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Watch: 8 Films That Show You What Drone Filmmaking Can Look Like

Watch: 8 Films That Show You What Drone Filmmaking Can Look Like

As unmanned aerial vehicles become more robust and the ability to stabilize high quality cameras becomes more possible, the possibilities to cheaply create the crane shots and helicopter shots that so many indie filmmakers want to have but can’t are exciting many filmmakers.

Take a look at these eight films that show off what people are trying to do with GoPros and iPhones on quadcopters and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Nicholas Doldinger got a lot of attention for just sending his UAV up in the air in various spots in New York City.  The result is an exciting new way to see the city so many of us know so well.

Check out this video that looks at the Stockholm from above (and ends with a familiar site to UAV filmmakers — the machine crashing into the ground.).

More beautiful views of a part of a cinematic part of the world, Tuscany, as shot by

Photographer Nate Bolt took his drone around Berlin and took gorgeous photos that use the UAV to show Berlin — but more importantly, everyday life, from a new perspective.  Here’s a video made up of those photos:

Bolt also took his UAV out this summer and got an unexpected shot of a shadow jumping into the water to cool off.  He used the Go Pro to shoot 120 frames per second and slowed it down to amazing results, seven seconds of summer stretched out to one minute.

This video from eGarage about youth and go-karts uses UAVs to track the karts racing.

We showed you another video of this year’s Burning Man festival, but it turns out that bringing UAVs to the event was par for the course this year.  Take a look at this other video, which has racked up over 1 million views.

And, finally, for something completely different.  Be careful with UAVs, especially when you’ve gotta look good for your wedding day.

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why spoil great views with ‘music’. How can I feel I am there, looking at amazing views, when there’s a full orchestra flying along with me? Let’s hear the motors, the wind, and anythibg else that’s happening.


Am I the only one that doesn’t se any videos on this page???


This is what happens when inexperienced pilots take their quadcopters out in populated areas:

It is only a matter of time before a bystander gets seriously injured or killed, which will create huge problems for people flying UAVs legitimately.

Elliot Sanchez

Laddee fricken dah, the jerks got permits to film aerials… Woopie, you're not gawking at creativity or technical achievement – but MONEY. Get a life this isn't filmmaking it's MONEY.

Concerned FPVer

Flying over people or above populated areas, traffic, buildings, etc is very irresponsible. Eventually someone will get hurt, multirotors do fall from the sky. They have many components that can fail at any time: motors, ESC's, flight controllers, interference on GPS or RC link, etc. Flying and filming with RC aircraft/ drones should only be done over empty space and never over people. We don't need incidents that may lead to complete bans of FPV enjoyment


This one is nice.


ooo, and this one:

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