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AFM 2013 – London-Set ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Sequel In The Works w/ Freeman, Bassett Returning, But No Fuqua

AFM 2013 - London-Set 'Olympus Has Fallen' Sequel In The Works w/ Freeman, Bassett Returning, But No Fuqua

When I first glanced at the headline for this story (courtesy of Screen Daily), I thought to myself: this is a joke, right?

The American Film Market (AFM) is set to get underway next week, and, as is typically the case, pre-market news is on the march, and we’re all over it!
This time around, Gerard Butler, Aaron EckhartMorgan Freeman, Angela Bassett and Radha Mitchell will all reprise their roles in what will be a sequel to this year’s Antoine Fuqua-directed White House actioner, Olympus Has Fallen, to be titled London Has Fallen!
The plot of the Millennium Films production, which will be shopped at the AFM, with the all-new Focus Features on board to release, will follow our good old American heroes as they set out to stop a terrorist plot to strike London, during the British Prime Minister’s funeral. 
With shooting scheduled to begin in London on May 5, 2014, no word on whether Antoine Fuqua will return to direct again. But it’s said that the script, penned by Katrin Benedikt and Creighton Rothenberger (they also wrote the screenplay for Olympus Has Fallen), is currently out to potential directors, which suggests that Fuqua isn’t a guarantee.
Olympus Has Fallen grossed $161 million worldwide ($98 million of that was domestic), on a $70 million production budget (not including P&A costs); Enough of a box office hit for FilmDistrict (the releasing studio, recently swallowed up by Universal) to consider backing a sequel.

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D.C. Kirkwood

Technically this movie was a flop. I didnt flop as hard a White House down but still a flop. I don't know why they are doing a sequel. They may need to rethink this one.

Emil B. Garuba

Yep, definitely saw this one coming. Its one of the better Die Hard-esque movies that has come around in a long while. Instant franchise builder. Couldn't say the same for White House Down! That was painful to watch :(


Fuqua is currently doing post-production on that Denzel movie which is coming out next fall so there is no way he'll be able to do this if they are planning to shoot the movie in may.

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