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Watch: 2 New Clips, Featurettes & More For ‘Runner Runner’ Starring Ben Affleck & Justin Timberlake

Watch: 2 New Clips, Featurettes & More For 'Runner Runner' Starring Ben Affleck & Justin Timberlake

While it’s not quite Batman versus Superman, we have to say we have some fascination with watching Ben Affleck play an unapologetically slimy villain and give Justin Timberlake a rough time, even if we’re uncertain about “Runner Runner.”

The film, which co-stars Gemma Arteron, concerns a young lad who can’t pay his college tuition, but instead of inventing Napster, he masters online gambling until he loses it all, getting swindled by a gaming site. So he does the only logical thing, which is travel to the tropics and confront the head honcho of the site, and winds up working for him instead. But this is no dream job and vacation in the sun, as people get fed to crocodiles and beat up.

Below, you check out two clips from the movie, a few featurettes and some micro-teasers as well. Are you gonna bet on black for this one? If so, “Runner Runner” opens on October 4th.

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Gemma Arterton is so damn beautfiful.

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