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Watch: New Trailer, Poster & Pics For ‘Diana’ Starring Naomi Watts

Watch: New Trailer, Poster & Pics For 'Diana' Starring Naomi Watts

While her pal Nicole Kidman is out of the way as potential competition during this awards season, it’s still far from a slam dunk for Naomi Watts to be in the mix of contenders. Early word on the forthcoming “Diana” has not been good, being described as “car crash cinema,” “terrible and tacky” and “a right royal mess” in early reviews, but the picture will soldier on, hoping that once it goes a bit wider, there will be some champions for the film.

A brand new trailer is here to try and help with that goal. Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (“Downfall“), the movie tells the dramatic, romantic tale of the People’s Princess and her relationship with Pakistani heart surgeon, Dr. Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews), but things aren’t so easy with the paparazzi on your tail. Also including details of her humanitarian work and dalliance with Dodi Fayed, we’ll have to see if the reach is beyond the grasp in this pic.

“Diana” opens on November 1st. Trailer, poster (via EW) and pics below.

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The film is horrible. The script, the acting, the directing, the chemistry between Naomi and Naveen, everything is ridiculous and forced and just plain dumb. I really, really can't understand how the man who directed Downfall made this, and why on earth did an actress as smart and talented as Naomi picked this project. There is no way that script was ever decent.

The best thing that happened when I saw it was overhearing was this posh old lady saying to her husband at the end: "Well, this was rather terrible, wasn't it."


The woman has zero charisma, charm and presence, and they cast her as princess Diana? She looks like Prince William in drag!


I've seen it and I can assure you it won't have anywhere near enough support to make Watts even part of the conversation in the next few months. She's a brilliant actress, but the movie is a baffling disaster.


The best trailer yet! I'll be seeing it tomorrow!

Alan B

OMG, I CANNOT wait for this movie. A trenchant look inside the life of a 20th Century Icon. I hope the film producers do her story justice.

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