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‘BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez’ – Fundraising For Doc on Her Life (84% Funded; 5 Days To Go!)

'BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez' - Fundraising For Doc on Her Life (84% Funded; 5 Days To Go!)

On September 9th renowned poet and activist Sonia Sanchez turned 79 years old. The day also marked the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez, the upcoming documentary focused on telling her life story. 

The feature film, which takes its title from Sanchez’ second book of poetry, is intended for broadcast and will look at “Sanchez as a writer and at the groundbreaking artistic and political movements she embraced and influenced. At the heart of the film are her powerful words that often segue into song or chants, and at times are accompanied by music and even dance. Her work is read by Sanchez herself, and others including Ruby Dee, Nikki Giovanni, Ursula Rucker, Haki Madhubuti, Ayana Mathis, and John Bracey Jr.” 

Artists including Questlove, Talib Kweli, Ursula Rucker and Jessica Care Moore will also appear in the film. 

We previously covered the documentary last year when it received a grant from the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Film Fund. After three years in production the filmmakers, Barbara Attie, Janet Goldwater and Sabrina Schmidt Gordon, have now turned to crowdfunding to raise $55,000 in completion funds.   

Find a preview of the film in the Kickstarter pitch below, and to donate visit the campaign page HERE, or click within the widget below:

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Clyde Santana

Back in the summer of 1971, I joined her writers workshop in NYC held at the Countee Cullen Library. When I arrived for the first time, there were about 6- 8 black writers around the table. Sister Sonia arrived carrying her newborn twins, a said it's time to get to work. That was the beginning of my formal writing training. I later was given the opportunity to meet her again when she was a professor at Amherst College and she guided us in putting together the University of Massachusetts, DRUM MAGAZINE's First New England Colleges and Universities Black Poetry and Photography Anthology, 1975. It wouldn't have happened without her weekend after weekend guidance. It was almost every other weekend that we visited her and sat in her living room and backyard while she shared her food, juices and pies with us. And guided us through the trials and tribulations being a Black college students in an area still very much in conflict with recent civil rights legislation. Yes we were hungry graduate students and Sister Sonia was our big sister , one with a clear and dignified moral compass and one of the few Black professors in the area who you could go up to her house without an appointment, knock on the door and say, we were in the neighborhood, can we come in and talk? She was always there for those who needed her if she was in and gladly invited you in. It's great to see that she will be honored with the making of this historically significant film on a great teacher, writer, playwright and big sister.

Dean Filmmaker

Looking forward to seeing this documentary coming to fruition. What a way to celebrate this, our Icon's birthday, she turned 79 this past Sept 9th. Appreciate this article, her 17 books of poetry and the libation she spills into microphones celebrating blackness and our legacy. Write on, write on Sonia Sanchez.


Sonia Sanchez,she's passion of music really made me astonished.As a writer ,she let her poem become wonderful music with dance,this behavior destroy the limitation between different arts.
It came to me that human's pursuing for art is beyond the nation,age even culture.Her perseverance and enthusiasm of music can prove that.Contribute her whole life to what she love.
A great music master,looking forward to the film!


I knew her face was familiar but I forgot where I saw her. But the "activist" attribute reminded me. I remember seeing her in a documentary about Malcom X. She made some great comments about his life and how she had told him she does not agree with all that he says and Malcom replied "Don't worry sister in time you will." I know she was really hurt by his sudden death. She seems quite sweet and I definitely look forward to seeing the movie.


I don't know Sonia Sanchez formerly.I do interested in this kind of expression.It is real art.I'm sure that a lot of people will take part in this donation ceremony.At last, I would like to say “Happpppy Bithday Sonia Sanchez.”


Cant wait to see this!


I worked on and have seen an early cut of this awesome doc. I learned so many things about Sister Sanchez and can't wait for this fovie to be shared with the world. She may not be as well known as Maya Angelou or Amiri Baraka but she is equally fierce. If you're reading this, please consider donating and/or helping to spread the word about this fabulous story.


Go Sonia Mae! Love you — Jamie

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