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Watch First Trailer For Controversial Documentary ‘Let The Fire Burn’

Watch First Trailer For Controversial Documentary ‘Let The Fire Burn’

In my article this past Wednesday, about the upcoming documentary Let The Fire Burn (HERE), I said that the incident, involving
the back to nature, black radical group MOVE, and the Philadelphia Police, “was a major media story in the
country for weeks and the subject of much intense debate.

A few people doubted that statement, and if you don’t remember
it, you obviously weren’t around back then, but believe me it was.

The film, which is being released through Zeitgeist Films, and begins a
theatrical run in October in major
cities, including New York and Chicago, chronicles that story, which
led to the infamous May 1985
standoff between the police and the group, which ultimately lead to the deaths of several adults and children, and the total destruction of an entire neighborhood.

A trailer for the film wasn’t available at the time of that previous post. However, it’s been released today and is embedded below:

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the people who doubted it was a major media event were born after the event….didn't have a tv…or are just plain idiots!


The MOVE people critically analyzed America. They found that they (and every Black and NON WHITE PERSON) are COLONIZED in America. You can CHOOSE to believe you are not (Who You Are) and are somehow special, but you can NEVER deny the way White Americans and other minorities HAVE BEEN SOCIALIZED BY THE MEDIA to mis-treat you.

Move seen through systemic and institutionalized racism. And "for them" the only way out of this type of system was to REJECT IT ENTIRELY.

And because of their REJECTION of America – White America by and through their steppin fetch BLACK Mayor KILLED THEM.

think about it critically, Would the jews join with Hitler and kill their own?

so why are WE ALLOWING these white folks to "stop frisk" OVERLY JAIL, and Kill our Black men on a day to day basis by rolling in Heroin, Crack and GUNS into poor and materially starved Black communities. Then SENSATIONALIZED Black crime and death while IGNORING White crime and White drug usage.

98% of whites are killed by whites.

No to mention NOT HIRING Black men and LYING on them by saying they are LAZY, when in reality America sent those jobs to bangladesh, India, China for .35 a hour labor.

Technology and robots are taking the rest of the jobs. THEREFORE, what kind of government would allow this?



I am from Philadelphia. Those people are not martyrs or heroes. Every person living in the BLACK neighborhoods that they occupied was subject to harassment by bullhorn, rats, filth, fleabitten dogs… Even though it can't be proven, they are believed to have murdered a man who tried to get visitation with his son after leaving the group. The children were often naked and completely uneducated. Unless you were there, you don't really understand. The police erred because the neighbors had been complaining about them for years and nothing was done. They sat and watched while they fortified the house and did nothing. And then some idiot decided to drop a bomb, which destroyed a block and a half of a middle class black neighborhood. If the MOVE people are interested in going "back to nature" why do they choose to live in a large city? Even after getting a multimillion dollar settlement from the city, they bought another house in Philadelphia.

Andre Seewood

I'm with you on this one Sergio, the MOVE tragedy was one of the seminal events in my early political upbringing that firmly placed the polemical wedge inbetween "us" and "them" as it related to the political and ideological freedoms of Black people vis-a-vis the authority of the American government as represented by the Philadelphia's Black mayor, W. Wilson Goode, the police. In one of the first books that was released after the tragedy, ATTENTION, MOVE! THIS IS AMERICA by Margo Harry finally let the cat out of the proverbial bag by noting that a commission member, Bruce Kauffman, who presided over the multiple hearings that sprang up after the event declared," that racism played a role in the assault. According to the commission, the decisions to use powerful explosives, extensive firepower, the bomb and then to let the fire burn "would not likely have been made had the MOVE house and its occupants been situated in a comparable white neighborhood." (Pg. 140-141) The MOVE tragedy seems to demonstrate that the intractable divisions of class, race, religion and ideology within both the Black community and the white power structure are always highly volitale, regardless of the fact that that white power structure was being commanded by a Black mayor. The horrifying events of the MOVE tragedy exposes the weakness of "intergration" theory as a means to safeguard Blacks from the white power structure because so often those Blacks who gain access to "white" power, privilege and class status become simply the tools for the status quo and act with greater malice towards their own race for reasons tied to the effort to maintain that class, power and privilege. As Alice Walker said in her stunning article about the tragedy," NOBODY WAS SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE": The MOVE Massacre of '85": "The real reason for the government hit-squad is no secret: MOVE is an organization of radical utopians. Their political activity, their allusions to Africa, their dreadlocks, all speak rejection of the system. For this, they have been harassed, besieged, framed, beaten, shot, jailed and now bombed." (Ibid, pg. 214) A seminal moment in history.

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