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Watch Trailer For Upcoming Rom-Com ‘Four Seasons’ (Yes, Another Rom-Com)

Watch Trailer For Upcoming Rom-Com ‘Four Seasons’ (Yes, Another Rom-Com)

Yes they are popping up like daisies everywhere aren’t they?

But here’s your first look at the upcoming romantic
comedy Four Seasons, directed by Chicago
based filmmaker Christopher Nolen (no that’s Nolen, not to be confused with Christopher Nolan of Dark Knight
movie fame).

No Christian Bale is not in the movie, but it does stars Robin
Givens, Jazsmin Lewis, Keith Robinson, Christian Keyes, Mel Jackson, Laila
Odom, Amanda Grace Marcheschi, Meredith Rae Lyons, Harold Dennis, Prinses
Hemphill, Tiffany Torrence-Davis
and Nolen himself.

The film deals with
Xavier Lamar Jackson (played by Robinson), a 36 year old player who is “almost” ready to settle down
and get married.

However, to make his decision easier, he decides to date a
different woman each season, choosing one of them to marry within a year.

Here’s the trailer:

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for some reason, this wasn't that bad.

i may actually watch this when it comes out, hahahaha!!!

Geneva Girl

I thought the four season rule was this: You have to date someone through all four seasons before you know he or she is the one.

Is this a straight-to-video flick? It doesn't look promising.


Good luck to this man and I hope his film is successful. But it reminds me of one of Tambay's recent blogs where he talks about black filmmakers not going outside the genres we're known for, those being rom-coms, gospel, etc. We avoid the genres. Why? Unfortunately for me, this looks like every other black film made in the past 15 years. (sigh) I'm still waiting for the black communities first Alfred Hitchcock or Stanley Kubrick, filmmakers who dabble in various genres. I don't see black film going very far in the next 25 years without imaginative visionaries like the directors I just named.


Seriously… I would love to see more action, sci fi and horror movies starring people of color. How many times can we keep recycling the same movies over and over again until the culture says enough. We as artists truly have to broaden our vision to a much more international approach… and quit being so damn local.

By that I mean as a larger entity, I'm not saying that some of us don't have a different perspective… but the majority are too busy trying to do exactly what tyler perry did by following in his exact foot steps.


You lost me at Christian Keyes & Jaszmin Lewis, but I watched the trailer anyway. Mel Jackson, too? All you need is Chico Benymon to make this completely indistinguishable from a Jecaryous Talbert-Perry stage play.

Wasn't the worst trailer ever, but it's definitely something they could have kept.

Miles Ellison

Movies like this have the same relationship to romantic comedies that Sharknado has to Jaws.


Who told Christopher Nolen he'd have a successful chick-flick without giving the drummer some? I mean, everyone knows the drummer is the glue… the driving force behind most great players. Without them the band has a hard time staying on beat and thus falls apart. So the smartest and wisest entertainers always gives the drummer some.

The drummers in this chick flick are – of course – black woman, but they're not the shinning stars.

What black chick wants to see a movie in-which they're nothing but goofy grapes or dizzy Lizzies? Come on now, didn't Christopher see The Best Man, Love Jones, Soul Food, Waiting To Exhale or Think Like A Man? The women, the black chicks, the drummers got some in those outstanding rom-coms, but in this rendition of black love gone wild, the women appear to be nothing but foils.

Btw, the word foil comes from the old practice of backing gems with foil in order to make them shine more brightly. That said, what black women wants to belittle themselves so the black man can shine? Come on now, the drummer should always get some, shouldn't she?

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