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‘The Mortal Instruments’ Sequel ‘City of Ashes’ Scatters As Production Is Shut Down Indefinitely

‘The Mortal Instruments’ Sequel ‘City of Ashes’ Scatters As Production Is Shut Down Indefinitely

However financially motivated their aims were, you can’t pin Constantin Film, the producers of $60 million YA adaptation “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” as wholly not optimistic. They envisioned a release so stellar that audiences would immediately clamor for a sequel, and so to hurry along the process they put into pre-production a sequel, “City of Ashes.” Well, after a wave of poor reviews and a weak opening, the lights may have started to dim as the company have decided to potentially call the whole thing off.

The Wrap has learned from the company that production on “City of Ashes,” which was due to begin next week, has instead been shut down indefinitely, leaving director Harold Zwart and his returning cast of Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers to wait it out. According to Constantin, the standstill was called because “it will be beneficial to have more time to reposition the film in the current marketplace.” A marketplace, as they’ve seen, that will need a lot of coercion to show up for a second adaptation from author Cassandra Clare’s series.

As you have likely already forgotten, “City Of Bones” followed a Brooklyn teenager (Collins) as she joined a clan of “shadow hunters” led by Bower and fought evil in order to retrieve her kidnapped mother. It also co-starred Jared Harris and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and while the film’s executive producer Martin Moszkowicz described the books’ “incredibly loyal and ardent fan base” when touching on the sequel’s hiatus, we’ll see how much loyalty comes into play as Constantin weighs its dimming chances of success. 

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I have already written a comment on my opinion of the sequel possibly not being made. But I also wanted to state that all of the ppl who say Jamie who plays Jace is ugly can kiss my ass cuz he is beautiful and you’re probably just fat and/or ugly yourself, so who are you to talk. I’d hate on a gorgeous guy like that too if I thought I had to wear a bag on my head just to leave the house too. Quit hating on him and work on yourself, cuz there are fans of his like me that will get pissed seeing you talk shit about him like this.


I loved the movie Mortal Instruments City of Bones. Its literally my favorite movie now. Not filming City of Ashes would be really stupid for all the money that would be made from all the true fans out there. I’ve been waiting for the sequel to come out and was severely disappointed to hear that in might not be made at all. This sequel would be much more appreciated rather than the ones coming out recently like the maze runner 2, which in my opinion really doesn’t hold that interesting of a story line. It would be severely disheartening if City of Ashes isn’t continued by someone!


I loved the film . It was totally awesome!!! They should definitely make the city of ashes. They should stick to the book more, I was confused about the ending of the city of bones. Altogether I really enjoyed it.


I agree with HibaHameed the cast in the film was excellent and the series of books are my fave in my collection. But the producers need to stick to the book story line. It would make this series epic. I really hope they make the rest of the series into films.


The cast was on point! Except for Jamie he was completey wrong for the movie in general. You need to find a appealing actor to fit with the already appealing actress (Collins), no offense to him. The movie was good but not good enough to live up to the book so much was left out, and so much could have been better than what it was. The movie had good potential. If a second one is made which I hope it is then maybe they can learn from what people are saying and change the next one.


The series of books are awsome, so creative, the film didnt portray that creativity and this has disapointed many. compared to the book the film was a major set back for the producers. When the film was released to the cinemas a lot of people flocked to see it including me and my friend who said it was awesome but she hadn’t read the book… I had read the whole collection and I could see loads of major differences and they did make me feel a tiny bit disappointed. But you no what it was still a great film… I don’t care how the first one played out, basically BRING ON THE SEQUAL! btw Jamie is beautiful and he really does suit the role. don’t slag him off! :(

David I. Rhodes

This is a shame, just saw City of Bones. Outstanding, I was looking forward to the rest of the series. Is it possible to do them on DVD as a Package set. I want the complete set. New Fan!!!

Gillian Jeffery

I would like to say WELDONE on City of Bones. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the books and could not wait to see how the film matched up,i was not disappointed at all. I also read all of Twilight series and Vampire Academy the latter being dreadful sadly. I feel city of bones was different and exciting from the offset. Thankyou to all.

chrystle smith

I know people can be very critical about the movie, but I thought it was great! I loved all the actors in it and I think the story is awesome. I really hope that they don’t forget about it and make the rest of the series to film! I think a lot of fans will be missed if they don’t.


I loved the movie I hope they continue it. I do think Jamie is the best for Jace.


The movie was great in my opnion. The actors were all hot and fit in my opnion. I want to see a two personally. The Movie got me into the books and now I’m hooked and really want to see a two.


I love the series. My favourites ever. The Mortal Instruments are NOTHING like Twilight. By the Angel…. I think Jamie played Jace perfectly. Like actually NOTHING wrong. :D He’s pretty hot as Jace ;) The movie was really different to the book ofc, but it was alright. Not too shabby. I’m looking for a sequel if there will ever be one. I’m always shoving the book and movie into my friends’ faces. ahaha.


I don’t want a castreplacement. I absolutely love the movie ad the books are to melt for! They are my favorites and i’m looking forward to City Of Ashes. I found out this morning that they want to replace the actors and more. Pleasepleaseplease don’t do that!! Sure, I understand the problem but all the actors did a great job especially Jonathan Rhys Meyer and Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower! My only dissapointment was Robert Sheean. But still it was perfect and I loved all of it. Don’t ruin our teenagedreams about this…


I thought the movie was great. I really hope they make City of Ashes. The actors in this movie played the roles perfect.


And they didn't pick the right cast for the characters.


They just rushed too much into the first film and didn't capture the book like they should have.


I think Brian white would make an better villain than Jonathan Meyer plus he is taller and more good looking why not give my culture an chance I am sick of producers trying to make little men like Meyers more than what he is he is small and not muscular. An out of place out of country no speak English bumpkin but producers still hire him u could make more money hire an sexy Afro American u will not be sorry


Due to the race statement made by Jonathan Meyers I have no interests in the movie if he think s this is all about his drug and drink addiction he is wrong he will never be forgiven in my point of view because he real meant it I saw him in the mini production of king Henry and liked it but doing some research on his life I ran upon an article about him being a racist it put an bad taste in my mouth I never liked him since his character he portrays is as nasty and dirty as he in real life I hope they both burn in hell


There where many problems with this movie. Its not just how far of minor and major details were of because I understand that happens with adaptations. Its the cast, the movie effects, the advertising, the god awful script that made the movie more of a plain whiny teen drama.

The cast is not the biggest thing but instead of spending money on known actresses like Lily Collins that do not look like the character and she is honestly pretty mediocre at acting, scout and get a lesser known actress who has potential and fits the role, we always love to see a new face.
Cassandra Clare wrote a beautiful story with a smart plot, funny lines and lovable characters. Jace in the movie was barely funny not to mention the fact that the actor looks like a meth addict, he so skinny and looks kinda trashy. Alex Pettyfer was the obvs choice.
Magnus Bane is supposed to be a fabulous, sassy gay guy, the Magnus in the movie was used as someone to explain things dryly, he had zero personality and could not act.
I loved the actor for Valentine but his hair should have been a blonde that was almost white.
Also changing the plot so that the whole climax was at the institute was a bad move and also taking away characters like Raphael.
This series is a goldmine that could gross just as much as Harry Potter or even Twilight. And although Twilight sucked, they at least knew how to pick a cast and advertise a movie.
My advice to the producers would be to make a sequel but change the cast and stick to Cassandra Clares vision you cant go wrong, advertise, you have to get the 12 year old girls excited! They are the gold mine, because of the Twilight. one direction and other mindless attractions make so much money! And if you do the Infernal devices, please dont screw it up like you did with CoB, no one could sit through that.
TMI could be a classic, like star wars or harry potter, the books certainly are, you just have to listen to the fans and Clare and not hollywood it to crap.


