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Watch: Extended Clip, Behind-The-Scenes Footage & Honest Trailer For ‘World War Z’

Watch: Extended Clip, Behind-The-Scenes Footage & Honest Trailer For 'World War Z'

By now, “World War Z“—its production, the reshoots, the scrapped ending, the surprisingly strong box office take—has been discussed, dissected and talked over six ways to Sunday. And with the movie arriving on home video this week, that talk is coming up again, albeit in smaller doses. So here’s a quick trip through the good and bad of the movie, thanks to some promo material unveiled in conjunction with the Blu-ray release.

First up, some behind-the-scenes footage zeroes in on the Korea sequence, if only to remind us that James Badge Dale is a damn chameleon and should be in more of everything, always. Next, is pretty terrific five-minute clip of the sequence that finds Brad Pitt and his onscreen family making a run for a rescue helicopter, from the apartment they’ve been hiding out in. It’s a reminder that when “World War Z” works, it really does. And lastly, another Honest Trailer that breaks down the ridiculousness of the movie as well.

Watch it all below and tell us how think “World War Z” will be remembered and if you even want a sequel.

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I'm sick of Brad Pitt.
I'm sick of zombies.
I'm sick of Lindelof.
I'm sick of you.
I'm sick of your witty retorts.
Go on, you. Retort.

lily dom

my Aunty Brianna hated this movie.

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