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Comcast Becomes the First TV Provider to Offer HBO (and HBO Go) Without a Cable Package

Comcast Becomes the First TV Provider to Offer HBO (and HBO Go) Without a Cable Package

With the on demand age has come growing frustration from TV viewers about having to order bundles of cable channels and services you don’t need in order to get the ones you want. In order to get HBO on Comcast cable, for instance, you have to order a package that includes hundreds of other channels in which you may have no interest.

But that’s about to change — Comcast has launched “Internet Plus,” a 12-month special offer that includes broadband, streaming video service StreamPix, Limited Basic TV (20 channels plus VOD) and… drumroll… HBO/HBO Go, all for a price that’s around what broadband costs these days — $39.99 or $49.99, depending on the market. As with most of these deals, the price will jump after the year is up, to $69.99 or $79.99.

The news, which initially came via an unnamed insider source at DSL Reports, later confirmed by Variety, signifies the first crack in the cable package monolith after increased demand for a la carte options and a rise in people cutting the cord entirely in favor of Netflix, Hulu, iTunes or torrenting.

This is the first time a major TV distributor has offered HBO as any option apart from a premium cable package, and certainly as part of an internet bundle that also just happens to include the most minimal TV offering — though a Comcast box is still required, and the company hopes the deal will be a way to entice customers to upgrading to a larger cable package.

HBO has continually said that it has no intentions of offering HBO Go as a stand-alone subscription, a la Netflix, in the near future, but this deal is the closest you’ll get to what many people have said they’d want — internet service and access to HBO’s robust on demand library.

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Their customer service is the worst. Their billings system is confusing and they want it that way.
Only reason I have comcast is because my apartment won't let me have other services that need equipments hooked outside.
If there was another choice for me, I would give it up without thinking twice. I ask them to mail me anything that i need from them like a splitter, remote, etc. because i hate going to their locations which always has lines of people with complaints.
Their internet is the best there's but their service online or in-person is the worst. If i were Comcast executive, I would focus on taking care of customers


Really, have you watched hbo programming on a daily basis? They play the SAME movies , shows, documentarys , B.S. .. All the time. Come on, your hbo get creative for gods sake. Who's programming this B.s. ? Over and over and over again. Play some classics for christ sake! Should I order shoe time? Ya know what I'll get basic cable and order net flux… But oh you won't let us do that. Pitiful. Thanks big bro.


I use Comcast because that is all that is offered in my area. HATE IT!!!

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