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Weinstein Company Wants Your Original Ideas For ‘Master Storyteller’ Contest (Deadline 10/3)

Weinstein Company Wants Your Original Ideas For 'Master Storyteller' Contest (Deadline 10/3)

The Weinstein Company has announced a “Master Storytellercontest, in association with NextMovie, which will award one lucky master storyteller the opportunity to have their pitch or film treatment read by one of the company’s development executives, with the possibility of seeing their idea become a reality in the form of a feature film. 

The details courtesy of TWC and NextMovie below (as always, make sure you read the fine print):

Despite the fact that it’s never been easier to make a movie, budding filmmakers continue to find that it’s never been harder to actually get their movie seen. Digital technology has democratized the filmmaking world to the point where anyone with an iPhone can make a feature film worthy of a global audience, but there’s never been so much competition for eyeballs and attention. And if Kickstarter has taught us anything, it’s that the field is even more crowded at the pre-production stage, and that even the best ideas need some outside help. If it’s never been more possible to make a film on your own, it’s also never been more helpful to make a film with the support of a major production company.

But The Weinstein Company wants to help you out. As the grand prize of their awesome new “Master Storyteller” contest, the people behind huge recent films like “Django Unchained”, “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” and “Silver Linings Playbook” are offering one talented winner the opportunity to have their pitch or film treatment read by one of the company’s Development Executives. Not buried at the bottom of a stack of unsolicited scripts or skimmed by an intern, but genuinely and carefully read by one of the few people capable of actually transforming your idea into a major feature-film. And by the time your pitch is crowned the winner, The Weinstein Company will be paying very close attention, as your idea will have been one of five finalists chosen by a sponsored judge on the merits of its creative vision, its originality, and the viability of the idea as the germ of a movie that could actually be made. While the contest naturally doesn’t guarantee that The Weinstein Company will develop the winning pitch, this is nevertheless an incredibly rare opportunity to get your foot in a door that seems to be closing more and more every year.

To submit, entrants must send written treatments between 200 and 1,000 words in length, describing the premise and plot of your proposed film, which can’t have ever been publicly published or submitted to any prior contests.

To enter, visit The Weinstein Company’s Facebook page or NextMovie’s Facebook page. After “liking” The Weinstein Company’s page, you’ll be able to access an entry form.  The contest closes at 11:59 A.M. (EST) on October 3rd. So you’ve got just over a week. Better get to work – if you don’t already have something written.

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Anybody know what happened to the TWC Master Storyteller results? They were supposed to post the short list on 10/18


i've got an original idea… hesitant. oh well, why not. *submits*


I'll just bet they want our original ideas. The Weinstein Company works in mysterious ways.


read the terms and ehhhh they can steal your material with the quickness, I'll pass.


I guess everyone is still yapping about Kerry Washington over there. I finally stopped laughing, damn I have stomach cramps. Laughing over Weinstein. You want me to send you my idea Weinstein? Ideas can be stolen, what are you ignorant Weinstein?! I'd rather they be accepting screenplays. Screenplays that are registered with the WGA and copyrighted. Nice try Weinstein. Then if you win and you write the script for them, it'll be so watered down and buffooned with notes, you'll end up with a Lee Daniels, "I didn't go to school Mr. President. I grew up in the cotton fields." No thanks.

Adam Scott Thompson

Thanks, Tambay!

Barbara Soloski Albin

The Weinstein Film Company already have great material that they let slip through their fingers, The No. 1 Ladies' detective Agency. Wonderful series that appealed to entire families all over the world, an on going FB site run by me, number of fans keep increasing with no advertisement. Bring back Jill Scott, Anika Noni Rose, Lucian Msamati and Desmond Dube first.


not avalible in my country. I guess yanks have all the good ideas :(

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