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5 Daily Tech Stories That Filmmakers (and Film Fans) Must Read: Netflix’s Ted Sarandos’ Call to the Industry and More

5 Daily Tech Stories That Filmmakers (and Film Fans) Must Read: Netflix's Ted Sarandos' Call to the Industry and More

1. Netflix:  Last weekend, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos gave a rousing speech at the Film Independent Forum.  In addition to boasting about the streaming service’s success, he criticized the “antiquated windows for movies,” saying it drives piracy. “Give the consumers what they want,” Sarandos said. Read his entire speech here.

2. Crowdfunding Beckett: Along with Milestone Films, archivist Ross Lipman is creating “NotFilm,” a documentary about the story behind Samuel Beckett’s “Film” (starring Buster Keaton) and its legendarily troubled production. Milestone is producing the film and plans to raise half of the film’s approximately $95,000 budget through IndieGoGo. Read more about the project here.

3. Filmmakers on Twitter: We recently compiled a list of 40 Female Filmmakers to follow on Twitter and asked for suggestions of others to add. The response was overwhelming, so we’ve expanded the list to 100 and opened it up to all filmmakers regardless of gender. See our list of 100 Filmmakers to Follow on Twitter.

4. Amazon Studios: Amazon Studios announced today that it has greenlit its first two drama pilots — “Bosch,” based on Michael Connelly’s best-selling Harry Bosch mystery series, and “The After,” from Chris Carter, creator of “The X-Files.” As with the comedies, these drama pilots will be put online for free for the public to watch and give feedback on, helping the company determine which will be ordered to series, writes Alison Willmore. Read her full story here.

5. Digital Cinema Projetcor:  The NC1100L Digital Cinema projector It is being touted as the world’s first Digital Cinema-compliant projector with laser light source built-in. NEC Display Solutions of America officially announced the projector today. The laser light source projector is targeted to exhibitors, art houses, mobile cinemas, theaters in universities and public buildings. The NC1100L projector features 2K (2048 x 1080) resolutions, 3D capabilities and 3-chip DMD reflection method. Read more about it here.

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Anne DeAcetis

On #1, Netflix: National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) President & CEO John Fithian is incensed, but all Sarandos is doing is daring NATO to innovate like everyone else. I mean, I can order dinner from restaurants to be delivered to my house every day. But do I still go out to restaurants? Yes. Because the service is better, the atmosphere is more stimulating, the food is hotter/fresher, the experience is premiere. NATO can cry that doing away with theatrical windows would kill movies, but that's only assuming the cinema stays exactly as it is now…crappy and unimaginative, and notably how it has been since the age of the dinosaurs, when many other industries have since reinvented themselves many times over. Theatres can fight modernity or they can focus on improving the tragically lousy in-theatre movie experience and innovate. It doesn’t seem that hard to me to offer something that Netflix could never rival through access alone. See my open letter to Fithian on this subject here:

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