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Bill Kopp Signed for Universal’s “Woody Woodpecker”

Bill Kopp Signed for Universal's "Woody Woodpecker"

Clearly the stellar
box office grosses for Despicable Me 2 are having an effect on
Universal’s future animation plans. Veteran animator Bill Kopp (Eek! The Cat,
Schnookums and Meat, Dan Vs
., etc) has just announced on his Facebook page
that he has been tapped to revive Woody Woodpecker for Universal

“It’s official
folks. Universal Pictures has hired me to put the Woody back in the Woodpecker!
Hooray!! There will be 3 stories woven together into a feature length
cartoon – plus a 6-7 minute short that we will put into theaters

Walter Lantz originally produced Woody Woodpecker in theatrical shorts for Universal (and one season
for United Artists) between 1940 and 1972. The character made a cameo in Who
Framed Roger Rabbit
(1988) and starred in Fox Kid’s The New Woody
Woodpecker Show
in 1999. The character has long been a mascot at the Universal theme parks.

A new Woody Woodpecker feature was first announced two years ago by Illumination
Entertainment, then developing the film with co-writers John
Altschuler and Dave Krinsky – who were planning to “modernize the character for
contemporary audiences”. Kopp has vowed on Facebook to return Woody to
his original and proper insanity.

It sounds like the Woodpecker revival is finally on the right track. 

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Matt Norcross

I know this is 2 years late, but I want to get this off my chest. Kopp needs a producer to help him make this movie a hit both critically and commercially so that way Universal’s answer to the Looney Tunes comes back full swing and is known more than just a theme-park character. That producer? Steven Spielberg. He helped revive animation in the late 80’s/early 90’s with An American Tail and so on, and he can do so again if he signs on to the Woody Woodpecker reboot.

Robert Fiore

The "good" thing about a Woody Woodpecker movie is that you can't can't make a travesty, since his cartoons were so mediocre in the first place. They do horrible things to the Looney Tunes characters, but Woody Woodpecker is like the old joke about yogurt — how do you know when it's spoiled?


I have no faith in this movie.

Russell H

"Modernize the character for contemporary audiences."

How many times have we heard that before? Practically every time a studio tries this, it fails: audiences members who are fans of the "original" don't like it because too much of what they liked has been changed, and audiences unfamiliar with the character don't understand why the studio just doesn't create a new character.

In the words of Rocket J. Squirrel, "But that trick never works!"


"…put the Woody back in Woodpecker."Even the announcement is a double entendre.So look for some poo-poo jokes and wink-wink,nudge-nudge stuff for the grown ups.Ugh!I mean,Woody was always causing trouble and being a bad boy is part of the attraction,but that stuff is not the way to go.


Hopefully this serves as an incentive to produce "Woody Woodpecker and Friends Volume 3".

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