If you have read the books before watching the movie, the movie is atrocious. It's a complete slander to the Mortal Instruments fandom. Honest to god, if the studio would've forked over the cash to pay Alex Pettyfer to be Jace, the movie would've been a far bigger success. HE is who nearly everyone pictured, Pettyfer's personality even screams Jace. He's cocky, sullen, and full of it. By doing a Google Image search of "Jace Wayland" before that B-Movie hit theaters, nearly every image was that of Alex Pettyfer. The studio really missed their chance at making something great, but butchering it and trying to fit it in the budget. Now it'll be too late, all of us TRUE TMI fans will never get to see our vision on the screen.


You guy can make it better by actually following the book this time stop catering to the people who have read the book and cater to the fan who have. Dont make the love scenes so cheesy and replace some of the characters the guy who plays alec looks old like he is in his forties, the girl who plays Isabelle doesn't match how the character in the book looks and the same goes for the guy who plays jace and if you keep jamie put some meet on his bones he looks sucked in!!!!!!!


I an eagerly awaiting the next movie installment of the Mortal Instruments City of Ashes. I am in the 50+ audience and really enjoyed reading the books. The movie was good, I've watched it three times and would have preferred that the movie stay a little closer to the book, was really anxious to see the flying vampire motorcycle and Simon turning into a rat. It would be nice to see Jace a little plumper. Feed him a cheeseburger or something so hi ribs don't show. One of my favorite scenes in the moving was when Jace took Clary to the conservatory and gave her the witchstone as a birthday present. Loved the sparkle of the flowers opening and the first kiss. So romantic.

Theresa or Tessa

Well I’m a very big fan of the Mortal Instruments book series and I sort of no I’m sorry to say this but I have to well because you see people think that what they do and how they want to get there is the right way but there is many different ways that I could of filmed and scenes they could of used to make the movie make sense and not merge with the second book it’s just common sense so you see maybe then it would of made more money and possibly more than you even expected


I personally love the books and the movie was good too. Though they could've followed the book more than they did. It would've made the movie a lot better. I think that jace was way to serious in the movie. They took a lot of his humor and sarcasm out of his character. And what really bothers me is that his eyes in the movie were blue and not gold, though it was minor. Valentine could have had the white hair like he does in the book. And at the end they totally changed it. Valentine ends up with cup not clary. And the motorcycle was suppose to fly. And they never truly introduced Raphael's character like in the books just the vampires in the hotel. Honesy I liked the movie, and I do hope they make the sequel, but next time they shouldn't stray so far from the book.


Loved the movie and went out to get the books. We need a sequel.


Absolutely loved the movie, thought it was fantastic! Great cast, brilliant special effects! This movie got me into the books now! Please do another, don't disappoint, I'll be telling all my friends about this! Keep it up! Have faith in you!!


Loved it! Thought the cast was great, don't change the characters! (That would be tragic) The special effects were amazing, and the scenes were well done. Thought the movie was amazing, it would be a shame not to do a sequel! Please do x


Don't give up! The Mortal Instruments series has too many fans to not continue the movies! I thought all of the cast connected well and yes it didn't go exactly as the book but what movie on Earth follows every detail of a book. I really do wish they will continue on with the next movie. I read the entire series in one week exactly. Don't leave the fans!!!


why would they not make another movie? the first one was great and they need to make the second one. but i think they need to make it more like the book this time


Jace was just so incorrectly cast. I can't see what they were thinking.

Jynx Cree

Ok, the movie was like a completely different story from the book for me, I watched the movie first n thought it was good, but I don't like how they did it at all. Clary isn't supposed to be able to just stick her hand in a picture, she is supposed to be able to write in runes and make crazy none existent runes a reality. How does it not bother anyone else that the main character's power was completely changed?!? I personally love the actors picked so no problem for me there, but they couldn't give Valentine a wig? With all the money they spent on this thing, they really couldn't go to like a costume store n get a white wig for like 10$. Its cool that Jace had the bike near the end but why couldn't they tell the story behind it, like the fact that it can fly, which if I remember right is a huge thing in the next book. They kinda dropped the ball on the story for me. The actors were great, but they totally butchered the story for me.


I just watched the move and loved it. I have not read the books yet but know I want to. Cant wait for the second movie.


Ok…I was so excited for this movie to come out and I was a tad bit let down. I think I was mostly disappointed with Jace. Who was the casting director and had they read the book? In the book, Jace is supposed to be like this angelic looking guy with this nice body right? Well I'm not g etting it, and I was having a hard time looking at this guy in the movie. He was really thin and almost sickly looking. There was a part when he had his shirt off and I could clearly see his bones sticking out. This didn't bother anyone else? If they choose to recast him could he possibly bulk up a tad bit…for example…the guy from Divergent he wasn't huge, but he had a nice build. The movie Jace just doesn't go with what I thought. I don't want to talk about his facial features, but he does not look angelic or even handsome. Again refer to the Divergent guy (Four)…CUTE!!!! Ok..I just imagined a way better looking guy and so I was disappointed.

I loved Simon…actually I think his face is more welcoming for Jace, but he made a good Simon. I actually think he was the best actor out of their crew. But they took out a lot of his humor in the movie. In the books I thought his personality was hilarious, but they didn't show that. Why not? They added things that didn't happen in the book, but they couldn't keep his humor? Oh and a lot of the other changes they made didn't make sense. We loved the book so just stick to the book! The vampires were old looking and not beautiful. Raphael is supposed to still look like a teenager, not a man in his 30s. Also, I thought Simon didn't get turned into a vampire until the second book…he was supposed to be turned into a rat right? Oh and they escaped on the Vampire mortorcycle in the book too. Simon used a bow and arrow to kill that demon lady in the book and did not happen like that in the movie. Uhmmm that whole scene with Valentine was not right. And his hair should have been white. I guess it's not a big deal that his hair was brown in the movieof, however, his hairstyle was weird. He had a haircut and they just stuck random braids around his head. But dad is cute I must say.

And let's talk about this acting, it just seemed weird. It wasn't very believable and at times it was corny. Mainly Jace, Clary, and Alec. Certain parts I think they had the wrong feel of it. Or maybe they just weren't able to really stick the part like I had hoped. I actually would have rather they not made the movie because it just didn't go with how I read the book.


I watched the movie a couple of days ago on DVD and I loved it. I noticed tho that some of the music wasn't very good in a couple of scenes and some of the script was abit cheesy but I'm hoping that as they make more of the movies the acting will improve as they get used to the characters I find this happens in a lot of movies look at Harry potter u can see the actors develop as more movies are made and also the overall movie improves. Most of the people who have given this movie bad reviews were already fans of the books and were disappointed because the film isn't the same which is why I don't like reading books before the movies because what ever happens the books will always be better due to everyone imagining the characters differently. I think that some people are comparing the cast to closely to the characters in the book because In my opinion the cast they have chosen will be perfect as soon as they are more comfortable. However I don't think that comparing looks between the movie and the book is right because your not going to find a good actor that resembles a character you imagin

I'm sorry about my grammer, spelling etc and I started rambling but I'm very exited about City of ashes 💕


i saw they first one and loved it. please make another


Jace was cast so wrong like he needs to be less scary


I saw the movie first, I really liked it. Reading the books made it all come to life.. I could see the cast in the books. I wouldn't change them at all. I would be so disappointed not seeing a sequel. I can't hardly wait for "City of Heavenly Fire".


I read the books and was a little disappointed that the movie didn't follow them more closely. With that being said, the movie wasn't as horrible as others said, but for the next ones, I would change a few things to grab a wider age rang. The music needs to be better, perhaps a modern touch and less little kid fantasy. The actors did great, but the script could have been better. Lastly, the digital blend of what is real and what was suppose to be something not of this human realm was done poorly. The blending of the two is important and will also add to the belief of the world Cassandra Clare intended to portray in her books. I hope some changes will be made for movie number two and I can't wait to see it.


