaire, paranoid schizophrenic and as he describes himself in this teaser trailer, a “patriot.” This remarkable true story follows du Pont, who builds a wrestling training facility on his 800-acre property, but whose relationship with longtime friend  and Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler David Schultz (Mark Ruffalo, looking positively Hulk like) takes a sinister turn.

Yep, we’re sold. Co-starring Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller and more, “Foxcatcher” opens on December 20th. 

Update: Wow, this is a shocking revelation given the fact the teaser arrived today. In a statement, Sony Pictures Classics announced today that the release of FOXCATCHER is being moved into 2014. “SPC supports the decision of the filmmakers to allow for more time to finish the film.” What does this mean for its would-be AFI premiere in November? That it’s probably not happening would be our guess. No exact dates have been revealed. Will SPC hold it for another full year for the 2014 Oscar race? Right now, your guess is as good as ours.

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So does this mean we can sit back once again and and consider the awards season over?


Chilling? With Carrell's ridiculous prosthetic nose and faux-Kennedy accent this is more laughable than chilling.


Between this news and Wolf of Wall Street also getting pushed back to 2014, I am officially BUMMED :(


TRAILER description

a helicopter lands outside a huge white house

carell –

do you have any idea who i am
why i asked you to come here today

tatum – No

carell –

i want to speak with you about your future
whay do you wnat to achieve Mark

tatum – i wanna be the the best in the world

carell –
i am a patriot
i want to see this country soar again

carell –

a coach is a father
a coach is a mentor
a coach has great power on an athletes life

cue quick shots of..

carell slaps tatum across the face

mark ruffalo takes aim with a hunting rifle with a scope

tatum hugs ruffalo
carell stares from the crowd
same kinda stare josh hartnett gave when sheen hugs pfeiffer in 'O'

shooting range
5 people
3 cops in grey uniforms
then steve carell in gymn clothes shooting a revolver
then another cop in grey

narration again

carell – we're gonna do great things Mark

tatum – I'll give you everything i have

steve carell walks into the gymn
where people (maybe includine tatum) are seated
and he has the same revolver in his hand




Sorry folks, Sony is pulling the trailer, apparently it went out a bit early. When it's back, we'll have it for you.

Tyler B

I can't see Steve Carrell not get major recognition for this one. I realize it's Leo's time and all…. but damn, he has some tough competition come awards season.



video has been removed


Can't wait to see this. I'm surprised he hasn't popped up at any of the fall festivals. Maybe it will have a surprise screening at the NYFF.


This looks amazing, can't wait. I wonder if it will be too dark for academy voters though, seems like they always drift towards uplifting biopics or if they do go dark it's some kind of zeitgesty tragedy thing. This looks dark as hell and could (I hope) maybe have a very weird streak too. High hopes no matter what


Wow, looks good. Definately checking this out.


This one looks really good. I like Steve Carrell playing against type with this and The Way Way Back. I wonder if this might get him nominated for some awards.

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