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Watch: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants Musicians, Audio Remixers and Curators For His New TV Show

Watch: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants Musicians, Audio Remixers and Curators For His New TV Show

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is now looking for musicians, audio remixers and curators for “hitRECord on TV,” the new variety show he is hosting for Pivot, Participant Media’s new cable network. The actor recently put a call out for writers and visual artists, and in a video message posted earlier today on YouTube, asked for musicians to create the opening music for the new show. “There is so much good instrumental music on the site already,” he said in the message. “Couldn’t we remix some of those instrumental pieces into opening music?”

He is asking musicians and audio remixers to “find a piece of instrumental music that reminds you of one of our eight themes” and remix into 20-second pieces of music that ends with “it’s time to hit RECord.” You can contribute here. But don’t worry if you’re not a musician or audio remixer. Gordon-Levitt said, “If you don’t fancy yourself an artist…but you still have good taste, I would call you a curator.” And he’s looking for curators to “make theme-specific albums of funny, weird, or beautiful interstitial video moments from the site that you think should be developed into our 8 TV episodes,” according to the YouTube page.

Contributors whose work is used will receive compensation, as Gordon-Levitt explains here. And it’s not the first time (or the
last) that Gordon-Levitt will appeal to creatives to contribute to
HitRECord. “I implore you. Come work on our show! We’re making TV, but it’s going to be good TV,” Gordon-Levitt says in the video. Check out the video below. Do you plan to contribute?

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Artists do get paid ONLY IF their piece is used, not just for contributing. There are hundreds of thousands of contributions already on hitRECord. And the show isn't called "The Regularity," that's just the title of Joe's daily updates and requests. The TV show is called "hitRECord on TV," and the 8 episodes they are currently working on will air on PIVOT (new channel already on the air via Directv, ATT, other cable networks) starting in January, but not on mainstream network tv.

Paula Bernstein

Thanks for pointing that out, Kevin. I have updated the piece to make that clear.

Kevin Maistros

They make it pretty clear in most of the other videos that contributors do, in fact, get paid. Actually know a few people who've received checks of their own :)

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