Replace Jace with an attractive actor instead of the tall skinny bird that was in the first movie. The sequel will exceed the sales of the first film. Terrible casting choice for the lead male character. He would be fine in a supporting roll but not Jace.

jemima West

Okay that's wrong we are filming now whoever fag wrote this is an idiot with bad sources.

Anette, Biggest Fan :)

I haven't read any of the books, but when I saw The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones I absolutely loved it!!!! I really, really hope they make a sequel, because I'll be really disappointed if they don't! Also, don't change any of the characters, they all did an amazing job and they are the perfect cast. I don't think I could watch the next movie if they change even one character. I loved Clary and Jace, especially Jace! I don't why people hate this movie, its so awesome! :)


I Loved the movie which made me read all the books. Can't wait forthe next movie. All the actors did an amazing job in the first one.


the chase Waylon character is the wrong choice if you read the book she looks nothing like you he's written . It just ruined it. you need to find a new chase Wayland.


I loved loved the city of bones book and movie. Please just don't change the actors to any other actors I don't think I could watch the new movie if u change one single person. Thet are the perfect cast.


Would luv to see them make the rest of the movies. Books were awesome, but I saw the movie first and thats what hooked me!

Imogen Danielis

I want to know when the second of the mortal instruments is out?


I just got the movie. Have read all the books. I agree the movie left out some parts, but overall was still pretty good. I would really like them to reconsider and finish making all the movies. They will get better as they make them.


LOVE THE BOOKS. I consider myself part of the fandom. With that said, I really did not like the movie. It just strayed from the book, too many parts were left out, didn't care for the cast at all. Overall, I am very disappointed, and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't make another movie for this series.


i really hope they make another as i don't particularly find movies i like but this i love, the director could do some much in the next movie i haven't read the books as personally i not one to read but, they could make the father come back or even make another mortal instrument? and i think they could have made the trailer better it doesn't really show how good the movie is, and i think they should keep the same actorsor it wouldnt be the same xx


Personally, I absolutely love the books all throughout this series. I received them for Christmas this year and read them all in a matter of a couple weeks. However, my opinion on the movie remains to be not that great. The book, City of Bones, was fabulous and I expected the movie to be the same, but it just did not do it for me. First off, the movie script left numerous parts out and wandered from the book way too much. Also, when I pictured Jace, Jaime Bower does not meet the description in the book whatsoever. First off, Jace is supposed to have golden tan skin not the pasty white skin Jamie has. Second, the book portrays Jace as golden haired and beautiful, even angelic, but once again Jamie Bower doesn't meet the requirements. In addition, I found Jamie a bit scary, which I believe the crew went too far in trying to reach the "intimidating shadowhunter" look. Not to mention, every time I look at him, it's like seeing Cauis from Twilight all over again. On a lighter note, I hope filming continues and they produce more movies, but I pray they don't stray very far from the book and, of possible, make Jamie look more like the handsome character I'm sure thousands of women pictured while reading the series.


I love this movie, I love to watch my DVD every weekend. I cant wait to the next one.


I think the movie would have been better if it had just followed the book better. I don't understand why they can't. The screenwriters already have the script! The movie Eragon would have probably had sequels too. If only they had followed the books. That being said I did like the movie and was looking forward to watching the all the books on film. I have read all of the books and waiting for book six to be released. Here's an idea. If the movie industry doesn't want them. How about a tv series. They could make 6 seasons already!!!


I thought this was a great movie and a good story line and I have been wait to see if there was going to be a sequel and when I saw this I got a little upset… I really hope they go forward and finish out the series. !!!


If they don't make another one I'm gonna be so mad. They can't just end it the way they did and not make another one!! -__-

City of Ashes Imortal Intruments

Me and my daughter want City of ashes to become a movie! Is there a date yet?

Nicole E.

This is so unfair. I have been waiting for a good movie to come out for a while, and when the mortal instruments city of bone came out I was extremely excited. I watched last week with a rental and loved it so much, I bought my own copy this week of it. It's also got me to read more of this story and there is so much potential for this series as a movie.
It's not fair to judge the movies success on theater sales. I for one have become a person not willing to spend the $13 + to go to the theater. Now a days I wait for it to come out and then rent it from red box. I can't tell you how many I have watched this year that everyone raved about and did not even consider it for my collection.
This is a series that I will defiantly spend my $13+ on if it continues. I would also buy each copy of the 6 if it were to go on DVD.
Don't give up on this one. I know good movies, and this one, this is a good movie.


I read the books and absolutely loved them!!!! I'm trying to wait patiently for City of Heavenly Fire! I watched the movie City of Bones and I seriously hope the make a sequel.


i didn't read the books but i loved the movie and there needs to be a sequel because they made at the end to where you would think there will be another movie and i believe that i am not the only one who loved this movie plus i don't think there real brother and sister and i am dying to know and thats is also another reason they need to make a sequel and also they need to keep all the same characters that if you change the characters and make a sequel whoever loved this one will hate the second because i know i will because its just not the same


the movie should have the same lead characters they did great and I think if the characters are not the same many people may not enjoy the city of ashes as much or maybe not at all as the city of bones


make another movie some may have given poor reviews but others didn't and they want a sequel I and many others will be disappointed if there is not a sequel


I never read the books. It was always on my list of things to do, but I am a freshman in college and I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I forced my mother and younger sister to go see it with me in theaters and they loved it as much as I do. I then waited very impatiently for it to be available for purchase. I bought it, and I watch it at least once a week, sometimes more if I can get others to watch it with me. It was a great movie, and I will be very disappointing if there isn't a sequel with all of the cast returning. They all did fantastic jobs.


I am in my mid 20's, and I absolutely loved this film!! My mother is 60 and she loved the movie As well! We are both looking forward to more films to come, definitely with the same lead characters! My mother and I paid to watch this movie on direct-tv and have watched it 5 TIMES ! no offense to others, but it was way better than the first hunger games movie! we also feel like there should have been more advertising for this movie before it hit the box office, we would have gone to the theatre had we known.
For the record, I never post comments for anything, I don't tweet, etc. so doing so now should say something. We really want to know what happens to jace, clary, the mother, heck, everyone! Tell the author of these books, and the director to suck up the bad reviews and create theses movies! It will be a HUGE success! Some people should realize that the movies are always different from the books because every person interprets "messages" differently, it is all about perception! Understanding this, book readers, please don't hold expectations of the movies that come from books, if you do I can promise that you will never be satisfied.
Increase advertising on this movie! And get to work on the next one with same lead characters, and watch the frenzy begin! Haha


I rented the movie and loved it. It was awesome. I want to see a sequel.


I love the books! They are really good! The Mortal Instruments series is one of my favorite series next to Harry Potter. When I heard that there is going to be a movie on the first book, I read the book again a week before the movie's release. The movie was good, so far. I love the effects, the lighting, the setting, etc. But, first, I was so unhappy about the person who portrayed Valentine because that wasn't the way I imagined him. Second, I was like asking myself, "Is this City of Bones?" Then I was like, "Yes, it is." Then I realized, "Oh, movies are so much different from books. They can change whatever they want in the book because I then realized I wasn't the one making it. I just hope they don't change the book so much because it's making the fans of the books frown and very disappointed."

Still, a good movie. Waiting for City of Heavenly Fire!


the movie was way off from the books, i just expected more. i really don't know how they're going to start City of Ashes (if it starts). My advice, read those books better. it felt like i was watching the wrong movie

Lorraine Farrell

I didn't know this movie existed in til I rented and I loved it. So I went out and bought the movie. I hope there will be a sequel to the movie it was really good!!!

michelle barber(again)

I agree that the advertising for "The Mortal Instruments, The City Of Bones" was lacking, it should have been done better. The novels helped me threw a very bad time in my life, from the time I read the first book I was hoping it would be made into a movie. The movie wad way better than I thought it was going to be. I believe that "The City Of Ash" will bring in the profit that the production company is looking for. PLEASE PLEASE finish filming it and give the people a chance to fall in love with the characters and story plot. Do better advertising, this could be bigger than "The Twilight saga"

michelle barber

I am very disapointed by this news, my daughter's and I love the novels and the movie. We were impatiently waiting for The City Of Ashes. Please people give this a chance.


