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Watch: First Trailer For ‘The Railway Man’ Starring Colin Firth & Nicole Kidman

Watch: First Trailer For 'The Railway Man' Starring Colin Firth & Nicole Kidman

For a movie starring Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman and Stellan Skarsgard, and based on a harrowing true story, “The Railway Man” hasn’t been garnering all that much buzz out of the Toronto International Film Festival (you can read our review here).  Still, it’s a movie that is definitely going to be reaching theaters outside of the festival and as proof Lionsgate has released a new trailer for the film, full of gorgeous cinematography, emotionally manipulative music cues, and Firth writhing around on the floor. Can you say “blockbuster?”

Jonathan Teplitzky directed the film, which is based on a bestselling memoir by Eric Lomax. Firth plays Lomax, a man who was captured in Signapore and forced into a Japanese POW camp, where he was made to work on the Thai-Burma Railway. Kidman plays his wife, who wants to get to the bottom of her husband’s suffering and Skarsgard is a fellow survivor of the ordeal. Also, one of our favorite Japanese actors Hiroyuki Sanada plays one of the torturers who Firth catches up with.

And while the trailer is very compelling, full of lovely vistas and a whole lot of acting by Firth, Kidman and Skarsgard, by all accounts the movie is somewhat limp and hampered by a damningly clumsy structure that robs the story of much of its dramatic impact.

So far the movie will be making its debut in Australia in December, although a US release date has yet to be solidified (it’s blah reaction probably means it’s out of the Oscar running this year). Watch the trailer below and see if it stirs you.

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Little My, this is indiewire. If it is not a film by one of their favourite directors then they will spin the positive and make it sound negative. If it is a fave director then watch them spin the negative reviews into a positive. It is all spin. TRM moved people to tears but apparently according to this write up the reaction has been blah. Head over to Twitter and read REAL reactions to the film from FILMGOERS.


Little My
This is indiewire, if the film is not directed by their favourite directors then they find a wat r


Looks great, Colin Firth great as always, Nicole Kidman is very expressive, but I think is Jeremy who steals the show in this film . I do hope it will release for Awards Season, it would be a good competitor at the Oscars.! Colin Firth is gorgeous.

Little MY

Variety Positive Review
IndieWires the Playlist B- ( isnt that mixed to positive)
Ropes of Silicon B
Screen International postive review
The Guardian 4/5
Telegraph 3/5

Why is indie wire badmouthing the film?


Very moving clip – can't wait to see it in the Atlanta, GA area! moved to tears – was when I read the book as well…please release soon!


It looks great! I can't wait to see it!

A Man with Answers

Ahem, ahem; The reception at Toronto was good, the production company is just waiting to sell the distribution rights until the festival is over.


Nicole Kidman looks stunning! Oscar nomination now!

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