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40 Female Filmmakers to Follow on Twitter: A Crowdsourced List

40 Female Filmmakers to Follow on Twitter: A Crowdsourced List

We recently compiled a list of 10 Female Filmmakers to follow on Twitter and asked for suggestions of others to add. So here’s an updated list of 40 Female Filmmakers to follow on Twitter (with the newest additions at the top followed by the original list). Once again, this is not a comprehensive list, nor is it ranked. 

In some cases, the filmmakers listed below are also be actresses and/or writers, but they have all directed and/or produced films. We also checked to make sure they all have active Twitter presences. So go ahead and follow these 40 female filmmakers:

1. Stacie Passon @StaciePasson

2. Jill Soloway @jillwaysolo

3. Diablo Cody @diablocody

4. Lake Bell @lakebell

5. Megan Griffiths @thecinechick

6. Deepa Mehta @iamdeepamehta

7. Victoria Mahoney @VictoriaMahoney

8. Mira Nair @MiraPagliNair 

9. Haifaa Al Mansour @HaifaaMansour

10. Brit Marling @britmarling

11. Ondi Timoner @onditimoner

12. Nadine Labaki @NadineLabaki

13. Megan Ellison @meganeellison

14. Cherien Dabis @CherienDabis

15. Catherine Hardwicke @C_Hardwicke

16. Callie Khouri @CallieKhouri

17. Tiffany Shlain @Tiffanyshlain

18. Lynda Obst @lyndaobst

19. Angela Robinson @robinsonangela

20. Liz Garcia @lizwgarcia

21. Christine Vachon @kvpi

22. Asia Argento @AsiaArgento

23. Elle Schneider @elleschneider

24. Sally El Hosaini @sallyelhosaini

25. Miranda Bailey @mirandambailey

26. Lydia Dean Pilcher @queendean

27. Penny Lane @lennypane

28. Nancy Schwartzman @fancynancynyc

29. Paola Mendoza @paolamendoza

30. Barbara Kopple @barbarakopple

31. Gale Anne Hurd @GunnerGale

32. Miranda July @Miranda_July

33. Sarah Polley @SarahPolley

34. Lena Dunham @LenaDunham

35. Jane Rosenthal @JaneTribeca

36. Lucy Walker@LucyWalkerFilm

37. Ava DuVernay @AVAETC

38 Katie Aselton @duplaselton

39. Allison Anders @MsAllisonAnders

40. Lynn Shelton@lynnsheltonfilm

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Anne Marie Carty

Also add Louise Wadley in Sydney who’s currently in post production with her feature film "All About E" @AllAboutE_

Kelly Daisy

Lake Bell! Why stop at 40?!

Linda McGuire

Just looking back at comments and this is starting to look like a nice database for Women in Film on top of the listed ’40’. Stay in touch @manamoanafilm cheers. Linda

Linda McGuire

Great list indeed. Sticking my neck out, but as an indie film-maker who’s having to take care of the baby ‘Mana Moana’ on her own with a Zero budget, be nice to get some followers @manamoanafilm. Also, @indiefilmsprite is a growing female led Film PR outfit dedicated to film promotion. Happy tweeting! Linda McGuire @manamoanafilm

Donna Conway

You really need to include "Jenji Kohen’ to that list to complete it!!? Writer/Director of ‘Weeds’ & ‘Orange is the New Black’!

And me, Vickie Sampson @directorgal.

Great list! More and more every day!! Let showrunners and producers know there ARE women directors out there.

Victoria Negri

Here’s a bunch more: @annamartemucci @craia9 @djkfilms (Deborah Kampmeier), me @victorianegri @laurenschacher @laurentracyfilm

Elizabeth Hagale

Well, if we can suggest ourselves, I’m a female filmmaker on Twitter! @habagel

Dylan Rhys

Don’t forget the up-and-coming woman film maker Wynter Rhys at @Wynterbay. See her latest film called Little Red on YouTube.


@erikalust is missing! Swedish writer and erotic film director based in Barcelona. Check out her last project xconfessions ;)

Indiewire Editors

Thanks for all of your feedback. Of course, there are so many worthy filmmakers who have not been featured here. Also, thanks to your feedback for pointing out that we initially listed the incorrect Twitter handles for both Sarah Polley and Miranda Bailey. We have updated that information.


why not actually publish this as a list on twitter?


Sad to see that Sarah Polley’s left the directing game to earn all that money online. bummer…


Dear Indiewire,

That is most certainly NOT Ms. Sarah Polley’s twitter.