I personally did not know this movie existed until I saw available to rent. I think it was poor advertisement that did the box office in. I loved the movie


I liked the movie a lot, But these movie execs always want the 300 million gross earnings. Can't they just make a movie because they LOVE making movies. it's always about money. I would like to see another Mortal Instruments, way to drag me into the story line and leave us hanging….geeez. I hope they decide to continue …. cross my fingers!


I want to see the next movie mortal instruments, I just bought the movie and seen it theater twice so please make the second one.


Just finished watching the movie and loved it. Definitely waiting for the next movie!!!


I truly loved the movie it was amazing!!!! They books were amazing too'!!!!! The movie was very nicely done next to the book it had its own twist but still kept the plot. I truly do home they make more if the books into movies. I truly love both. Please make the second movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The movie is amazing!! Who cares about the books! The movie is for people who don't like reading! So shut up anyone who says the movie is bad!!!


I hope that they really start it back I love love the movie city of bones! I am getting it and the books now! Please continue if you can me and my family are looking forward to them!


I'v never read any of the books but i saw city if bones and got really into it. i plan on purchasing all the books as well as all the movies cant wait for city of ashes to come out…


I hope production starts back up. I have waiting for the movie series since my friend introduced me to the books, back in i believe 08 or 09.




I love this movie I honestly can't wait till the next movie comes out!!!!!!


You need to do a sequel! As soon as I watched the first movie I went out and bought the books. I intentionally did this so that when the second movie came out I would be all caught up!!! I love the characters and I really want to see more!!! PLEASE!!


Nooooo I WANT A SEQUEL!! I just watched the movie and I even started reading the books because of it!


I love the movie so much!!! They have to make a second one, or I will be so devastated!! The Mortal Instruments is like my favorite movie!! Please make another one!!


It was out of theatres too quickly! It also was not promoted well enough to the fan base. They should do a sequel!!!


I would have loved to watch it when it came to the cinema but due to family comittments i didnt make it but have since watched it 5 times u have to make the second film


Forbes confirms a sequel …Oct 23, 2013 "The Mortal Instruments is getting a sequel despite critical, box office failure" They figured the first one was targeted to too narrow of an age group.


city of bones was the best movie i have ever seen in my whole entire life!!!!!! i was actually jumping up and down it was so good. Please make the second one!!!!!!!!! i will cry if you dont!!!!!!


Please make the second movie!! I love the series & I thought the movie was great. Y'all did a great job casting for the characters. I have to see the second movie. Ignore the critics & keep up the good work!


I love the citof bones you have to make city of ashes I've read almost all the booksnd love them love Clary and have they are perfect and I want the movie on DVD

big time fan

I LOVE THE MOVIE!!! i love the books and the movie even though they changed a lot in the movie. PLEASE MAKE AT LEAST A SECOND AND THIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Honestly the movie The Mortal Instruments was amazing!! I know a great movie when I see one and this was definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen. I think you just need to find the right audience and of course a fantasy teen movie will get criticized- all movies do- but the main point is, this is an amazing movie and should definitely be made into a sequel!!!


Honestly the book was just fluff, so I don't know why people are upset that the movie is as well. It's a decently entertaining fantasy teen movie, like it should be.


If they don't make a second movie I'll cry. What a shame if they don't make it. I for one loved the movie and although it could have been better it sure made me happy and I believe the second one would also be amazing!!


This movie was shit. The acting was horrible, they mangled the storyline, and worst of all they turned a respectable YA novel into another f*cking Twilight fad. The illiteracy and pathetic desperation I see in these comments makes me ashamed to be a Mortal Instruments fan. I agree with Veronica, but Linds, what's the point in adapting a movie to a book if you're going to water it down? The chaos between Clary and Jace was central to their character development, and if you take that out, you get the poorly done, emotionless swill that this movie turned out to be.


To Hannah, "second movie that covers books 2-3" and make Jace not get possessed?

"make a third one touching on stuff from books 4-6 without the possession… focus on the other conflicts and get to see lots of Clary and Jace actually together."

Now I really hope they make 2 more movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Am I the only person who is obsessed with the books who hated the movie? I swear it was one of the worst book adaptations I have ever seen. They completely changed the story, let everyone in on the secret that Jace and Clary are not brother and sister, and even made it look like Hodge knew. In City of Glass Hodge only says that he suspected it, that he didn't actually know. And the fact that Clary has the Mortal Cup in the end, well that just ruins everything for the second story. AND, the fact that Jace apparently did not grow up with Valentine acting as his dad and pretending to be Michael Wayland, the face that Jace walked in the room and called him Valentine, well that just ruins the whole "Jace is conficted about whether he should follow his father or the Clave" aspect of City of Ashes. I can honestly say I would not be too upset if they didn't make City of Ashes, because they have so much cleaning up to do to fix the story, which would make for a crappy movie, and if they don't clean it up, it will make for a crappy movie. Just let Cassandra Clare continue putting out books (apparently there are another 7 books to the Shadowhunter Chronicles planned, and I'm currently reading the last book in the Infernal Devices series, and waiting patiently for City of Heavenly fire in the Mortal Instruments series). I would be perfectly fine with these story living only in the pages of books now that I have seen what they turn into when adapted for screen….


Okay I heard they are going to make the sequel, but is everybody returning? I'm really nervous that none of the main people are going to be in the second movie.


omg please!! i need to see it, the ending was so shit….. like i loved the movie but there is so much i need to know! probs one of my fav movies ever.


I really want a sequel!!! I don't know what I'd do without one. I loved the cast and the characters were exactly how I imagined them. PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!!!!


My mistake… Reading the books first. I was so disappointed with this movie. Too much was changed. Really, you ended the movie with Clary still having the Mortal Cup? It so didn't end that way in the book. How do you come back from that? Changing a major part of the story. I hope you have some kind of "magic" of your own to pull this next movie off.


Good news, fans — the sequel is back on!


I started reading the series because of the movie, jamie campbell captured my attention and made me obsessed with the books including the movie. Please make the sequel! Don't stop!


sequel please!

chloe quinn

I loved the first film, and I would be devastated if there isn't going to be a sequel. I think that it would be ridiculous not to make another movie as many fans already enjoyed the first one therefore you already have a strong market who will want to go and watch and/or buy this movie, I believe it would be a real shame if a second movie isn't made as I would buy the first movie 50 times if I could. so please please please please make the second movie!!:D

Jenny Barnes

If there isn't a sequel then the suicide number just went up one.


I went to see the movie last weekend for the first time. I forgot about it coming out. The marketing for this movie beforehand was not done well. We hardly saw any previews!!! I fell in lie with it and have since read the entire series so far this week. PLEASE make another movie!!!!


they just have to make a sequel i just watched the movie and i love it completely the action, adventure, romance, and drama its just like Twilight but in a way better so please dont stop


listen here you little shits
there has best be a squeal or
ill cry ;-;
you cant do this! D;


NOOO!! There has to be a sequel!!!! The book is amazing and the movie is great!!!


what?!?!?!? i just watched it and if the dont make the sequel i might just have to die i thought it was amazing


the just have to make a sequel to the city of bones the just have to the first movie was amazing and i want more


please please another move has to be made


they need to make a sequal because its a fantacistic series and look what happen with percey jackosn the first movie sucked but hte second one rocked

Ryan Kadlec

They're wont be a Sequel to the Mortal Instruments. They will be a reboot in order to erase the bad memories of the City of Bones and start fresh with a new cast and crew in a few years.

alexis pearl



The studio is stupid to think that the millions of fans that are waiting for a sequel will not boycott their other films on prinicple alone if there is not a Mortal instruments sequel. I for one would never again see a film by Constantine if they do not start production. They are the disappoint to millions of fans, not the film.


