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Sony Releases 9 Minutes Of ‘After Earth’ Ahead Of October Home Video Release

Sony Releases 9 Minutes Of 'After Earth' Ahead Of October Home Video Release

A $60 million total domestic box office take for a Hollywood studio summer movie starring Will Smith is unfortunately considered a failure – especially when the movie’s budget is $130 million.

Thank goodness for international box office, because, the movie grossed over $183 million overseas, for a total worldwide box office take of $243 million.

Although, again, considering that it’s a special-effects-heavy Will Smith summer movie, co-starring his son, Jaden Smith, $243 million is still considered an overall let-down, believe it or not. I don’t make the rules here…

Will Smith is an international superstar who’s seemingly *transcended* race, with appeal to almost every circle, so expectations tend to be high with every outing. For example, Hancock grossed over $624 million worldwide; I am Legend, over $585 million; even The Pursuit of Happyness, which wasn’t your typical CGI-heavy summer tentpole movie, managed over $307 million globally.

So, in comparison, $243 million worldwide is considered something of a disappointment. Although this was much more his son, Jaden’s movie, than Will’s. But the Will Smith name tends to be money-in-the-bank.

All that to say, with those figures, I can only assume that a lot of you didn’t see After Earth when it was in theaters, meaning you were maybe waiting instead to see it as a rental (or purchase) on DVD/Blu-ray or VOD, right? 

If so, you should know that Sony will release the movie on home video, on October 8, 2013

Ahead of that date, the studio has released a full 9 minutes of the film online, to entice you to want to pick up a copy and check it out – especially if you skipped it in theaters.

Watch the footage (a sequence from early in the film) below. You can preorder the film on DVD and Blu-ray on

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Stop it, you know why white folks didn't rush to see this movie, don't you? Well, for one, Will Smith wasn't skinnin' and grinnin' for white folks in this one. Nor was he the second banana to a white savior. Come on now, everybody knows white folks are in no hurry to see a strong HNIC leading them into the future. They were fine with Will and Jaden when they were sleeping in a bathroom… as his black wife abandoned them. Oh happy day, the good ol' white guys saved them from the outhouse by giving Will a job. But RUN FOR YOUR LIVES… there's no butlers or maids or hoes or dirty black cops in this After Earth.

Please, there's no secret why this film didn't do well in the United States. Check that, it's a secret only to those who rely on all the propositional fallacies of why this film "failed" in the US, as a means to soothe their souls and support the notion of a post-racial America.


Great movie! There was a uniform effort by lying movie critics in America to rate this movie badly. I'm glad the rest of the world is not as stupid as the American public. Hopefully we will see a sequel. Go Jaden! Go Will! Great message!


If the marketing team had used this video rather than the trailers earlier this year, things may have turned out differently. Still, the secondary viewing numbers for both of the Smiths tend to be strong so they may make up the difference from $243 million to break even or profit.


I have to admit, I assumed that a sic-fi movie with Will Smith would do huge business despite his clearly questionable acting/accent in the trailer. I'd be curious to know how many other people were turned off from going to the theater because of Smith's overt nepotism in the pushing of his kids onto the moviegoing public. It's one thing if Jaden auditioned and was determined to be the best; it's another thing when his father uses his power to install him as the next great movie star. That determination needs to be made by the audience, not Smith.


I hope somewhere in those nine minutes it`s explain why…..

In this technologically advanced future, their only weaponry is a large Swiss army knife and no guns. Apparently the greatest threat to human survival, is basically a blind mole rat with sharp teeth and claws, and the ONLY way to defeat it is hand to hand combat.

Why someone involved in the films production didn't look up the word, Evolution, and what it actually means.

Why did General Cyper pack his son off for his three day mission, with everything he needed to survive……except food and water?

Who`s idea was it to invent an emergency beacon that is susceptible to damage during an emergency landing??

1000 years from now we can look forward to paper and plastic spacecrafts….who knew.

Just before the crash it was established to General Cypher, that the ship is falling apart, low cabin pressure and they must land on this forbidden planet, he then gives the order to do so. THIS is the time to send out an emergency mayday message guys!!……..oh wait, they did.

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