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Top 10 (Indie) Movie Rentals in iTunes: ‘Mud’ Tops The List

Top 10 (Indie) Movie Rentals in iTunes: 'Mud' Tops The List

We report theatrical box office numbers and now that viewers are increasingly watching films on digital platforms, we’d like to report those numbers as well. Unfortunately, as Liesl Copland eloquently pointed out recently during a presentation at the Toronto International Film Festival, digital numbers are not yet available. The iTunes store ranks the top movie rentals and movie purchases, But they don’t deliver any specific numbers on how many people have rented or purchased these films.

Starting today, each Monday we will present you with the most up-to-date list of Top 10 (Indie) Movie Rentals in iTunes. Going forward, we hope to be able to provide you with even more information about how indie films are faring on various platforms. Without further ado, here is the inaugural list (number represents North American gross).

1. Mud (Roadside Attractions) – $21,590,086

2. The Place Beyond the Pines (Focus) – $21,403,519

3. Lovelace (RADiUS-TWC) – $356,582

4. Emperor (Roadside Attractions) – $3,346,265

5. Prince Avalanche (Magnolia Pictures) – $180,211

6. On The Road (IFC) – $720,828

7. I Give It A Year (Magnolia Pictures) – $34,657

8. The Sapphires (The Weinstein Company) – $2,450,867

9. Silver Linings Playbook (The Weinstein Company) – $132,092,958

10. Spring Breakers (A24) – $14,124,284

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How is this list actually assembled? The top independent rentals on iTunes (in order) are:

Bling Ring
Blue Caprice
Place Beyond the Pines
Drinking Buddies
Room 237
Winter's Bone
Spring Breakers

Frankly, iTunes appears to be more honest about what's "independent" than this list is. Silver Linings is most decidedly not an independent film.


Wow, people will rent anything. There are 3 films on this list I couldn't make it through the whole way, got too bored. They're rotten on RT for good reason.

johnny bench

DO you consider any of these films independent?

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