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Watch Teaser Trailer For ‘The Jews Of Ghana: From The Four Corners Of The Earth’

Watch Teaser Trailer For 'The Jews Of Ghana: From The Four Corners Of The Earth'

The first thing I thought of when I read about this was, another documentary we featured on this site last year – RE-EMERGING: The Jews of Nigeria, which documents the lives of Igbo people who have embraced Judaism as a part of their legacy, and who believe Igbos are really descendants of Israelites.

And now, from Toronto-based director Gabrielle Zilkha comes The Jews of Ghana: From the Four Corners of the Earth, which follows a remote Ghanaian community known as the Sefwis, who have been practicing Judaism for centuries, and who only recently (over the last 20 years) learn that they weren’t alone, with millions of people around the world also following the very same religion.

The film will document their journey of discovery, which includes their very first trip to Israel.

The filmmakers successfully raised close to $16,000 via Kickstarter last year, which went into launching production of the film, which I’m now told is ongoing currently, and will likely continue into early 2014 when the above initial trip to Israel will happen. 

In the meantime, a teaser for the film was shot in February of this year, and has been released online, and is embedded below. 

Further details:

Zilkha herself was struck by their story on her first visit to Ghana when they opened their hearts and homes to her during Rosh Hashanah, a time when she was feeling very alone in her Judaism far from her familiar life in Canada. Since then she has worked tirelessly on the project, taking a break and make Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny, which won the audience and the juror’s awards at the Inside Out Film Festival earlier this year. The teaser not only gives a very explicit view of the day to day lives of the Jews of Sefwi Wiawso, it gives a hopeful glimpse into the future when we see our lone worshiper joined by his congregation and we picture members of this tiny community in Israel, enthralled and enveloped in the vast world-wide community of Judaism. Watching the teaser, one realizes that whatever the Jews of Sefwi Wiawso, Ghana, find in Israel, they will most certainly be making Israel and Judaism richer for their contribution.
To stay up-to-date on the film’s progress, visit its website at
Watch the teaser below:

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Joseph Charm Mintah

Felix I think You are right.

Felix Davis

I know for a fact that this group of Ghanaian Jews are not the only ones in Ghana. The Akan tribes can trace their heritage all the way back to Israel. Mankessim holds a monument describing how the Fantis migrated from Egypt through Abyssinia to Ghana. Their place of Origin being Israel. Why else will they be forbidden not to eat Pork, determine lineage by their women, be circumciced on the 8th day, mourn for the dead for 30 days, cover themselves with sackcloth when in mourning etc etc etc. Unfortunately, these groups are all Israelites who have been converted to Christianity but bear the marks of their ancient heritage. I remember my grandmother passing on to us that we are direct decendants of Naphtali. How else do you find modern day jews with names like Fanti and Sahene (war lord in the Akan language). The Gas are no exception. They miror the customs of the Akans and go further to celebrate the passover verbatim year after year. Our Sefwi family members were simply not tainted with the conversion which took place. Period! The Sefwi are Akans – remember. They have the same customs of not having relations with their wives when they have their menses just like the rest of the Akan family. They are not any different in customary practice. Their God is also called "the God of Saturday" just like the God of the Akans. Whenever you visit the Akans, ask which clan they belong to and check their clan emblems – they tell a story that cannot be disputed and in fact they do not need to be authenticated by anyone. They are who they are! Till today I do not eat Pork and do practice my ancient Judaic customs and thanks to my wife who is not Akan because she does not bring any pork home!

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