I didn't want to fall in love with the books but my hubby made me read one and I'm hooked! I want a second movie!!!


There absolutely must be a sequel!! This series is so addicting I can't get enough. We want a sequel!

Carrie Pacifico

I am late to the series, but am now hooked…I agree there needs to be a sequel and MORE ADVERTISING!!! All of us who love Potter, Katniss, and Edward and Bella will love this series too….it just wasn't advertised well…please don't give up on it….we have seen the first moview 4 times in a month!


We want a sequel!!! The storyline is amazing, the movie is incredibly well made, this movie has everything, it's new, original, and I just want to see how the story develops. Don't shut it down!


Grantee they will make big bucks if they do as many movies as there are books people need to be advertised more often for movies especially the books made into movies


bullshit if they shut it down


Please seriously release more, we cant let the film industry leave it at a cliff hanger


i love the books i watched the movie thought it was amazing!!!!there has to be a sequal!!!!




i loved the books and the film and can,nt wait for the new film ??????? if they put more adverts and infromtion about the films maybe they would have a better come back and we would not have so long for the next one . so please ,please,please do the next one soon i can,nt stop reading the books and ican,nt wait for book number 6


i am begging for a sequel… filipinos will embrace and love starts from city of bones


I read the books, and was absolutely in love with them. After seeing the cast of the film, however, I was a bit skeptical. But I just watched it, and I absolutely LOVED it! I really hope there is a sequel!


I loved the movie so much I'm going to start reading the books. I hope they make a sequel!!!! They can't just leave it off like they did. The Mortal Instruments was amazing! Just put more advertisments out there… it has the potential to be better than the Twilight saga. I mean the acting is way better and so are the visual effects. And I even liked it more than the Hunger Games which is a great movie.


i loved the movie too i hope they make the sequal!!


I absolutely loved the movie, went and saw it more than once and was impatiently awaiting the next one! Come on Constantin Films! Keep the faith and do a little more advertising next time around. I know a heap of people that love the books but had no idea the movie was coming out until I told them about it, after it had already come out. Don't punish us because you under- advertised a great movie.


As someone who watched this film without going in already intent on liking it. I can take a more unbiased stance here. I can understand why the second film won't be made. It's all politics in Hollywood. It won't be made unless they can see a profit. After all, they apparently need to make six(?) of these. If the first one flop, then it isn't a good sign of things to come. Personally, I think things kind of dragged on in the first film. A two hour run-time for a film meant for teens? (And meant to bring in more to the fanbase). I don't work in Hollywood but I know that shouldn't happen. Especially for a first film in series. Maybe if they reduced the running time in the second film more people would be inclined to get on board with this series. It's all politics.


The company is about the money… They obviously aren't here to loose it which is what they did. I get it, and I'm sure others can too. BUT The marketing they did on this movie… I just don't think it was enough. I read the first book years ago, found out about the movie and got excited. I seen it four times and loved it, and every person I took with me (different each time) loved it as well. IT had the potential to be great. But from the year time it took from me finding out about the film until it was in theaters, do you know how many times I saw it the previews? Hardly. The first time I saw a preview on tv was only two weeks before it came out in theaters. Everything I learned about the film was on youtube by me doing my own research on it. Everyone I took to see it had never even heard of it. When Twilight first came out you saw that advertisement EVERYWHERE. They aimed the budget to be higher then it should of been as well. Twilight was only 37mil estimated for the first film… New Moon's budget was 50Mil… 60 for MI:COB was a lot. Especially considering like I said, the four people I told about it had no idea, when they should have. Anyways I forsee a Kickstarter for this in the near future. Fans alike start saving your pennies so we can get this movie made… hopefully we can show off City of Ashes way better and get more people to support it this time around so the rest of the series can kick ass.


I'm going to be so pissed if they stop making this book series into a movies. I haven't read such a great book series since HP. These books deserve to be seen on the big screen. Especially the characters. Based on the first movie, you don't even know how good the books are. I can't believe Twilight got made even The Hunger Games??? This deserves a sequel, and more.


There has to be another movie its too good to stop after the first one, they need to continue. I seriously will not tolerate it. The need to have to have the same actors and actresses, they all did so well and there will be a second movie!!!!


If they don't make the second movie i will die it was amazing and it was a cliff hanger and I can't take cliff hangers i have watched the movie 15 times and i wont stop tell the next one comes out so hurry and make a new on and i want love in it like i want then to be toghther

yuki jin

I LOVE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS!!! so please make the second.. *kneels* my heart will be broken if you don't. . .


I loved mortal instruments I am in love with the books too!!! Me and LOTS OF MY FRIENDS love it please make the second movie!!!!!!!


If they don't make this movie I might actually die. I LOVE this series and the movie was just as good as the book its self. I went to see the movie with my best friend and not even half way through the movie we were already figuring out how to get more money so we could see it again. It had an AMAZING cast and very well done acting and stunts. PLEASE MAKE A SECOND!!!! and maybe a third and fourth :)


If they don't make this movie I will be in tears.


PLEASE MAKE A SECOND!!!!!i saw the movie four times and is would suck if h dont make a second both the books and movie were amazing


I'm not surprised they wont continue it. The series revolves mostly around valentine. Well he is dead. So they cannot continue it without him. I have ideas but it would spoil it for the people who haven't read the books yet.


I am completely heart broken if they continue this series!!! I LOVED this movie!! I saw it four times! I thought it was amazing and I am reading the books now! If I dont see the relationship grow closer between Jace and Clary like it is suppose to, I will be sooooo upset!


OMG!!! If they really do not make a second movie I will be soooo upset!!!! I loved this movie!! From the moment I saw it I fell in love!! The minuet the movie was over I was bent on seeing the next one; waiting and anticipating to hear a release date and see a preview! I was more then positive I was not the only one and that this movie and series would be the next twilight phenomena! After the amount of time that passed with no news on if a second movie would be coming out I took it upon myself to search for news to find this!! I was shocked to hear the movie has bad reviews and that the production is shut down indefinitely!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE WITH PRODUCTION!!! I'm sure if you do you will not be disappointed on the turn out!!


I LOVE THIS MOVIE and it actully made me want to start reading the books! I keep checking for an update that they will be making city of ashes I REALLY REALLY hope they do i will be beyond dissapointed if they dont! first movie I have seen in a long time that had the most perfect cast that was depicted in the book as well as an impecably made movie that i had the pleasure of seeing …. Both Lilly and Jamie made the movie come to life and I hope it doesnt take too long to take out the secound movie. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the secound movie out there it was amazing and i would be beyond dissapointed if they shut the production down!!


I think if what was put in the first paragraph about them NOT making a second movie is accurate EXTREMELY SUCKS!!!! I noticed some differences between the book for City of Bones and the movie, but I still enjoyed both. I personally would love it if they put the second on out in movie format. I know some people probably liked the book better, but there are some people who possibly feel like they would not be able to read these books because either they would freak themselves out because of the size of the book or something else all together. Those people would probably rather see the movie. I know someone who went and saw Mortal Instrument: City of Bones with me, and she wants to see the second one. She has not read any of the books, but she very much enjoyed the movie as did I. PLEASE PUT THE SECOND BOOK INTO A MOVIE FOR THOSE WHO ENJOYED THE FIRST SO VERY MUCH!!!


I do agree with u all guys!!
It's a great movie that i've ever seen!
I love all the co star especially Jamie & Lily!!
I very hope that constantine flm will make the sequel immediately!!!
I would be really dissapointed if the movie is canceled
PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!! Make it the sequel!!


