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What Do You Think Will Happen? Market Research Says Fans Believe Walter White Will Survive ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale

What Do You Think Will Happen? Market Research Says Fans Believe Walter White Will Survive ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale

He poisoned a child, murdered Mike, watched Jane die and done no shortage of horrible, awful things, and yet Walter White remains one of the most complex characters we’ve seen on television in quite some time. With “Breaking Bad” set to say goodbye in just over 48 hours, excitement and speculation is running rampant about how it will all end. We’ve stuck with Walter through five seasons, and while he remains the protagonist of the show, the man trying to fight cancer and provide for his family has morphed into an ego-fuelled, hubris-driven monster, with our sympathies draining along with it. Or have they? According to some timely market research, it seems there are a good chunk of fans who’d like to him live.

Online market research firm Survata surveyed 721 people planning to watch the finale on Sunday, and asked them witch ending they would prefer to see. The answer? A rather surprising 24% want to see Walter gets his money back from Jack Welker, dodge the fuzz and ride off into the sunset. While we’re still stuck on why anyone would want to see Walt get away with his misdeeds rather than pay for them, it’s not an outcome that we think is likely to happen. 

That being said, when asked what they think will happen in the finale, 20% say Walter will survive one way or another. And well, yeah, that’s certainly a possibility, though at the end of last week’s episode, it seems he’s headed into a death wish from which he won’t survive (and we’d wager a few more bodies might stack up along the way).

You can see the full survey results below, but what do you think will happen? Weigh in with your predictions and we’ll see when the dust clears on Monday. [via Warming Glow]

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20% say he will live. 80% say he will die…..

Will Moffett

Stuff will be way crazier…


I have no idea how this will shake out. Perhaps Walt ends up killing the brotherhood and saving Jesse, but betrays him with ricin? Who knows? But my theory is that by the end of the show, the only three (?) left standing are Marie, Holly, and maybe Walt Jr. The rest will perish


As long as Todd and his dumbass Neo-Nazi uncles get killed off, I'll consider it a happy ending, whatever else may happen. Hank Schrader deserves Justice!


Andrew brings up a good point. They have been bringing the ricin back (for seasons now) and still not used it. It's like Godard said, "If you introduce a gun in the first act, it'll be used in the third." But then what about the cancer? Seems to me that it would be book-ended and be the thing that killed him. I think the audience would demand Walter pay for his crimes, though, so he's gotta die.


He's gonna use the ricin on himself. No doubt.


no way he survives, he dies and jesse gets away. Jesse probably kills him

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