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Subversive “Escape From Tomorrow” Opens Oct. 11th

Subversive "Escape From Tomorrow" Opens Oct. 11th

Randy Moore’s live action psycho-dramatic feature Escape From Tomorrow, best known for its being secretly shot on location at Disney World in Orlando, will open in New York (at the IFC Center) and in Los Angeles (Downtown Independent and the Sundance Cinemas in Hollywood) on October 11th. 

The film, currently being showcased at festivals, Telluride this past weekend and this week in Toronto (at TIFF), will also be available for Video on Demand (VOD) on October 11th as well. The poster was released today (above) – the trailer is below:

Escape From Tomorrow is a black-and-white low budget independent film that follows a family man who, while on vacation at Disney World, learns he has lost his job. He begins a mental breakdown and mid-life crisis while at the “happiest place on Earth” with sci-fi and sexual fantasies beyond the attractions right before his eyes. 

What the Disney company will say or do about this film – or future filmmakers who wish to use Disney lands without permission – remains to be seen. But its far from the first “subversive Disney film” (a new genre, perhaps?) that uses iconic Disney properties as their subject.

Below, an excerpt from Kenneth Anger’s Mouse Heaven (2004) – which might make a good short to play with Escape From Tomorrow

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Marvin Marschen

The unfortunate thing about this film is that it might have been better had it had a writer/director with a better grasp of the concept rather than one who tried to take a shortcut by taking advantage of a surefire attention-getter — using Disney material to get attention instead of making a good film. It could have taken place in another resort or amusement complex (with creepy clowns or something) and made a strong statement about tragedy at middle age, or conspiracy theories, or supernatural powers, etc. This writer/director couldn't settle on any focus or vision, so he used Disney (and his illegal use of its parks) rather than the film itself to sell it.

Disney setting aside, I feel bad for the two lead actors, who are surprisingly credible given their material (though they might have sprung for a back waxing for the male lead). Sadly, the director is trying to be David Lynch, Roman Polanski or Alfred Hitchcock (there's a jump cut scene right borrowed directly from "The Birds").

He is none of these artists, any more than Miley Cyrus is Madonna or Britney Spears. Ironically, Miley trading on her Disney exposure, training and marketing with the same callous abandon as the writer/director of this film.

This film isn't good, yet it's not bad enough to be a cult movie.

Since he used Disney images (as well as bastardizing the work of great filmmakers) without permission to make his magnum opus, you might want to consider finding the film to stream for free to make it an even swap.

Giovanni Jones

Now, what was the word that Frederick Fron-ken-steen used to describe his grandfather's work?


Guess the big mouse has little to do with so many family movies being shot on their premises.

And looking at the positive side of things, this would be the most entertaining movie ever shot at DW afters the tons of crap produced by the Disney Channel.


So if this is "far from the first" subversive Disney film, what are the others?

I'm intrigued, and hope I have chance to see this in the backwoods of British Columbia…

Steve Segal

And I got laid off from my job after working on a project at Disney World.
The poster on IMDb is a bit less disturbing (though much busier) and the user rating of 7.2 is quite high.


Funny, I was at Disney this summer with my family when my husband was laid off from his job. Definitely want to check out this movie…

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