I personally love all the books and I thought the movie was GREAT!!!…I would love for them to make the second one….I like seeing my imagination from the books take on its shape in the movies…it shows me just how much my imagination of the characters were so dead on to what I thought they would be like
…please make the second movie..


They seriously think that making City of Ashes is a worse idea than Beastly? Come on at least City of Ashes has a built in fan base not only for the specific series but also for the Genre in general. Yes the movie got some bad reviews but I actually enjoyed it…


I too went to see the movie on a whim and fell in love with it to the point where I went to see it a second time! Then I went home and read every book! Both the movie and the books are so good and I am anxious to see the next film! I think they just didn't promote the first film well and that they should do more to promote the second one and to encourage people to see the first one, even if it is on DVD. I promise if people can just get the hint to watch the first one then they will be yearning for the second one like us who saw Movie 1. I am really hoping things work out for Movie 2! I'm a HUGE fan of the series and would love to see it come to life. (I think that maybe the one downfall that hurt this movie was the fact that they put it out during the midst of The Hunger Games series…maybe they should had waited until the hype of HG was dying down, to where this could had been the next big fad, BUT either way, the fans want a Movie 2, so hopefully it will be made!)


I saw the movie and loved it so much I went and read the books and couldnt put them down. Im not a teenager so it is a movie for all age groups. I would not compare it with twilight as it is different in its own right. I really get ticked off that movie companies start to make a movie series and then just stop. Its exactly what happened with 'I am number four" series. Please make the sequel.


I saw the movie 3x pleaaaasssseee make the next film !!


Please make the next film! I absolutely loved city if bones – its my new favourite film + book series. The actors all did a brilliant job and the chemistry between clary and jace was great. Unfortunately, the movie just wasn't advertised enough. But i've seen it twice and loved it. I will be so disappointed if they don't continue with the films.


I am IN LOVE WITH THESE BOOKS and I saw the movie 3 times in theaters. You absolutely HAVE TO make more movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They have to make another one mortal instruments is thee best movie I've seen in ages and its target age group Ŀ♡νƐs it °̩ Ŀ♡νƐ it the story is so amazing and funny its supernatural twists onlay make it that much better !


the books are amazing and so r the movies.PLEASE MAKE A SECOND ONE!!!!……



SOPHIA (No. Not Isabelle Sophia Lightwood. Sorry)

I DEFINITELY LOVED THE BOOKS AND THE MOVIE! MY FRIENDS LOVED IT TOO! ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. WE CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT FILM! Hope they resume production soon because here in the Philippines it's still in the cinemas meaning people are still watching it. (BTW, It premiered last August 21 and it's Sept. 29 now…)


Absolutely loved the book series , hopefully they can bring it out in film.i know a lot of people will pay to see them and then buy the DVD

holly h

i loved this movie so i hope they recontinue the second 1 lol if tht makes sense i read all the books and i love the actresses and actors please continue the movies

Angela L

This was actually one of the best adaptations that I've seen in a while. The problem is twofold: first, the studio did not advertise it nearly enough; and second, they released it too late in the summer. So many kids – like mine – were already back in school on the release date. How do they expect to make money if the primary, already built-in audience isn't-t available?

I hope that they see the errors in this release and decide to make the second film.

Angela L

This was actually one of the best adaptations that I've seen in a while. The problem is twofold: first, the studio did not advertise it nearly enough; and second, they released it too late in the summer. So many kids – like mine – were already back in school on the release date. How do they expect to make money if the primary, already built-in audience isn't-t available?

I hope that they see the errors in this release and decide to make the second film.


wait WHAT?! OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE A SECOND ONE! The movie seemed so unfinished it would all the fans' hearts like mine. I really enjoyed the City of Bones in fact it's my favourite movie now I'm a big fan of supernatural movies and I guarantee you that ill watch all of the Mortal Instruments cos they are seriously mind blowing, I've even read and watched the whole of the Twilight series and starting to read the Mortal Intruments series so PLEASE I BEG YOU PLEASE MAKE THE SECOND ONE.


I think it's for the best that the second one doesn't get made. This is just my humble, personal opinion but I can understand how come these stories are hard to adapt to the screen. The books do have the visual, action element but just not enough to truly give it a full cinematic feel for a lack of a better way to describe it. The genre savvy, "hip," sarcastic nature of the characters would have been great if it hadn't been for it being poured on too heavily. That's not just in the movie but even more so in the books themselves. And, the one thing I've always had an issue with in the story of both books and the movie is the brother and sister of Clary and Jace. It's too contrived. It's obvious from how both look and are described in the books that they aren't siblings and they knew that Valentine was a liar. Why believe him about that when the only thing that gave any credit to it was Jace recognizing Valentine as his "father" (which Jace's memory was altered in the film so he wouldn't remember how Valentine looked). With all the other awareness and pop culture references, someone could have at least gave the idea of having a DNA test to either prove or disprove that claim. Trumped up drama when the story had more than enough with what Valentine wanted to do. Drama overload, to be brutally honest about it. The love triangle in YA stories is an overcliche and overused element which I also think turned off many people who might not have been familiar with the series before the movie. Which is also why a great number of people insist on comparing it to Twilight in a very negative way and has hurt the series. Just saying. Sure, it could be said that those who don't enjoy that and are put off by it aren't the target audience of the story. That's true. BUT, saying that also opens it to the fact that if the greater number of people are put off by that also dramatic shrinks the said target audience so it shouldn't be any surprise that the greater number of people reject it and the film bombs making the possibility of a sequel less likely and less financial viable for the studio. YA, especially a story like this one, doesn't have that wide of an audience since it is mainly aimed at teenagers who have much larger restrictions of the availability of their time to go see the movie and adults are more likely to find the story to overly melodramatic and angst-ridden for their tastes. I think what we are seeing the beginnings of is the tiring of YA adaptions in the cinemas by those said adults. I could be wrong but it is some food for thought. I do think the marketing for the film also had much to be desired along with the nature of the story from the novels themselves which affected the underperformance. Honestly, I don't see the sequel getting made. I would be very surprised if it did considering the numbers at the box office it had earned. It barely made the money back that it cost to make it. They didn't make a profit from it. The film industry is a business, afterall. They have to make a profit in order to keep making movies. It would be foolish to make a sequel to a film that didn't make a profit no matter how many people SAY they want it. Saying is just words. The money from the ticket sales speaks much louder and the money so far says it's idiotic to make the sequel. Sad but true.


I am really disappointed they are not making City Of Ashes. Can they not sell the movie film rights to someone else. Maybe another studio would want to pick it up make City Of Ashes in a few more years. The movie might be a bomb now. It can be fixed. Please think about it for the fans sake. I am sad people wanted this movie made so bad and are not stepping up for what they believe in. If I were a crazed teenage shadow hunter I would be writing letters everyday. (Agreeing with past fANS) Market it to more wider audience. To all people not just teens. I've heard a few comments earlier about that on other blogs. I was also a bit shy to see the movie for I am a bit older than 13 and saw older people in the movie. Even old men in there 40s went to see it. This could be a great adventure saga with love in it as well. Sell it for the fans. This movie could be Epic in the right company and directors fans. Could people just imagine if this happened to Twilight,Star Wars,Star Trek. I I am going to miss this film. The marketing is way messed up. Hoping for a come back.


I have seen the mortal instruments city of bones film and I absolutely loved it. I have already seen the movie 2 times. I read most of the books and enjoyed them as well. I felt the actors and actress did a great job. I really hope that they make the city of ashes movie. I want a second movie. It had romance, fantasy and all other things I really enjoyed it


ive seen the film and really enjoyed it and hope they make another also cos i watched the film i have started reading the books im on the forth at the moment it wud be ashame for them to leave it up in the air…..and i wanna see how the next film compares to the book.


