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Trailer For ‘Very Smart Brothas – The Series’ Debuts (Based On The Popular Website)

Trailer For 'Very Smart Brothas - The Series' Debuts (Based On The Popular Website)

You’ve probably heard of the website Very Smart Brothas (HERE) – a blog based around the lives, thoughts and opinions of its two creators, Damon “the Champ” Young and Panama Jackson. And now they’re making a move to another medium with their own series entitled (what else?) Very Smart Brothas: The Series.

The series will revolve around two bloggers fumbling along in their own dating mishaps, while making a successful living as relationship experts.

The series is being produced by Earl Bolden Jr through his production company Solo Journey Productions, and stars David Hunter Jr. (left) and Lou Breckenridge (right).

We featured the series’ IndieGoGo campaign to raise $20,000 in funds to finance the series’ pilot episode, last fall.

Almost a year later, it’s complete and has been selected to participate in the New York TV Festival’s Independent Pilot Competition. They’ve sent us the first trailer for the series, which is embedded below:

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This looks intriguing. I'll definitely check it out.


These brothas look hot. Both caramel and chocolate. Are they ripped? Do they take their shirts off? I'll watch. Bring it on baby. We sistas got needs ;)


It takes a certain kind of writer to come up with something original, something fresh. My hat's off to these guys for getting off their butts and trying.

My muted advice to all the "webisode"-makers out there: check three films that pretty much created and set the bar for this "sexy-quirky-writer-dude" genre when yall were just kiddies: "Love Jones", "Hav Plenty", and "The Best Man", theatrically released almost back-to-back in 1997, 1998, and 1999, respectively. "Love Jones" for its gorgeously composed images, "Hav Plenty" for its razor sharp writing, "The Best Man" for its audience-transcendent, crossover ensemble.

Pick one of those three. It can only help.


Tina, I thought she was a standout as well.

Feels like the premise is based off of Think Like A Man. Am I right? The trailer doesn't do a good job with the hook for the show.

Best of luck to these guys.


I actually watched the clip without reading any of the intro paragraph material. Just the name of the series.

My overwhelming take-away is that I have no idea what this is about. I get that there are two guys who wrote a book and have a website? Yes? But what is the hook?

Also, two of the four women featured feel like tired stereotypes of critical black women. My heart sank when I saw them. There was no context given for their harsh rejection or why they'd be so dismissive of your main characters' romantic overtures.

On the upside, the one woman — long hair, hipster glassess — was a standout. She is not only visually interesting but the actress delivered her lines like she was a natural comedienne.


Terrible writing. Just awful.

Panama Jackson

Tough crowd. But live people respect it. Thanks for the input, Johnnie MD, Nadia, and CC. Hopefully when the actual pilot is released, you will enjoy that more. While I realize that the trailer hasn't made you want to see the pilot, I'd ask that you check that out anyway. If you still find it terrible then, well, hey, we tried. All input is good input as far as I'm concerned.

Johnnie MD

I agree with CC. This did not make me want to checkout the series, but it did make me want to checkout the blog.


Tired. Just tired. I hope the series has much more to offer than what this trailer shows.


"perhaps you should change the name of your blog to very smart brothas who write like they're better looking than they are"

…and perhaps they should change the name of this clip to Very Smart Brothas Whose Trailer Is Not Very Smart.

I thought a trailer was suppose to grab the viewer, compelling them to beg for more. This clip left me with the bland feeling of "and?" what was I suppose to get from that hodgepodge of nothingness? I certainly wouldn't call a friend to suggest they tune in. What would I tell them, something like "hey, you gotta check out this new web series. It's ah… like I said, it's new, and it's aah… it features 2 black guys and aah… you know, there's some black women in it too, but aah… I can't tell you much about it but I think it's in some kind of competition, so, aah, yeah, you gotta check it out"

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