Melinda Augustina

Recommend Effie Brown @DulyNotedInc and Becky Smith @WaterdogFilms, Stephanie Allain @ProducedbySteph


The Sarah Polley account is bogus..

Shawn I Chevalier

A couple have under 100 followers. Follow me! Writer/Producer/Actress of Intervention-The Webseries and Bleeding just to live.

Margaret Byrne



Shira Piven?

Jen Vargas

I’m also on Twitter! @jenvargas


Wendy Dent; @WendyDent, @WendyDentFilms, Australian doc and drama filmmaker, USC Visiting Scholar 2012-2013 and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader 2013-2018


This list should definitely include Jehane Noujaim @JehaneNoujaim. Director of The Square which is up for an Oscar.


@berishalmashi, building a film industry in Kurdistan – Iraq.

Alexia Anastasio

So many other. This is a good start.
Cheryl Dunye @cdunye
Leslie Linka Glatter @LeslilinkaG
Susan Skoog @susanskoog
Jen Senko @BrainwashingDad
Joan Sekler @sekler2001
Holly Hardman @holly_hardman
Leah Meyerhoff @LeahMeyerhoff
Alexandra Roxo @AlexandraRoxo
Xan Aranda @XanAranda
Signe Baumane @SigneAnimated
Alexia Anastasio @alexiaanastasio

Eugene Haynes

Wow- Ms. Bernstein!
:) Where the hell is @AVAETC (Ava DuVernay- who even distributes her own films). You're kidding; Not even in the top 40. This is "," right? Research, Research, Research.


Anna Darrah

And Jane Campion… maybe if we all follow her she'll tweet. @jane_campion

Barbara Ann O'Leary

I've been building this Twitter list of Women Filmmakers. 859 on the list at the moment.

Paula Bernstein

Biz, these is not a ranked list and the last 10 were the initial 10 we started with in our earlier article:


Francesca Archibugi @farchibugi , one of the best Italian movie director

Withnail and moi

You forgot one of the best directors out there (imo) Kelly Reichardt. And I would add Claire Denis, Agnes Varda, Chantal Akerman,etc, but I guess that they havent got much of a presence on twitter


This order is nuts. Your last 10 are the most fascinating and you have them… well, last?


@JeanieFinlay is also another


@AmmaAsante is another!

Paula Bernstein

I'm really appreciating all of the helpful feedback. As noted in the story, this list is by no means comprehensive, so of course, there are worthy filmmakers who have been left off. Perhaps we'll keep expanding until we create a comprehensive list of female filmmakers on Twitter. Thanks again everyone for keeping this conversation civilized and respectful.


Just out of curiosity, how were names filtered from the suggestions? I agree with another commenter that this list offers a more comprehensive view of female filmmakers, but there are names that were offered that are surprisingly absent even though the filmmakers have a considerable body of work and are active on social media… and use it as a tool to promote other filmmakers and causes.

Jenni Olson

Nice to see the bump up from 10 to 40 but still seems kind of arbitrary (I posted suggesting Gurinder Chadha — — and whatever criteria one might apply it's hard to imagine why she would be left off this list, she is certainly one of the leading international feature film directors and is very active on Twitter). I would love to see Indiewire invest even more energy in this angle and in general would be great to see even more stepped-up coverage of women directors. For folks wanting to connect with more than 40 women filmmakers on Twitter you can check out Barbara Ann O'Leary's very heartening list (with 183 accounts listed) right here:


Good on you Paula! These posts and comments have made some terrific connections! And there's now this daily women directors paper too, made from their tweets!


That's more like it! Thanks for adding more great names to an already impressive list. There were even a few we didn't have on our Twitter list, so we updated it (463 total now):

Carrie Wheeler

@carriewheeler Carrie Wheeler, Canadian producer attending #AFM2013


Millicent Shelton is also on Twitter. @1wildchld

Elena Rossini

Great list!

Following all the suggestions from your original post, I created this Twitter list of "women in film"… with over 100 names:

This way, their tweets are easier to follow :)

    Joel Franco

    Thank you Elena! Great list, I just subscribed


"My Brother the Devil"-Director Sally El Hosaini is also on Twitter:

Joel Franco

Mira Nair & Diablo Cody’s links are not correct…great to have lists like these and we can add some more!

Joel Franco

Forgot to mention…why not Lexy Alexander (@Lexialex)?

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