I've seen the film twice and was pleasently suprised how much it resembles the book and that the main charactures were true to form.Twilight and Harry Potter it is not but it is not meant to be as it takes on a different aspect of the magical world.I think this movie has been criticised unfairly and highly underrated.I believe the next instalment of this movie will be great even though production has been pushed back.I believe it will be as successful as Twilight and Harry Potter.Marketing of this film was not as good as it could of been and I think it had a knock on effect with sales at the box office.


I would really love to see the second installment. The story intrigues me. As the others are saying, I'm planning to read the books because of the movie. My only suggestion is to focus more on the marketing as it fell short on that aspect. I also love the soundtrack. I just knew about it after watching the music video of Ariana Grande "Almost Is Never Enough".


I WANT A SECOND MOVIE. I thought that the first one was brilliant and would absolutely adore a second! I am planning on buying City of Bones on DVD when it comes out.


The movie bomb. Deal with it.


I felt the pre trailer got my interest and the actual film was brilliant. I had at that time not read any of the books but felt the story to be great. Hope they do reconsider I would like to see more. Have already pre ordered the first film on blueray


No!!! I want a second movie! I am currently reading all the books and even though the movies may not be a perfect adaptation, it was still a good story! Bring on City of Ashes!!!


I read the books because of the movie, and I loved both! I believe if the movie had opened a week or two before students were back in school it would have made a difference. I am really crossing my fingers on this and hope they green light City of Ashes. The books are awesome and I know the fan base will only grow after this. All the actors selected were on the money, great adaptation into film, again fingers crossed!!


That was an amazing movie. I can't wait for the next one. I'm betting it'll be just as good if not better! The very first time I have ever gotten to hang out with a friend, we went to see "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones." Best time of my 17 yr. old life!!!!!


The preview didn't do the film justice. The choice of opening date was terrible and in my town, it was showing in the smaller movie theater at very inconvenient times – and only had three showtimes per day. Make the second movie and hire a better marketing team!


to the fans, everyone calm dow. its been delayed. so far they are still planning on making it. cassie said that the script wasn't close to book the first draft for city of ashes plus they still have a bunch of casting to do! stupid article. really get your facts straight idiots

Trinity O'Connor



I think the big problem was the actual release date.
They released it on a Wednesday on a school night. Nobody was going to be able to go to that opening because they had school next day. They should've opened it on a weekend.


They have to make the second one!!! And the others!!!!!!!!!I love that movie!!!!


I understand that the film only just made enough to cover the costs but my biggest issue is the lack of advertisement for the film. In the Uk the trailer was never aired on TV, in fact I live on quite a small island, just off of mainland Uk, and the film didn't even come to our cinema! I hope the production company realizes that the lack of advertisement was their biggest downfall and if they give it a chance the franchise can, and will, build momentum as the fan base grows.


its not just the advertising though.. they didn't keep close to the book. In the first book valentine gets the mortal cup however the movie portrays that the good guys win. i'm not saying the movie was bad i loved it, especially the famous garden scene. the actors portrayed what they were supposed to. however it didn't link with the book. This could have been pretty big if they'd have done this right the first time around. I agree though they should bring another movie out as long as they stick close to story and adapt it correctly for on screen appearances.

Ally Krapez

To be honest not as many people were aware of the series before the movie came in as thwy were with a series such as twilight. And I think now this movie has come out it will encourage people to want to go out and buy the books so they know what happens next. I think they will be suprised at how good the next movie goes if they decide to proceed. I dont know about other places but it wasnt as widely advertised and hyped up hrre in Australia as much as previous potential bloklckbuster series. The marketing of it needed yo be improved and needs to be re evaluated to suit target audience. I loved the movoe but can also see how it may not have made as mich sense to those who had not read the book.


Please make another one! I agree that they needed more advertisement. I never saw a trailer on TV, I only found the trailer by searching it up on youtube! But I saw it and gave it a 9.5/10, no doubt it! Like Jace said, "Have a little faith." The next movie will be great, I have faith in you guys since the first movie was almost spot on considering how it was a movie and there was a time and money limit so please, please , PLEASE, reconsider it!!! I'm begging you guys! When I heard the news I cried, not kidding!


I've read the books and then seen the movie, both great but honestly to this day I have never seen an advertisement for it, maybe that was the biggest problem, people don't know about it. I read the books then went online to find a trailer. Maybe it needs to be advertised right now and a whole lot

sarah menly

look at all this people and how bad they want it, you should definitely make the book into a movie. no pressure, but do you really want to upset all this people who want to see the movie on screens…..please reconsider besides the actors that played the characters did real good, so i don't get of why not make the sequel of city of bones? don't give on this movie please try to at least get it done. i really want to believe that they will make a next movie and that it will come out soon .
have a little faith in this movie.


They have to make the second one!!! And the others!!!!!!!!!


I loved the movie I've been to see it 3 times please make the city of ashes


I really love the books read everyone and I liked the movie I hope they come out with the other movie city of ashes. Please!!!!! Make another one.


i really hope they make every book into a movie. this series is to good to not make it onto the big screen! ive seen it twice and loved it!!!!!!!!!! i understand that they are delaying 'city of ashes' for the good of the movie but i hope they start filming before the end of this year otherwise the sequel might not come out until 2015 :(


I am a huge fan of the books and loved the movie! I truly hope they make the City of Ashes movie very soon…can't wait to see it!


I just love the books and the movie. My husband even liked it :) he said it was the best "book movies" I have ever taken him to see. Really hope they make the others.


saw the movie 4 times. it is absolutely amazing and followed the book as close as it could. they need to advertise it more and get more publicity so that a sequel can be made


YA movie adaptations like The Mortal Instruments could get reboots after first ones failed. I am number four could get a reboot, novel adaptations like Jumper and Eragon could get reboots after the first ones failed. well, WB, DC and Christopher Nolan rebooted Batman with Batman Begins in 2005 which started the Dark Knight Trilogy, Sony, Marvel and Marc Webb rebooted Spider-Man with The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012 and WB, DC and Zack Snyder rebooted Superman with Man of Steel in 2013.


Love the books and movie look forward to next one please start make it
I seen 1st one 10 times looking for city of ashes


brilliant movie so hope they do bring all of the next ones out love it


I have seen the movie three times. And honestly I agree it could have benefited from better advertising. Honestly not continuing with the next films will be a horrible idea. Everyone who has read the books is looking forward to seeing them on the big screen. And I would go see each of them at least three tomes and I am planning on buying all of the movies on blue ray.


I loved the movie. Honestly it could have done with an earlier release date better advertising. Ive seen the movie 3 times in less than 2 wks. And i finished reading all 5 books in 3 days. I was a fan of the twilight books, but these are so much better. And the movie was way better too. Percy jackson and the sea of monsters was another awesome movie, but it too had terrible advertising. I didn even know they were making a sequel until a month before its release, and even then their were not that many commericals to let people know the movie was being released. I really hope they make the sequel to City of bones, it would be a shame if we didnt get to see what happens.


Im upset there wont be a next film the books have been well written and deserve to have them turned into film think the film itself was well acted out and young jamie and lily played their parts well perhaps the film would of done better had it been realeased at an earlier date I believe that it has a huge fan base that will when word gets out be a big hit lets face it twilight could of been made much better than it was but it got better from newmoon please people give city of bones a try before slating it it really is worth going to see for yourself


I will be crushed if they don't make a sequel! I went and saw the movie twice and I thought it was fantastic. I've read the first two books of the series and obsessed I can't wait to continue reading.


The movie was amazing! I really hope they make a continuation because I would love to see a sequel to it. I have seen it 3 times since it came out, I hadn't read the books but once I saw the movie I read all of them!

