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‘CrazySexyCool’ Is #1 Cable Movie Of 2013 + VH1’s Highest-Rated Original Movie Ever. Thoughts?

'CrazySexyCool' Is #1 Cable Movie Of 2013 + VH1's Highest-Rated Original Movie Ever. Thoughts?

We’ve been waiting for ratings info on VH1’s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, which premiered last night, Monday, October 21 at 9pm

And they are finally here. Via press release from VH1, CrazySexyCool ranks as the #1 cable original movie of the year among Adults and Women 18-49. The biopic is also VH1’s highest-rated original movie ever, with a total of 4.5 million viewers tuning in to watch at 9 pm.

The VH1 press release also states that the movie generated very close to 2 million Tweets, making it the most social networking TV event of the day.

And as of 10 AM this morning, TLC’s new soundtrack for the film, 20 from Epic Records, jumped from #43 to #5 on the iTunes overall chart, and jumped to #1 on the iTunes R&B chart.

If you missed last night’s premiere, and didn’t DVR it, VH1 will rebroadcast the movie on SundayOctober 27, 8pm ET/PT, which will be immediately followed by encores of Behind the Music: TLC Remastered at 10:30pm, and Rock Docs: Last Days of Left Eye at 11:30pm.

It’ll also air again on Wednesday, October 30 at 9pm ET/PT; and on Tuesday, November 5 at 4pm ET/PT.

Did you watch it? If you, what are your thoughts on what you saw and heard?

Check out the full trailer below:

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I work 3rd shift and been waiting for them to air it during the day because I still haven't seen it…and the only time they have listed that I will be able to catch is Nov. 5th….that sucks I gotta wait almost two more weeks to see it but i already know it'll be worth the wait.


"CrazySexyCool", in some places, was a little cheesy and/or hokey; however, it was satisfying enough. Drew Sidora did NOT "bring it"; if you were a casual/sometime-y fan of TLC, you'd think T-Boz was a NOBODY, based off Drew's performance. And I expected a helluva lot more from Ms. KeKe–I really did, however, Lil Mama "DID THAT" as Left Eye.


I enjoyed the movie. It was really well done, with costume and footage. It was a trip down memory lane for me.

Lavon Pettis

I loved watching it at a collective gathering which felt intimate in CHicago full of love & support for TLC & the actresses who portrayed them on screen. The dj was in sync with the movie and people weaved in & out hugging and congratulating the Chi Princess and hostess Drew Sidora. Drew used the evening to raise awareness for Sickle Cell disease.

The movie was quiet interesting, kept me on the edge of my stool, the soundtrack and dialogue made me totally recall that era. The theme of the party was 90's wear so I felt cool, sexy, and I almost went crazy over the past couple days pondering why certain things were left out & reading reviews. I read somewhere TLC was the precursor to the REal Housewives of Atlanta. I would have liked to see a more narrative exploration of Left Eye's trip down to
Dr. Sebi's Usha Village in Honduras. It would be quite interesting to see Little Mama transition in to who she became in her spiritual quest.

It definitely had me mapping out that time in my personal history. Love TLC #crazysexycool


I'm sure these women did a more than adequate job giving the material. Not surprised some of you weren't impressed by the representations of two of the producers of the film. Is it possible that they sanitized their storylines and allowed more reach on Left Eye's character? Or is it because you never got to see Left Eye grow out of here CrazySexyCool?


I really enjoyed the movie. They all did a great job. it was so good i watched it twice.


I didn't have high hopes for this movie, but I ended up loving it. Lil Mama did a GREAT job as Left Eye. Drew Sidora was extremely flat as TBoz and KeKe was just OK. I expected much more from KeKe.

I also agree it was a wonderful trip down memory lane. The ending was very powerful. I loved TLC so much as a young woman and miss their music, dancing, and style. The young lady artists these days can't touch them!!!


It was lacking, particularly in the dialogue and story department, but I agree that it was a nice trip down memory lane. Lil Mama did a really nice job of capturing Left Eye's energy, had several chillingly accurate moments.

Drew Sidora is a cypher. Nothing interesting going on with that girl, which is a shame, because it seems like T-Boz is the member we know the least. She does have a personality, though! Keke Palmer as Chilli was just Keke Palmer playing some girl. She's a capable actress and sings waaay better than Chilli, but I never bought her as the character at any point in the movie. Even lame Drew Sidora did a decent T-Boz impression in the No Scrubs video.


I wish I had cable. I would've loved to see this movie.


I actually enjoyed the movie. I think that the story was typical of a VH1 cable movie and undoubtedly will not win any awards. I thought Lil Mama did a good job as left eye. It was a fun trip down memory lane.

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