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What Would Ayn Rand Think? ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Hits Kickstarter To Get Cash For Final Film In Trilogy

What Would Ayn Rand Think? 'Atlas Shrugged' Hits Kickstarter To Get Cash For Final Film In Trilogy

If the market has dictated anything it’s that no one cares about “Atlas Shrugged.” The reception to the trilogy has been pretty dismal both critically and commercially, with the first part earning $4.6 million and second even less, with $3.3 million. The budget on the first movie alone was $20 million and something tells us Ayn Rand herself would tell the filmmakers to get out of this while they still can. Somehow $10 million more dollars is being spent on a third installment, and the filmmakers want your money.

Producers have hit Kickstarter, hat in hand, asking for $250,000 dollars, even though they claim not to actually need it, they’re just doing it for publicity (but still, they’ll take your money if you give it to them). “There is an incredible amount of vitriol out there and we have every intention of capitalizing on it this time around,” producer Harmon Kaslow told THR. “The day we launch the Kickstarter campaign those haters are going to come alive. They’re going to come after us in droves, attacking us everywhere online. To them, we say, thank you.” You’re welcome?

As always, there all kinds of levels you can donate at if you really want to make this movie that no one will see happen, from $10 will which get your name on a website (seriously) to $10,000 where you will get the exclusive, once in a lifetime opportunity to “hang out” with Karmon and director John Aglialoro at the premiere of the movie. Whoa!

If all goes according to plan, they’ll shoot this fall, for a release in late 2014. In short, “Atlas Shrugged 3” is coming, which we reckon will be met with a shrug from just about everyone. 

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any fan of Rand would not support this. They are exploiting her image, and her lifes work to earn money, while they have no quality or tallent to do so. They are moochers.. who will accomplish something only through qualities of others. disgusting.


Ayn Rand this financial span is ironic.


"The movie is actually already fully funded. The Atlas Shrugged Movie Kickstarter campaign is not so much about money as it is about marketing."

Kickstarter expressly prohibits awareness campaigns. Reported.


Zack – You are a moron! I get so sick and tired of people hating on other people wanting to remain an individual. Followers as I call them are anyone who hold to their leader "who can do no wrong". Let it be Bush or Obama for all I care. All I want is to be left alone by the government and to do with my earnings what I see fit. That doesn't make you associated with any one movement or ideology. Still people like you have such a small brain you take offense to us not "wanting to be part of your group". So you force us through taxes and the threat of jail to support programs we would never use. I would starve to death or ask for charity before I ever used a program like welfare or food stamps. So why should I have to pay for it????


Too bad everyone who'd pay to see this already blew all their spare money on George Zimmerman's defense fund.


I love this synopsis on the Kickstarter… "Atlas Shrugged tells the compelling story of a country whose economic system is on the brink of collapse. Who is John Galt?"

To anyone unfamiliar with the book, that just seems like an unrelated question at the end…. "Interstellar follows a group of intrepid scientists as they travel to the ends of our scientific understanding. Did you check the mail?"

Matt N.

Just made my donation! Thanks, guys.

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