Love Crazy

I saw the movie this past weekend I thought it was great!!! I haven’t read the books but I think that they did an excellent job in compacting in less than two hours, what I believe is a very complicated story. The action was good and the characters lovable. I would love to see a second movie so I hope it goes back to production. Sometimes the second can be even better that the first and give life to it! Will have to read the books now.
PS I hated the twilight movies! I think my range of comparison is wider.


I went to see the movie this past weekend and loved it. There are too many movies that are based on book series that they do one movie and call it quits and they could do great sequels. Think about it; Eragon, Cirque du Freak, etc. They really do need to do the sequels for this movie. I cannot wait to buy it when it comes out.


This series is too amazing to not continue in film. They have made millions on the movie, they are so focues on the amount of money that they forget that means hundreds and hundreds of fans went to see it. The purpouse of the entertainment buisness is to entertain people, which is what this movie has done, it wont appeal to everyone but why should they deny all the fans it does have for the sake of those who are fans of something else. furthermore if they are basing this choice also on pro critics i find that ridiculous.. OF COURSE they wont like it, most pro's are in their late 40's early 50's… a movie about young men and women fighting demons and falling in love is hardly going to interest them… not making a sequel will be a massive mistake, i think they should reconsider their goals here.


They need to Change who they tried marketing to. They can't compare anything about this movie to other YA books/movies. There may be similarities, but nevertheless, it's totally different. The only reason I ended up reason these books was because I saw ONE preview of the movie in 2012, and I was already hooked. I think it would be a shame to NOT have a book SERIES like this be made into a movie. There are so many movies that have been made that were absolutely TERRIBLE, but sequels are made. Spend a little time to reconsider what went "wrong" with the first movie and just make the movie. They need to listen to those who HAVE read the books and think about what needs to change. Yes I thought this movie was okay but I did enjoy it, but I still will ABSOLUTELY see the sequel…

jailene soriano

Awww i will be so disappointed if you dont do the rest of the squeal. I mean cmon i just went to go get all the books and i finished them(love them) and i was so looking forward to the movies but your shutting it down?!? Why ? Nooo plzz. Do the rest!


You know what I can remember going to see twilight when it come out with a friend we used to rate the movie on a scale of 1-10 we gave it a 10 obviously, I went into the film not knowing anything about it I didn't know who Stepenie Meyer was but after I saw the film and went out and bought all her books, I could not get into them at all I love the films but the books just don't do it for me. So me and a different friend went to see The Mortal Instruments I came out and was lost for words could not think of anything to say really it is the best film I have ever saw and is my favorite by far as I did with Twilight I went out and bought the books, I went to see the film on Saturday and it is now Thursday and I am more than half way through book 3 I cant stop reading them I will be so disappointed if the City Of Ashes does not come out as a movie.


Oh and I know lots of people compare it to twilight but to be honest I was a twilight fan but I think The Mortal Instruments is waaaaaaaay better! The storyline is better the acting is amazing amd every actor is perfect for their character! I have told allllll my friends about this movie and was actually talking to another one of my friends today and ive actually persuaded her to go see it with her family :) ive seen it twice and I wish I could go see it again! I cant wait for it to come out on dvd :D please make every book into a movie!!!!!


I really really really hope that they decide to make city of ashes and every other book! City of Bones was amazing and if they are worried about the profits, each film in a series usually makes more money than the last…please make City of Ashes!!!!


I know not to continue with city of ashes would be a huge mistake. I had no idea about the books mortal instruments until I saw the movie. And the only reason I knew the movie existed was because I saw a preview when I saw another movie. I did not see previews on tv though. I think that the first movie was very well made! It actually made me go back and see it 3 times. And I even bought the books just to see what I was missing. I was a total twilight stalker when twilight was in production but mortal instruments was way better!! The acting was so genuine! They picked perfect actors for this movie! I didn't even really like the actors prior but since this movie, they are better the Robert and Kristin any day! This movie made me wanting more and had me telling all my friends about it. I strongly believe that now that people are knowing what the mortal instruments is and reading the books, the second movie would be a huge hit!!!! Lots of people didn't know what twilight was until the first movie.
Basically if they back out on the second movie city of ashes I believe they will be missing out on a huge pay day! Keep production going!


I think to not make the sequel (and following films) is a huuuuge mistake. I do feel that they have tried to aim the movie at the wrong fan base. I think they've gone for the 'Twilight' crowd, when in reality a lot of the readers are older than that. These books get you more involved and get you thinking deeper than Twilight ever could. To compare The Mortal Instruments books to The Twilight Saga, is an absolute, let down! The Mortal Instruments books are fantastic, either stand alone or as an amazing series. I personally have recommended them to everyone I talk to. Cassandra Clare has a way of transporting you from the old we live in, to a world SO close, y so far away it's almost unimaginable. Fluid, in depth writing makes these books a dream. The people that were cast for the first film couldn't be MORE spot on!!! Fabulous cast that I picture throughout the remaining four books. My fingers, toes, hair styles and tounge are all crossed hoping for the remaining books to all make their ways to our big screens! Can't wait. Colour me impressed and extremely fascinated. :)


Lily Collins is a very good attitude actress,so sweet & nice to everyone,support her!I really want to watch City Of Ashes,please don't cancel the movie, I already watch City Of Bones a few times.


I highly reccomend this movie! It's amazing! I watched it twice and have got all the books! Ignore the reviews because the movie is perfect. I just hope they can make the second one!


I loved these books and cannot wait for the final book. I was incredibly impressed with movie and would watch it again. Unlike most book to film adaptations, it was accurate in keeping with the original story. It would be a shame not to produce the following movies.


I didn't read the books, never heard of the movie but went coz my niece is a due hard fan of the books and I really enjoyed the movie!!! Coz I never heard of it I thought they didn't promote the movie but read somewhere they spent $60 million marketing it? I never heard a thing about the movie before watching it, whereas Twilight was all over E and interviews in the US. And why was there so little of gorgeous Godfrey Gao in the film? Jamie Campbell Bower was perfect as Jace and Lily Collins very good. Such disappointing news it could be cancelled – say it isn't so!!!


so does this mean it is compltely gone? or just on hold???

Sadhna sharma

The movie was very good. As a huge fan of the books I understand the screenplay needed refining but comparing it to any other franchise diminishes its uniqueness. The story is epic and if continued to be made into movies can grow to be a cult classic. It is a story that fits for both genders but being compared to twilight on the get go is what may have reduced its success. The comparison is probably what hindered people from going as many disliked the twilight franchise, as I did. A rework on the promotion is what is needed. Sadhna , uk.


I hate the fact that people compare it to Twilight especially when TWILIGHT and CITYOFBONES are totally different!!
I looooooove the book series soo much!!! :D :D :)
I Loved the movie even if the changes were slightly dissapointing..But it wasnt bad!!
The series is one EPIC novel series, and i think they should continue with the movies!
But the delay, if it is meant for greater good would be appreciated!!
I hope they don't shut down the franchise completely,and if they make City of ashes, it should be true to book!! :D
ANd the cast was incredible :D :D
Jamie is perfect for Jace… Jace potrays a different character from others and I think Jamie did well with the role!! Robert sheehan blew up the role with colours!! He totally fits to be SIMON LEWIS!! :D


The Producers Blew it! The film's cast was good enough to put up good numbers but they needed to refine the script at least a few more times study the terrain of YA projects get at least one more name actor as a back stop. Lily Collins is a rare magnificent talented beauty and you have to use her the right way.The release date killed them. Dudes study the business. You release this film on date with other teen age fare and they would have killed it. They also needed a bigger better marketing campaign!


Very bad movie, bad casting and the lead actor Jamie has very annoying aka ugly face. I almost slept when I saw it 2 days ago. Before the movie finish my Husband asked me to walk out and and I agree without any doubt.


Very bad movie, bad casting and the lead actor Jamie has very annoying aka ugly face. I almost slept when I saw it 2 days ago. Before the movie finish my Husband asked me to walk out and and I agree without any doubt.

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