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Vote for Project of the Week! Will It Be ‘Tiger,’ ‘Me + You,’ ‘Trust’ or ‘Hurricane’?

Vote for Project of the Week! Will It Be 'Tiger,' 'Me + You,' 'Trust' or 'Hurricane'?

Vote below for this week’s Project of the Week.

The winning filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and will become a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a creative consultation from the fine folks at the Tribeca Film Institute!

The four projects up for the prize:  “Tiger Within,” “Me + You,” “Trust, Greed, Bullets & Bourbon,” and “Hurricane.” 

Voting will end Monday September 16, at 11AM Eastern.

Note:  First, make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser.  Votes are confirmed by email.  After voting, please look for an email from Poll Daddy and confirm your vote.  (If it doesn’t show up in your inbox, check your spam folder.  The emails often end up there.)  Indiewire nor PollDaddy use your email address after the confirmation, but if you do want to sign up for our newsletter, why DON’T you mosey on over here and do so!

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Michael O'Brien

Hurricane rocks,
VOTE ASI': H U R R I C A N E lo mejor de todos.
Si uno quiere mirar una pelicula muy bien increible,
VOTE FOR H U R R I C A N E, una cuenta de la vida de veras,
como es, sin aires.

Howard R.

After watching the trailer for "HURRICANE" I couldn't wait to see more! I didn't feel at all this way after watching any of the other film trailers – VOTE FOR HURRICANE! HELP THESE YOUNG ARTISTS DO SOMETHING NEW WITH INDIE FILM!


Go go go Me + You !!!

jim wrangler

what can i say!….lesley said it all!……….jw


it puts me in mind of a bad dream, but enjoyable. well written. well acted. well directed, it's like a cocktail, but made with the wrong ingredients, but the end feeling is just the same……………lesley

lesley wheeler

it puts me in mind of a bad dream, but enjoyable, well written, well acted, well directed. it's like a cocktail, but using the wrong ingredients, but the end feeling is just the same…..lesley


GO HURRICANE! What an exciting Film!


I have to go with Hurricane also. I found the brother to haunting and provoking at the same time. I'd really like to see more of this one. I agree with one of the comments below that Tiger has potential, but the other two are unfortunately pretty common without anything new to offer. Good luck, Hurricane. Oh, and by the way, love the movie concept for Hurricane but really don't like the cliche of a title.

Hungyu Lin

Me and You is a fantastic movie. The high quality of the flow of the story and acting skill are amazing.


IMHO – Tiger Within resonates the most with me. It is really about something….it delves deeper than just the surface. I hope it gets made.


HURRICANE IS IT ! Can't wait to see this.


Hurricane is the best film! the others are okay …

David Weinstein

HURRICANE looks great! Reminds me a bit of FRUITVALE! – DW

Ashley Phillips

I agree with R. Roe! "Hurricane" is definitely the film I want to see, because I've never seen anything like it! GO HURRICANE!

Robert Roe

As far as I'm concerned, this is a no-brainer. Hurricane clearly stands out as a very original and daring piece of work. Tiger is a close second. The other two films are run-of-the-mill, offering up characters we've seen a million times.

Hurricane has my vote!

Edgar Turner

My vote goes to Me+You because it has the substance of what a good film is made of. This film captures not only the love of two people, but the love of a beautiful country, it's language and culture. What could be better than an exciting and adventurous story with breathtaking images? Viewers will not be disappointed, especially when you have Iyin, as the triple threat writer, director and star of the film.

Paul Hsiao (萧水宝)

Your Comment Me+you~ very … Praise!

paul Hsiao (萧水宝)

Me +You – Good Ok !

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