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Watch: First Teaser Trailer For ‘Grace Of Monaco’ Starring Nicole Kidman

Watch: First Teaser Trailer For 'Grace Of Monaco' Starring Nicole Kidman

While certain Oscar prognosticators have already called the awards season race over and given all the awards to “12 Years A Slave,” there is still months to go and lots of pictures to come into play, and one that has been behind the curtain thus far is “Grace Of Monaco.” Skipping the fall festival circuit, the latest effort from “La Vie En Rose” helmer Olivier Dahan tackles another historic figure, this time from the movie world, although in tale that has little to do with the action on set. And now we have our first look.

Nicole Kidman leads the picture as Grace Kelly, with the 1962 set story detailing her involvement with dispute between Monaco’s Prince Rainier III and France’s Charles De Gaulle as the threat of invasion looms. And the teaser trailer doesn’t offer up too much except a sense of elegance, good set design and Kidman looking fabulous in a various bunch of expensive looking outfits. Whether this just winds up as this year’s “My Week With Marilyn” or something meatier, we’ll have to see. But if it delivers on old school grace matched with good material, this could be a sleeper.

Co-starring Tim Roth, Paz Vega, Parker Posey, Frank Langella and Milo Ventimiglia“Grace Of Monaco” crowns your local theater starting on November 27th. [The Guardian]

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I agree that Amy Adams should've played Grace Kelly. She looks like her a lot.


The Kidman haters are out in their numbers today. I agree with whoever said that people want Amy Adams in every role. So true! Hahah. She has no presence.


It's not often The Narrator is the highlight of a teaser trailer but thanks to Kidman's lack of screen presence, this is the case … and the Oscar goes to Frank Langella!!


The teaser looks decadent, elegant and sumptuous, but difficult to get a feel for how this film will play out – to me, it appears the film will be either a snooze fest or a sleeper hit…but as for Kidman, pretty difficult to say much without hearing her speak as Grace. I think slot will come down to nailing Grace's distinct voice. As for the look, I think there is a resemblance to Grace, but perhaps Kidman is too recognisable to be believable as Grace. She may have n,ot nailed the look as some think


A huge opportunity and audience lost by not casting Amy Adams in this.


What a snore-fest. The trailer leaves me as cold as Kidman's acting.


Nicole should get a Chanel or Dior endorsement from this movie.


I wouldn't think Amy Adams but surely not Nicole Kidman. And I'm a fan of both talented ladies. She may need to grow in her acting abilities but Dianna Agron should have played a younger Grace!

The casting of this movie is awful.

Woops Kiri

Amy Adams should've played Grace Kelly.


Nicole Kidman looks beautiful but all I see is Nicole Kidman and not Grace Kelly (just basing on this teaser trailer). A bit disappointed.


She's a good actress. I am surprised at how good this looks, almost personal. I do think she nails the poise and overall sadness of the woman, but she doesn't nail the look.

little My

Wow this is what film making is about, some of those shots are breathtaking and Nicole Kidman is mysterious, beautiful and possessing that old Hollywood glamour that is non existent anymore.

very voyeuristic feel to it.

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